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5 Online Computer Programming Certificates to Own 19 February, 2019   

Currently, we are living in a time where science has become an important part of our life. And along with it, computers have also become an inseparable part of our existence. Since we are living in this golden age of computers and programming, it is quite obvious that more and more youths are interested in doing computer jobs.

Well, the number of in-demand programming employment opportunities has risen in the recent times and in accordance to that, numerous free online computer programming certificate has also come to the market which can benefit the students and aspirants of such employment opportunities. It is an ugly truth that due to competition and corruption, getting a job in the current market has become very tough and candidates and aspirants have to show extraordinary skills which can make them stand apart from their competitors. So, if you want a successful career in programming and computer business, you should be considered enrolling yourself for certification, which can lead your career in a great direction.
So, in this article, we will be going to discuss some of the best online computer programming certificates which you can get to enhance your chances of getting a programming job.

1. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare is, perhaps, one of the best online computer programming certificates which you can get from any part of the world. Be it linear algebra or various difficult programming languages; you can avail the facilities and lessons from the online library of MIT OpenCourseWare for free. The professors and educators who give online lectures on MIT OpenCourseWare are permanent educators of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and have decades of experience for teaching. All of their lessons and videos are free of cost, and you can watch them at your convenience of time and place.

The MIT OpenCourseWare programming courses have been split into various modules such as General introduction, language-specific courses and follow up courses. These three crucial modules have several subcategories which guarantee to provide an extensive teaching experience which will help you to program any software much more efficiently.

2. edX

Apart from the MIT OpenCourseWare program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard have jointly founded a free online platform for learning the purpose, known as EDX. EDX is a provider for free of cost online lectures which target the intermediate and college students and have been prepared by the professors and lecturers from both Harvard and MIT.

Apart from this, since EDX is a completely non-profit organization, you can easily relax that none of your time will get wasted or you will not be charged a single penny for the lessons. So, if you have a financial crunch over you, you can easily opt for their free online certifications which will help to take your career to the next level.

One of the most premium benefits of enrolling with edX is that you will be able to modify your learning space according to you. Be it your home, workplace or even a garden, you can access their entire library of lessons which include engineering, Business and Management, physics, chemistry and numerous other subjects of the intermediate as well as college level.

Apart from all these, edX also provides certification programs which aim towards an advanced approach for the subjects so that the students can get highly comfortable and develop a great knowledge regarding that particular subject.

3. Coursera

Coursera is also a type of free online library which has been developed by the alumni and professors of Stanford University. One thing which is unique about Coursera is that unlike other online learning platforms, it regularly collaborates with different universities and other educational organizations to improve their database, enhance their courses and also popularise their certification programs.

One of the most important thing which has made Coursera most popular is that it places extra importance over specializations of subjects. Under this platform, the courses have been designed to enhance the skills in a particular direction and do not provide enough importance on the complete subject. For example, if you have enrolled in physics, you will be made to choose a particular topic, such as quantum physics or mechanical physics for specialization.

Although some of the lessons and courses are paid on Coursera, yet, it has been seen that more than 90% of those are completely free of cost and can be accessed by anyone from anywhere at their convenience.

4. Udacity

Udacity is a type of online learning platform which strictly focuses on computer programming, data interpretation, and others such similar lessons. Unlike MIT OpenCourseWare and EDX, it does not contain any lessons regarding physics, chemistry or maths and focuses strictly on computer and programming languages.

One of the most important agenda for Udacity is to provide operational related information and techniques so that the students and candidates can get benefited and develop a skill set which is particularly required for interviews and other occupational reasons. Although it does not have any lessons regarding other subjects, yet, it has been seen that it is one of the best online platforms for learning computer languages and other programming subjects.

They also have a free online computer programming certificate which is accepted worldwide and have a great impact on employees, and numerous companies and organizations prefer this certificate over others for programming and computer languages.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy, perhaps, is one of the best free online learning platforms for students. It is a completely nonprofit organization which has become a wonderful and amazing source of free lectures and lessons for the students and other job aspirants. Whatever be your requirement, you will find every subject on their online library.

Apart from this, they also have a free online computer programming certification which is directed toward computer programming and other programming languages. A big number of organizations accepts this certification, and thus, it becomes beneficial for many students and aspirants.

Well, one thing which should be remembered while opting for such certification programs is that after the completion of such programs, you might end up with a dilemma in your mind. So, it is very important that you complete only those courses which are required by you and do not put your mind and efforts into other useless programs. These certifications and online computer programming certificate can help you to achieve your dreams and get yourself a good job.

But, you have to be patient and complete the entire course and practice papers honestly to get the best possible results. Apart from this, you should also enroll for more than one certification programs from different sources so that you can have a wide range of knowledge and opportunity to achieve your dreams. Another thing which is quite critical is that you should never pay a single penny for all the certification mentioned above programs and if you are asked to pay money for those, beware, as you might get duped.

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