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2021 Profitable Woodworking Projects 14 February, 2021   

For some people, woodworking is simply a hobby that they enjoy in their spare time but for others, it’s so much more than that. There are many woodworkers out there who rely on woodworking projects to make a living or to make money in some way. 

While you can certainly pursue DIY projects if you want to be profitable with your woodworking, you may need to work on specific things that are a demand in the wood industry. 

If you’re just getting started or looking at your options and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered! There are some really simple items and great ideas that can be profitable for a woodworking business. 

In this guide, we will share with you some of the best 2021 profitable woodworking projects. We also have some guidance on tools that might be beneficial for you to add to your wish list as well. 

Tools to Consider

You may not be in a position to purchase all of the tools out there for woodworking but you will need some tools to get started. Plan to have a variety of items like drills, saws, and more. 

What you will find is that a lot of these woodworking projects are unique and they are not just static shapes or sizes. For example, you will find bowls later in this guide. If you want to purchase a saw that will work for these needs, we recommend a band saw. 

A band saw is great for cutting irregular shapes and items but it can also work quickly for things like ripping and thinning. What’s nice is they make smooth cuts and can be versatile. You can find some good band saws under $1000 if you decide to go this route. 

Now, let’s talk about those profitable project ideas!

Wine Racks

Everybody loves wine, right? So make a product that is in demand with a solution that will encourage people to have proper storage and organization for their wine bottles! 

A wine rack or bottle holder is fairly simple to design and create and they always sell well. This will be a valuable and profitable project for your woodworking business in 2021. 

The nice thing is you can build these to order and customize them for your clients or you can just create unique pieces of your own accord. Find some way to make yours slightly unique compared to others on the market and just run with it! 

These make great gifts and people will buy them for their own homes as well. Wooden items like wine racks don’t take a lot of extra time or design effort or even materials. Since you are using wood, most of the sizes and pieces will be uniform and simple. 

You will just need to figure out how to add your unique twist to the mix and then work from there! 

Bird Houses

This might seem a little cliché but bird houses are profitable woodworking projects. People still buy bird houses and they love unique and handmade items. If you have a way to market them, you can easily beat out the options at the big box stores and have something unique to offer. 

A simple bird house takes very little by way of materials and design. Since it is handmade, you can definitely make a profit. You don’t have to do anything fancy. Wooden bird houses are very popular and they will never go out of style. 

These sell well at craft shows and through sites that allow you to market handmade goods. It’s affordable and simple as far as materials, work, and design. This allows you to sell them for an affordable price and yet still turn a profit. 

A lot of people that make bird houses just use their wood scraps from other projects. 

You can leave them simple wood or you can paint them and pretty them up if you like. 

Wooden Bowls

We don’t know what it is but there is a trend right now with wooden bowls. They are very popular right now and we think this trend will continue for some time. Wooden bowls are a little more challenging to make because you have to get the shape right and form them but they don’t take a lot of materials. 

Each bowl is unique and that is perhaps some of the appeal. While you certainly have a uniform size range you can work with, there will always be slight imperfections and differences from bowl to bowl. 

Go with large salad bowls or serving bowls or simply make small soup bowls and sell them in sets. You might be surprised at how well these sell and how profitable they can be. 

If you do decide to make wooden bowls, don’t short the process. Use a hard wood and be sure to treat them so your customers will be happy with the quality and lasting life of the bowl as well. 

Wooden Utensils

This goes in line with your wooden bowls but it’s yet another popular item. Whether you just decide to make handmade wooden spoons or you go all out with wooden utensils, you can’t go wrong. 

From decorative pieces to actual wooden spoons that can be used in cooking and serving, this is a great option! You may need some patterns and you may need some patience. 

This is an element where you may have to get a little craft. It might require some shaping and carving and even cutting to form the various pieces but we think you will be pleasantly surprised with how great these can go over in the end. 


Toys are something that always sell. Whether you have small trains, cars, and trucks or you make something more like spinning tops, toys will be profitable every time. 

Here are some wooden toy items that you might try for inspiration. 

  • Wooden puzzles

  • Trains, planes, automobiles

  • Doll houses

  • Rocking horses

  • Rocking chairs

  • Spinning tops

  • Baby rattles

  • Stacking blocks

  • Rubber band guns

  • Kitchen and kitchen accessories

  • Nesting dolls

  • Games

This list could probably go on and on but you get the idea, right? Any toy that can successfully be made of wood is a good option and you can make quite the variety. These almost always sell so you can price them for a profit, even taking your man hours into consideration when you do so. 

Some of these options obviously require more work and are more intricate than others but all of them can be a 2021 profitable woodworking project. 

Pet Housing

Here is another option that is probably better made to order or made where you can easily personalize it but it’s a big seller more and more. Make pet housing options. Most of the times, these require very little design work and are simple to assemble. 

You can make them to size for the pet in question and then paint them or decorate them to order as well. 

We recommend dog houses and cat houses. People will spend money for their pets, especially if the quality is apparent. These won’t take excessive work to create as they are often made with general materials that can just be cut to size. 

You can find small ways to make them unique or interesting to attract clients but they will always turn a profit. 


You would be amazed at how many woodworking items can be profitable projects in 2021. Most of these items are fairly simple but there are many projects that you can make a profit off of. Get into craft shows or perhaps list your items online and get to work! 

If you can make it and it has an appeal, people will probably purchase it, allowing you to make a profit on even some of the most simple things out there. 

Get your creative juices flowing, the sky is the limit!

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