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20 Personal Development Goals 23 November, 2020   

Aren’t we all lucky to be human beings? We could have been a tree or dog or even a parasite. They say human birth is sporadic; it's shameful to waste it by being complacent. We may realize that we are stuck in a rut doing the same job and living the same life, again and again, every day. One might even find solace in alcohol or prescription drugs, But they don’t help in the long run. So we owe it ourselves to analyze, figure out the areas of improvement, and then make a list of personal development goals.

01. Become more proactive

‘Be proactive’ is one of the most important take away from the acclaimed book seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen R Covey.  In the book, the author explains about two circles, the circle of influence and the circle of concern. The circle of influence can be controlled or influenced by us, and if we don’t finish tasks, they move to the circle of concern, which is botherations. We must constantly strive to expand the circle of influence by not procrastinating and take ownership of one’s life and well-being.

02. Manage Stress in Life

In a world that is getting highly digitalized, thousands of people are feeling stressed; we must address the issue, and it certainly is one of the most important personal development goals. Stress is a natural phenomenon that occurs in everyone's life, but it could lead to many health problems like insomnia, heart attack, and depression if not managed well. Stress and anxiety can be relieved by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Quit smoking, cut down on drinking, spend quality time with family and loved ones, avoid altercations with family members and people in general, and practice yoga and meditation.  Many don’t realize how bad stress can be until it's too late, so don’t misjudge the hints that the body gives you, like headaches, itchy feeling in the ear, acidity, lethargy, etc.  

03. Read more books

Reading has become so rare these days with the influence of technology; one can see people of all age groups staring into their smartphones all the time, completely oblivious of what's happening around them. Occasionally we might see a kindle user, an interesting blend of traditional habits and new technology. It is a proven fact that reading keeps our mind sharp, improves memory, and helps us relax. So whether it is fiction, science, or personal development books, whatever is your cup of chai, we suggest you look up that list of books you always wanted to read and start reading; at least a couple of pages before going to bed would be a great headstart.  

04. Overcome fear

Fear is the biggest weakness, and it keeps us from achieving glory; this should find a place in everyone’s personal development goals. Many surveys conducted by psychologists show the biggest fear of public speaking; it sometimes even trumped the fear of death. Many of us suffer from social anxiety since childhood.  The best way to tackle this is to stare at fear right into its eye; otherwise, you will go to the grave, never really doing anything about the fear. Let's say, for instance, never let go of any chance to speak in front of a crowd if you have stage fright; don’t pass up on any dinner invites if you think you may have social anxiety. So make an action plan, start with small steps, and get rid of these negative feelings.

05. Wake up early

Many geniuses stayed awake and used the night time productively. However, there is a certain charm and exuberance to early mornings, which you get to enjoy if you wake up early. Waking up early in the mornings is great because you feel so much energy after a good night’s sleep that you feel like you will conquer the day. Also, you get to enjoy the early morning sunshine, maybe go for a walk or do some morning fitness exercises or perhaps some yoga. It is observed in many scientific studies that people who are early risers are more productive and are generally happier. 

06. Boost your confidence

There is a direct correlation between success and confidence level, studies prove a person’s IQ level does not determine success, but self-confidence, positive attitude, and perseverance do. Taking up more responsibilities will increase your confidence and also increase your self-esteem. You could take up responsibilities at home or community, or perhaps sign up for voluntary work involving charity. These activities will help us gain confidence because we will be handling different situations and people. It would help if you also softened your inner critic; you may be weighing yourself down by over scrutinizing every aspect of life. You are probably overestimating the competition and underestimating yourself, So check the validity of the inner critic's statements and back them up with facts. 

07. Improve your body language

Why is body language on the list of personal development goals? It is there because over 90% of communication is nonverbal and only the remaining is verbal. Non-verbal communication constitutes gestures, body movements, and the tone of your voice. Effective use of body language is a useful skill in all facets of life, whether your workplace is over, even when talking with a young child. Obviously, when we smile and answer a phone call, the person at the other end can sense the positivity emanating from the smile. The right body language will exude confidence, perseverance, and assertiveness. 

08. Practice gratitude

To practice gratitude is an underestimated goal among personal development goals;  it is needed to move forward in life and not get stuck with certain events in the past. We attract in life what we think; that is what the law of attraction says; so when we forgive, we release our mind from the hatred and negativity, thereby not attracting more.

Why do we need to practice gratitude? In life, whatever we focus on increases; if we focus on what we don’t have, we lose whatever we have, and if we instead think of what we do have, then even more is given to us. That is the rule of the cosmos; understanding and living by it will do us immense good. Thus we should take a few minutes out every day to count the blessings and be thankful for the things we have in our life.

09. Quit bad habits

Bad habits can take up a significant amount of our life, and if you think they are going to impact your well-being (mental and physical) negatively in the long-term, you should work towards achieving freedom from those habits. Bad habits could be smoking, binge drinking, watching porn, or even constantly checking social media updates; if we learn to break free from these chains, we could channelize our energy in more positive and creative ways, and more positivity will manifest in our lives. You could employ good habits like fitness work out or yoga in life instead of existing bad habits.

10. Find your tribe

Man is a social animal, so we inherently feel the need to be accepted and heard. Connecting through social media platforms and attending workshops, we can find people who share our likes and dislikes. Once you find the tribe and start sharing your thoughts and ideas, you will feel a strong sense of belonging; will feel accepted and happier as a whole. 

11. Time management

Every day, each morning, we get $86,400 deposited into our account to spend; it's exhausted by the end of the day; It's up to us what we choose to spend the money on and how to make use of it. The money in the account is a metaphor for time; 86,400 is the number of seconds in a day. A second gone is lost forever, and that’s why we need to plan what to do with our time responsibly. Mastering time management is essential because it shows a person’s character whenever you show up on time; It also means that you value others' time by not being late. 

12. Develop a thick skin

People may either take to you or dislike you; it is beyond our control how others will behave with you. People can often be mean to you for no apparent reason, which is why developing thick skin is essential for a stress-free life. When people say rude things, we take it with a pinch of salt and move on with life.

13. Learn conflict resolution

We are now living in a world where road rage is normal, and just standing in line at the department store counter could push your nerves to the very edge. That is why we should learn conflict resolution and thereby de-escalate situations that are potential time bombs. At times we may have to pitch in and resolve issues for others too; It is a useful skill which can make you more successful in life.

14. Challenge your limits

What are the things that stop you from achieving your dreams in life? We are often our limiting factors, and we need to go through some paradigm shifts before setting our limits. In many situations in life, be it home or workplace, we will have to think outside of the usual norm. Challenging the limits could be signing up for the dance class that you have been planning to join, take up guitar classes, learn a new language, or even things like increasing your typing speed to fifty words per minute.

15. Your past does not define your future; your choices do

Growing up in a broken home in a bad neighborhood is no excuse to coast through in life. A great example is the former American president Barrack Obama, who is against all the odds and got to the world's most powerful position. One should also learn to take responsibility when things go south and not just think like a victim all the time; we don’t learn anything by embracing victimhood. Whether it is bad relationships or failed financial investments, we should give ourselves room to correct, learn, improve and move on with life; it's possible when we start to take responsibility for our actions and decisions.

16. Don’t be passive

Passivity can be toxic in the sense you are just tolerating and trying to be content with the way things are around you. It could be about something mischievous happening in your neighborhood; if everyone is passive, the mischief will continue unperturbed. However, things might turn around if you gather some people, brainstorm on the issue and do something for a change and not just complain.

17. Have better relationships with people

At times life is tricky, that we may have to ask help from certain people to whom we may have behaved badly before. The world is small, and we will be surprised how often our paths cross with others we know. We should aim to maintain better relationships with people and be kind to even strangers because eventually, those good deeds will come back to us as merit. And when a good soul helps us, we should always make it a point to pay it forward. That is how we can create hope for the next generation of human beings.

18. Empower with willpower

Using willpower is an integral point that comes right on top of personal development goals because you need this to bring all the other goals to fruition. Become fit, abstain from drugs and alcohol, or start taking an online course; whatever your goal, maybe you need the sheer power of the will to make it happen. Willpower will affect our health, decision making, and help us achieve success in life.

19. Make responsible decisions

When you get emotionally tangled in a situation, it somehow clouds the vision, making a decision difficult. If you jump the gun and make a hasty decision, the consequences could be sometimes severe and haunt us for a long time; that is why it is rather smart to start making responsible decisions, and it's on our list of personal development goals. It is wise to ask others' opinions but make sure that it is your decision at the end of the day. Besides, when we ask for others' opinions, they are often not emotionally attached to the situation, so that they will give a completely unhinged and unbiased perspective.

People tend to make the mistake of not deciding at all, delay, and avoid the whole issue; this can have serious consequences later on in life. We need to accept the fact that decision making is part and parcel of life. Do the best you can manage at the time, figure out the pros and cons of each decision, contemplate how many of them you can live with, take the time, go to a peaceful and silent place, and seek the answer from within us. Once we decide on something after diligently weighing options, stick with it, and try to make it right.

20. Overcome beliefs

To overcome one's beliefs is an interesting notion in my list of personal development goals because it breaks us free and helps us find inner peace by discovering our true purpose in life. The Walt Disney animation movie Zootopia is a highly recommended watch; it’s the story of a small bunny rabbit who decides to become a cop in a world filled with bigger and fierce animals. It metaphorically portrays how we easily get attached to societal stereotypes and how foolish they are. We may ignore our inner calling because of the cultural conditioning and existing belief systems. Imagine how gratifying it will be when the underdog becomes the winner, and for that, you may have to challenge certain belief systems that you are conditioned to accept. 

-We carefully understand and analyze our existence, and that’s how we come up with our personal development goals; other personal goals need not necessarily work for us. We should have complete control while achieving the goal and the ability to affect its outcome. If we say that our goal is to make others like me, that’s not pragmatic as we cannot control how others feel, but if we improve ourselves and develop a pleasing personality, it will bring us closer to that goal. We also need to create different action plans for short term and long term goals; say that learning a language could be a long-term goal and connect with an old friend could be a short-term one.

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