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26-year-old Cinematographer Akshay Marotkar creating success 26 September, 2020   

Nothing can stop you from achieving your goal if you are determined enough and this is proved by Akshay Marotkar, the young Cinematographer, drenched with appreciations for his work in Silent Protagonist.


Akshay started as a wedding videographer and then dived in the glamorous world of motion pictures with ease. Coming from a small yet beautiful town of Akola, Maharastra, Akshay was expected to earn success through a mainstream career pathway but he was fascinated with the concepts of camera, frames and shots from a very young age. His debut film Little Little as a cinematographer, under the direction of Vaibhav Palhade gave him the required energy of crossing the threshold and that was just the starting of his successful journey. At the young age of 26, he has already worked in several Marathi short films and documentaries plus marked his entry in the Hindi film industry with the film Menagee in 2020. 


Akshay completed his education and holds a graduation degree in Cinematography. He followed his passion overcoming all the obstacles and today he earns around 1 Lakh per film. Cinematography comes naturally to Akshay, so it's not very surprising that he was always intrigued by the magic of the camera and its enchanted world. Gifted with unique understanding, skill and sense of handling and using a camera to give wings to his imagination made him successful but a humble upbringing contributed in making him a complete package for the young generation to look up to him as an inspiration.


With this level of hard work, dedication and desire to gift his audience with flawless presentations of the Cinema, it is very predictable that soon he will emerge as one of the greatest cinematographers in India.


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