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2020 Through a Libertarian Lens 09 June, 2020   

End of 2019

The Federal Reserve silently begins engaging it’s repo operations aka quantitative easing (QE). The same policies used during the Great Recession. The numbers slowly beginning to roll over as the narrative of Trumps strongest economy in history is being threatened. Interest rates go back down to 0%. A crisis was clearly inevitable. Austrian Economists begin to paint the landscape for 2020 markets as January and February show dismal data in the market place. Is this the year for gold?

The Year 2020

Mid March the whole country shuts down. COVID-19 stretches quickly across the globe. An estimated 2 million deaths may occur from the rapid spread of the virus. The virus pricked the bubble economy and the stock market came crashing down.  40 + million people are unemployed as lock downs cripple the economy. Shortages occur and panic sets in. Supply chains are broken. Many businesses go bankrupt and many more still to come. The biggest wealth transfer in American history occurs aka the biggest theft in American history (which gets no coverage) to the politically affiliated 1%. The American people receive crumbs in comparison because hey we have to get something. $1200 should do. We sat isolated from the world becoming distant and untrustworthy of each other and the months crept on. Then as more and more data comes out that doesn’t support the narrative, there’s a convenient story that becomes global and COVID19 falls off the map. Convenient? Let that marinate. 

“Police officer kills civilian who was detained for use of counterfeit money.” That’s the title it should have been. Or something along the lines of “Negligence for human life is rampant by the state.” 

The twist. 

Racist white cop kills black civilian. The media explodes with the narrative. What proof is there? Even if it was, there is absolutely no evidence of racism. It couldn’t have been a more diverse situation. 2 white cops, a black cop, and an Asian cop. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke? A white guy a black guy and Asian go to a bar............ Ok Ok not the time. Pure negligence for human life and manslaughter nonetheless. Absolute abuse of authority and a power trip which brings the nation to a gridding halt (well COVID aka the government did that).

Riots take place in cities across the country and the media does a full 180 supporting the riots with nothing to say about grandma killers due to COVID. Such hypocrisy! The same politicians that wouldn’t allow businesses to open through coercion (penalty and force) now publicly state that they won’t prosecute rioters destroying their own cities. Where is the justice in a civilized society? On top of that, said cities have legislated (stolen liberty) guns away from law abiding citizens in the majority of these places hence taken away your right to defend your life, liberty, and property. You now have to rely on a monopolized police force whom stood by and watched your business and city get destroyed.  So the very institution which protects you which justifies not needing a firearm (in their minds) now sits back (per orders) to watch it burn. The very protesters who want police reform and the end of racism are now going to get bigger government and a bigger police force than ever before in response to the riots across the nation. 

The idea that government can solve the problem of racism is complete fantasy. Just like it can’t stop terrorism, it can’t stop drug use, it can’t stop discrimination, it can’t stop hate, anger, sadness, or love. In fact its solutions ALWAYS perpetuate the issue. So ask yourself, why does the media conveniently drop the narrative of COVID for racism? Because it wants to fuel the culture war so we battle each other and not the culprit, “big government”.  The police are a reflection of the state. We’re looking at the symptom. Police brutality is a symptom. The cause is big government and failed policies. Wake up America! Shut off your TVs and fight for liberty for crying out loud.  

There are tons of solutions to reform the police force. We have the largest prison population in the world most, of which are for victimless crimes. The government deems a plant in your possession makes you a menace to society!  End qualified immunity. De-militarize the police. End the drug war and legalize substances which fuels the core issues involving minorities and police. Eliminate the minimum wage which prices unskilled minorities out of entry level jobs where they would otherwise get real job training and move up the ladder. Instead it forces them onto the streets. Getting government out of education where minorities receive no real skills to go out into the workforce. Abolishing anti-discrimination laws that give employers incentive to discriminate due to the liability it creates both hiring women and African Americans! Abolishing unnecessary occupational licenses creating barriers into the market place. Lowering taxes and decreasing spending? Ha. These are just some of the things fueling the real problems.

The Washington Post listed 25% of police shootings involve African Americans. That means 75% are all other races. Blacks make up 18% of the population, therefore aha! Blacks are targeted disproportionately compared to the rest, right? Wrong. Near 50% of all murders involve African Americans and something near 60% are involved in thefts. So the police are involved with the black community on a higher percentage creating more distrust on both sides despite making up only 18% of the population. That forces cops to profile potentially innocent people just by the nature of these statistics Unfortunately.  

It’s not a red or blue issue or racism issue, it’s the people vs the government. No one in their right mind would say that this country is more racist now than say 50 years ago, or 100 years ago. 100 years ago people were still around that lived through the civil war whom would have directly been effected by the stains of slavery. So 155 years removed and we somehow have this huge racism problem in 2020? The answer is No. The monopoly of force is the problem. This is the biggest slight of hand in history fueled by media propaganda and EVERYONE is feeding into it.  The bigger government becomes, the larger this culture war becomes. The intrusion of government and its effect on our everyday lives magnifies our differences instead of putting liberty first and the nonaggression principles. Freedom means living how you see fit while not violating someone else’s individual rights. Letting people flourish through voluntary actions to pursue ones self interests in a market place where they can thrive and advance the well being of others. That is true freedom.  A reflection of what we once were as a society which made us the greatest nation in the world. The government has its boot on OUR NECKS. We can’t breath. How much more can this country truly take? Liberty, Small Government, and Sound Money is the answer. 

Joshua J Yacco 

Libertarian USA Republican Democrat Politics

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