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4 top Aerospace companies in space 22 December, 2018   

The aerospace industry has surely progressed by considerable margins in the 21st century. Within a decade, we have seen ground-breaking inventions being made that has lead us to become so much capable of trotting the space. The aerospace engineers and scientists have relentlessly worked to discover the map beyond Earth's atmosphere.

The national government and private enterprises of many countries have emerged to work on different areas of the space like - Space travel, space exploration, aerospace engineering, manufacture of spaceships, etc. Due to the increasing interest and funds into the agencies, they are working more consistently to always trying to develop new technologies and mechanisms that will help them to achieve new heights in space.

All of these developments and changes that we are experiencing in the field of aerospace and aeronautics are linked with each other. Without the development of each other, it will not be possible to achieve a bigger goal. That is the reason why companies in various sectors and countries work together in a collaborative effort to make it possible.

We mentioned that there are many private enterprises that have been working in the aerospace industry, right? But few of them have made a significant impact with their inventions and innovative ideas. So in this piece of write-up, we are going to talk about the top aerospace companies who have been making immense progress for the past few years in the aerospace industry.

You will be surprised to know that some companies have come up with plans and ideas related to space and its different aspects which seem to be promising. Even though the ideas are still waiting to be turned into reality, we don't think it will take much time for these companies to work and implement upon them. Have a look at the following top companies of the aerospace field.

Space X


Established in the early years of the 21st century, SpaceX was founded by Elon Musk. Musk has become one of the most iconic inventors and aerospace veteran because of his plans to make space travel, space rockets and even colonizing Mars with the human population. Yes! You heard that right. SpaceX has been working consistently on different aspects related to the aerospace industry.

SpaceX aims to provide the world with a more sustainable and cheaper solution to space travel that will consume fewer resources but provide maximum results. In 2017, the Falcon 9 rocket was sent to space and successfully landed on one of SpaceX drone ships floating on the Atlantic Ocean. This was the first upright landing of an orbital space rocket ever.

Recently, in one of their plans to make space travel cheaper, SpaceX launched their in-house space shuttles to ISS that can return and be reused once again. The company believes that reusability is one of the prime factors that will help humans to make more progress.

SpaceX is also working on their project Red Dragon which is aimed towards populating Mars with 80,000 humans by the year of 2040. They have also designed prototypes of rockets that will be able to carry much heavier loads without much strain on the engines of a space shuttle — no wonder why it is in the higher ranks in the list of top aerospace companies in the world.

Made In Space Inc.



Well, we have seen 3D printers becoming popular in our world in the past few years. But how many of them will work in zero gravity conditions? None except the MadeInSpace 3D printer. The printer allowed ISS to print their essential parts in the zero gravity environment without any problems faced. Their printer worked flawlessly, and that is why MadeInSpace Inc. received such popularity.

MadeInSpace 3D printer allowed the people in ISS to quickly produce their parts without any need of a shuttle full of spare parts coming all the way from earth. Other than that, the 3D printed parts can also be broken down and recycled to use them for future needs.

Planetary Resources



Planetary Resources is considered one of the most innovative space company in recent times because of their other modern inventions like communication system that is based on a laser module. This is a significant project since it helps to reduce the requirement of energy in space greatly. Thus, making the process more sustainable.

 The company's full-year observations on near-Earth asteroids have helped them to identify the best asteroids where they can send their first exploration missions. The resources on the asteroids will be then used to sustain human life on earth and also support space missions.

Planetary Resources estimate that there are more than 2 trillion tonnes of water and the huge amount of resources are available on all these near-Earth asteroids combined.



Space debris has grown to be a major problem for space companies in recent years. But there is one company who has brought a brilliant solution to it as well. Slowly emerging to be one of the top aerospace companies, with an increasing budget every year, Astroscale is the company we are talking about. It is an Aerospace company based in Singapore whose main objective is to reduce space debris.

It has been estimated that there are over 500,000 space debris floating in space around the Earth's orbit. This debris moves around at an average speed of 8km/sec and can cause massive damage if it comes in contact with any space shuttle or satellites. That is the reason why these debris needs to be cleared out from space.

 With a team of dedicated professionals, Astroscale continues to develop different cleaning mechanisms in collaboration with the world's most prominent aerospace organizations. Their machines and shuttles will help us to clear the earth's orbit from the debris and reduce any threat that is possessed by them.

So these are the top companies present in the world who are consistently working to bring new advancements in the aerospace industry. All the companies, in this article, have been recognized internationally and they have access to potential resources and finance that allows them to work on the goals they have set.

The Aerospace industry has improved and progressed a lot in these few years, particularly after the advent of the 21st century. As more data and information is being acquired with the help of different advanced technologies and systems, the task of the top aerospace companies is getting much easier to some extent.

With more progress and development in science and technology in the coming years, the companies will surely be able to achieve a lot more success in the galactic space. If these companies are successfully able to achieve their goals, then we can expect a more advanced and sustainable lifestyle in the future.

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