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4 Famous Aerospace Engineers Who Changed History 09 July, 2019   

You must already know that aerospace engineering is the field of science which deals with the production and development of aircraft and spacecraft. Aerospace engineering has two major branches - Astronautical engineering and Aeronautical Engineering.  For years, humans have brought immense developments in these two fields of science which has made them thrive. Various innovative inventions in this field have made the lives of humans much easier.

The man has been trying to develop an idea which would help them to travel through the skies. Even before the starting of the 19th century, the man had already created the hot air balloon which took men up in the air. Slowly with the advent of the 20th century, inventors all around the world tried to build a more advanced and sophisticated way of flying.

As a result, the first sustained airplane was invented by the famous Wright brothers in 1903. Since then there's no looking back. We saw groundbreaking inventions in the 20th century in all aspects of aerospace technology, and now we are living a more sustainable life because of them.

It is important that we are aware of such inventors and personalities who have helped modern science and technology so much. Therefore in this article, we will be discussing the most famous aerospace engineers of all time who undoubtedly helped in bringing a change.

Famous Aerospace Engineers of All Time

You must have surely heard about the Wright Brothers who invented the first airplane in 1903. But there are other personalities in the field of aerospace engineering who has changed the course of history with their mind-boggling inventions that no one could even think of. Here are the most famous and recognized aerospace engineers.

1. Wright Brothers

When we talk about aerospace engineering, we cannot miss the Wright Brothers. Considered as one among the most famous aerospace engineers and inventors for inventing the first airplane that was able to carry a man, Wilber and Orville Wright had placed their names in the books of history.

The prototype that they built was in the year 1903 when the age of aviation was beginning to form. They designed the airplane and named it Wright Flyer which managed to fly 852 feet and the flight lasted for 58 seconds. It was a groundbreaking invention which showed that man can design and operate the airplane in the coming years.

Even though the Wright Flyer I was unstable and required a lot of improvement, the Wright Brothers showed the world how a man can design an airplane and connect it to a motor for a long time flight. Later, they went on to improve the flyer and launched Wright Flyer II.

2. Wernher von Braun

Wernher von Braun is considered the leading figure in the development of rocket technology and space travel in the 20th century. He had both German and American citizenship and had also helped NASA to design some of their most successful space shuttle launches in the last century. Braun has also been recognized as ‘Father of Rocket Science.’

Braun’s first breakthrough was under the Nazi regime when he invented long-range ballistic missile, A-4 or the V-2 missile. Later he surrendered to the US Army during the fall of the Nazi regime and started working with aerospace engineers in the USA. In 1958, Braun and his team launched the very first American artificial earth satellite named as Explorer I.

Wernher von Braun came into limelight after he designed the ‘Saturn V booster rocket’ that helped Apollo space shuttle to reach the moon and allow men to land there for the very first time. In his career, Braun received a lot of recognition and awards which genuinely define him as a genius.

3. Alexander P. de Seversky

Seversky is one of the pioneers who redesigned and invented new technologies which helped the man achieve a greater might in the field of aeronautics. Seversky established the Seversky Aircraft Corporation in Russia during the years of the 1930s. His first breakthrough was when he designed the advanced, multi-place, multi-pace monoplane the SEV-3. It went on to break a lot of records during that period.

Seversky went on to build more patent airplanes in his aeronautics company, and he also set a world record by reaching 235 mph in his piston-engine amphibious aircraft. Later on, he went to the United States and set up his company there as well. He is also regarded as a brilliant master in strategic air dominance, which would help the Allies to win the Second World War.

Seversky had 395 patents under his name and regarded as a genius in aeronautics during the World War.

4. Elon Musk

Elon Musk is one of the most famous names in the 21st-century field of aerospace engineering. Famous for his groundbreaking works in Tesla and SpaceX, Musk has shown the world that it possible for us to live a more sustainable life in the future. Elon Musk’s famous company SpaceX has redefined the way we look into aerospace technologies and how a man can reach beyond the orbit.

SpaceX has the goal of providing the world with human spaceflight at much-reduced costs than what is currently available in the market. Musk has the plan of colonizing Mars by 2040 and tried to build a human life cycle there. SpaceX has also developed Mars Colonial Transporter for exploring the unknown planet. With his plans and efforts of reaching the un-trotted landscape of space, Musk has surely impressed the world.

Other achievements which Musk and his company have achieved in the past few years include - the launch of the Falcon 1 which is the world's first liquid fuel rocket to be launched in space and also the first upright landing of an orbital rocket (Falcon 9) on a drone ship. Musk has been regarded as the most influential and famous aerospace engineers of all time.

So here were some of the most famous engineers and inventors in the field of aerospace engineering. In a span of such a short time since the first flight of the Wright Brothers, man has achieved immense success in developing different airplanes and space crafts which has surely impressed the world. Now, we are not only limited to our atmosphere and continuously planning to increase our boundaries to the far end of the solar system.

From the first flight in 1903 to the relentless effort of a man to colonize Mars with the human population, we have surely come a very long way and proved that science and technology have no boundaries. With the right resources and brains to work on them, we can invent groundbreaking technology that will help us to live a better future, which is far more advanced and sustainable.

If you have read the article, then you can see that the development and changes that man has brought in the field of aerospace engineering are sensational. The most famous aerospace engineers not only invented new ways in which man can live an advanced life but also showed them a path to shape their future. Their efforts and contribution to humanity's goal to work for a better future have surely helped us in the long run.

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