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20 Most Attractive Tourist Destinations Around The World (Infographic) 20 May, 2019   

What’s life without a little variety? Why not live it enjoying the best of what the world has to offer?

Read on to discover 20 most attractive tourist destinations around the world, as shown in this infographic:


1. Pho Quoc, Vietnam:

While Vietnam has been on the tourist circuit for a while now, Phu Quoc isn’t quite on everyone’s radar yet.

Have a little fun in the sun on Vietnam’s Phu Quoc island:

It’s not just one island, it’s an archipelago of 28 islands, with many of them just waiting to be discovered;

Hon Xuong is one of the most beautiful among these. It is called Robinson Crusoe island (after the story by Daniel Defoe). You can get there by boat. The pristine waters and camping facilities make it great for an overnight trip.

Pineapple Island, or Hon Thom, can be reached by oversea cable car. You can enjoy snorkeling, diving, and yachting.

Some of the beaches that stand out in terms of their clarity of sand include Khem Beach, Sao Beach and Long Beach.

The Starfish Beach to the east of Rach Vem Beach is a great place to check out starfish.

Apart from these attractions, there are food tours, plantations to visit, museums, a fishing village, and a waterfall.

Accommodation-wise, there is budget-friendly lodging, as well as gorgeous resorts! 

Fun at the Vinpearl Land Amusement Park:

If you’re already taking in the sights in Phu Quoc why not stop by Vinpearl Land Amusement Park? There are lots of water slides and a huge aquarium with exotic fish. There are great light, music and water shows. There is also an indoor games center with a mind-boggling variety of games like horse racing, motor-racing, and shooting. There’s fun for everyone, and amazing food as well. Don’t miss it!

Ho Quoc Temple:

This is the biggest Buddhist temple in Phu Quoc. While the majority of the land on this site is still under renovation, there’s plenty to see at the temple! Don’t miss the jade statue, the dragon staircase, panoramic views, and the Bai Dam Beach in front of the temple.

If sunrises are your thing, Ho Quoc is the best place to enjoy watching the sunrise, in the company of hornbills and monkeys (if you’re lucky). Enjoy some time in the company of the monks. They’re very friendly and delighted to have you.

Boat trip to the Perfume Pagoda:

This involves an idyllic trip down the Yen Stream and a refreshing trek through the sprawling mountainside temples and shrines.

Great accessibility:

It helps that Phu Quoc has an International Airport. It’s an hour from Ho Chi Minh and a two-hour plane ride from Hanoi.

2. Koh Chang, Thailand

If you’re looking for a way to get around Thailand, but you want to avoid the crowds and hype, Koh Chang is for you.

Jungle trekking:

Trekking is fun, provided you have the energy for it. There are lots of routes to follow, but because they aren't marked too well, it’s usually a good idea to have a guide. Try to find one that speaks English. Make sure you go trekking well-equipped in comfortable clothes and shoes, with essentials like mosquito repellent and food and drink.

Muay Thai training:

Whether you want to learn a new form of martial arts or you want to get a full body workout, visiting Koh Chang is a great opportunity to learn this martial art in its place of origin.


What is paddleboarding? You stand (balance) on a paddleboard and paddle down a stream. It’s a lot of fun, and more relaxed than surfing or rafting. It’s safe and is easy to book around the island, so don’t miss it.

Island hopping:

One way to check out the private islands around Koh Chang is to book a speedboat tour.

There are a lot of things you can do on these islands, including:

  • Snorkeling and diving

  • Visiting the Marine National Park

  • A tour of the island by tractor, bicycle or scooter

  • Hand-feeding deer

  • Visiting monkeys on their own island

3. Monteverde,  Costa Rica (Cloud Forest)

When you plan your great escape into the wild unknown, choose Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve as your getaway to nature. It’s equally fascinating in the day and night. There are plenty of treetop walkways to navigate this beautiful expanse, but you can also zip line if you’re feeling adventurous.

Treetop walkways:

Walkways are built into the forests and are quite easy to navigate. There is a diverse selection of birds, plants, animals, and insects that you can discover and enjoy. The temperature at this altitude makes your walk particularly refreshing because it’s quite cool for most of the year.

Coffee tasting:

If coffee is your beverage of choice, this is where you can learn a lot more about it, as Costa Rican coffee grows best at an elevation. Tasting is highly recommended.

Horseback riding:

There are lots of opportunities to go horseback riding in the clouds of the Monteverde Reserve. Don’t miss this opportunity to make the memories of a lifetime. It’s better than hiking and horse riding; it combines both of them!

4. Doha, Qatar

Doha is a great combination of traditional elegance and modern sleekness that works beautifully. Whether it’s an adrenaline rush or more traditional delights there’s a lot to choose from.

Souq Waqif:

Enjoy the colorful offerings of a vibrant market steeped in Bedouin culture. The mud walls and timber-enclosed roof will transport you to a bygone era. You can lose yourself in the aromas of oud(incense), perfumes and various spices. You will find a great range of textiles, handicrafts, quaint artifacts to take back with you. Do not fret when the souq(market) closes from 1 pm to 4 pm. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby.


Get your taste of history, culture, art and learn more about Qatar at its richly-appointed museums:

  • Museum of Islamic Art

At a short walk from the Souq Waqif, this museum is worth visiting just to admire its beautiful architecture. You can enjoy Islamic artwork in glass, metalwork, woodwork, jewelry, textiles, ceramics and so on, with collections ranging from the 7th to the 19th century.

  • Msheireb Museums

These museums are a great perspective on the old community-based lifestyle and the re-emergence of the old commercial center in downtown Doha. You’ll find a lot of information about the four restoration houses: Bin Jelmood House, Company House, Mohammed Bin Jassim House, and Radwani House.

  • Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum

The museum is full of assorted bric-a-brac from Qatar’s past. The vintage cars and pearl fishing are worth a look-see.

  • Fire Station Artist in Residence

If you’re looking for something off-the-wall, visit this museum for its new wave art, featured contemporary artists and really good food.

  • Museum of Illusions

Here’s something with a difference: If you want to enjoy some amazing optical illusions and mind-benders, have some fun at this museum.

Doha Safari:

Get immersed in the desert experience as you navigate your comfortable, air-conditioned Landcruiser through the tallest sand dunes.

If dune bashing is too fast for you, take it slow on the back of an accommodating camel, and take the chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape around you.

Apart from the lovely souqs, museums, and amazing eateries, Katara cultural village is also worth a trip.

5. Hamburg, Germany

Ahoy, mateys, set anchor at the busy harbor of Hamburg and enjoy a bit of German hospitality. It’s not all wurst and beer though. Expect everything from parties, indie shops to pub crawls, flea markets, and a celebration of the arts and food.


Attend a concert at the Elbphilharmonie and let the Orchestra leave you spellbound.


The Kunsthalle Hamburg is a treasure chest of all the classic masters of art. At the risk of name-dropping, some artists featured include Picasso, Francis Bacon, Andy Bacon, Gaugin, Manet, and Rembrandt. Don’t miss it.


Its tame name nonwithstanding, St.Pauli is a pretty rough, rebellious and grungy part of town, so it’s not really recommended for families or children. Full of graffiti and neon, this district will make for some lasting memories for the young at heart (preferably over the age of 18). You can end your night of revels at the Fichauktionhalle (open March to November), where you can find fresh fish, food, and fruit to soak up the previous night’s excesses.

While you’re in Hamburg, don’t miss the Heiligengeistfeld, a funfair and market extravaganza held in April, August and November. There are carousels, roller carousels and plenty of sideshows. The food’s not bad either.

You will witness an opulent fireworks display if you don’t miss the Heiligengeistfeld in November.

6. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is the fourth-largest city in Morocco. Over time, the Red City (so-called because of the abundant red sandstone structures) became a cultural, religion and trading center for Northern and sub-Saharan Africa.

Atlas mountains:

It’s better to go on a guided tour of the mountains, preferably on camelback as well as walking. There’s plenty to see here. At a slight distance from a busy Marrakech, you can start your journey from Jbel Toubkal- the foothill. You will encounter gorgeous waterfalls, Berber villages and many Inst-worthy moments. If it’s a Saturday you can visit the market in Asni.

Bustling marketplaces:

Djemaa El Fna is a UNESCO-recognized city square, where you will find many exotic bazaars. You can find all sorts of interesting and intriguing merchandise including carpets, spices, metal, wood, and trinkets. In the evening, this lively bazaar offers attractions like fortune tellers, monkeys, snake charmers, musicians, and other live entertainment.  

Essaouira is another happy marketplace to enjoy.

Ourika valley:

Find the lovely Ourika valley to the southeast of Marrakech.Sample Argan products at a local Argan cooperative.

There is a wide variety of aromatic and medicinal flora in the Nectarome Gardens nearby. You can go for a short trek, or have a picnic by the Ourika river.

7. Singapore

To many western travelers, Singapore would represent a gateway to Asia. It’s full of English speakers, it’s clean, it has a variety of offerings for people of all

Budgets, and it is a marriage of many Asian cultures.

Botanic Gardens:

This is Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was started in 1822 at the behest of Sir Stamford Raffles. There are a lot of free walking tours of the premises. You can enjoy fine dining, beautiful gardens, varieties of flower, research, sculpture, lakes and beautiful walking paths. There is a fabulous museum as well. Don’t miss it.

Gardens by the bay:

Not only will you witness beautiful scenery, but there are plenty of lovely shows and cultural programs for you to enjoy. There are plenty of educational programs. You can also shop for souvenirs as well.

Kampung glam:

Kampung glam is a gorgeous part of town where you can really enjoy gorgeous buildings, great food, and a bit of Malay heritage and culture.

Universal Studios:

Spend a day at Singapore’s Universal Studios and enjoy the sights and sounds of Hollywood. You can also get in some souvenir shopping and delicious food before you move on to explore the other delights in Resorts World Sentosa.

8. Sri Lanka, Colombo:

Colombo is one of the most desirable destinations to visit in 2019.

It’s one of the few examples of paradise on Earth, with it’s lush, green landscape,

and pretty mix of urban and pastoral environs.

Galle Face Green:

Galle Face Green is an idyllic promenade by the sea.

Originally meant to be a location for military support, it is now a beautiful spot for picnics, merrymaking, a few hotels, and sightseeing.

National Museum:

Open since 1877, you will find fascinating artifacts, sculptures, paintings, fossils, and a great insight into Sri Lankan history. Don’t forget to go through the local publications that span over 129 years.


The beautiful locales of Columbo are a fantastic setting to relax your mind and body. Enjoy the spas here and complete your vacation with a rejuvenating boost at the hands of skilled and attentive masseurs and masseuses.


Why not inject a bit of fun into your Colombo trip and enjoy the nightlife? There are plenty of clubs and casinos to choose from. There are places you can enjoy a quiet drink to flashy neon dance floors where you can dance the night away.

9. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the world’s most expensive, power-packed and lively cities that will appeal to all your senses.


Enjoy the Disney magic with a rich, Chinese touch. Marvel at shows of all your favorites from Lion King to Frozen to Cinderella. Enjoy a fun-filled day of shows, rides, and amazing food!

Victoria Peak:

You can’t get higher than Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. It has great views and wonderful walking trails. Don’t forget to enjoy the gorgeous night vistas.

Cat Street:

This hundred-year-old market is vintage treasure hunter’s paradise. From genuine jade to quirky bric-a-brac, there’s something for everyone if you’re looking for souvenirs or just a browsing extravaganza. No less magical is soaking in the atmosphere as you take a beat and enjoy a bite at one of the contemporary eateries around.

Star Ferry:

While Star Ferry is a pretty quick ride, it’s a great way to get a panoramic view of the city. You can get a fair amount of sightseeing done without spending energy walking.

10. Reykjavik, Iceland

What can you do in Reykjavik that you can’t do anywhere else?

Lots of things! In this Nordic paradise, you can explore the wonderful world of the Vikings of yesteryear.  

Aurora Borealis:

Why go to a rave when you can catch Reykjavik’s Northern Lights in their full, winter splendor? The greenish waves across the sky are a regular, natural phenomenon, and you should witness them for real at least once in your life.

The Sun Voyager:

Hark back to a simpler time of Vikings on their quest for conquest and glory.

The beautiful Sun Voyager installation by Jon Gunnar Arnason is located with a great view of Mount Esja, and also pays homage to the Sun. The Harpa, another landmark, is a stone’s throw from here.

The Harpa:

This award-winning concert hall and conference center is a great attraction for fans of architecture. If you’re lucky, you can go to a variety of shows including symphony shows, comedians and the Reykjavik Jazz Festival.

Its lobby, shop, and restaurants are free to visit.

The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa:

The Blue Lagoon is an extremely popular haunt, especially with its ethereal ambiance of sky-blue water and steamy vapors. Have a good soak and let your worries go with a soak in warm silica mud. You can book spa treatments at a price.

11. Setouchi, Japan

Setouchi will be having a Triennale in the backdrop of the Seto Inland Sea. This will be focused on the artists, resources, culinary delights of Setouchi, as well as Setouchi's place in Asia. That’s not the only reason to visit this lesser-known region in Japan. Read on to find out more.

It’s off the beaten track and comprises seven prefectures and 350 islands surrounding the Seto Inland Sea. Hiroshima, Hyogo, Okayama, Yamaguchi, Tokushima, Kagawa and Ehime are all part of Setouchi. There’s so much to see!

Motonosumi Inari Shrine:

Located in Yamaguchi, and perched at a height, the Motonosumi Shrine is by a stark contrast between its red (torii) gates and the blue sea below.

Itsukushima Shrine

Itsukushima Shrine is a floating shrine in Hiroshima. Dedicated to the deities Amaterasu Omikami and Susanoo-no-Mikoto, they have been revered and worshipped for centuries to guard the nation and protect seafarers. It is known as one of the most scenic places in Japan and has been registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site since 1996.

Himeji castle:

Himeji castle is an elegant white castle (also known as White Heron castle) in Himeji. The labyrinthine approach is a key feature that protected it from invasion. Also quite striking is the number of chutes, portholes and hidden spaces as you go up the mountain. The architecture inside is quite admirable, with its wooden structures. It’s a great, scenic spot to watch the sakura blossoms bloom.

Island Hopping:

Since Setouchi is a compelling archipelago, and island hopping is a great thing to do.  Megijima, Naoshima, Teshima, Ogijima, Shodoshima, Oshima, Inujima — and the port areas of Takamatsu (on Shikoku Island) and Uno (on Honshu, near Okayama) are some places that might appeal to you. Apart from a lot of natural beauty, there are a lot of museums to enjoy.

12. Corsica

Corsica is a breezy, summery French island with mountains, hints of a balmy beach, dreamy walking trails and rustic villages. There are enough stunning vistas to create memories for a lifetime. Its claim to fame is, of course, as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, the conqueror.

Calvi Citadel:

This iconic attraction often looks like a cross between a Cathedral and Castle, complete with ramparts, drawbridge, and cobblestone streets. Not only is there a lot to explore, like the historic house where Christopher Columbus once stayed, and an elegantly weathered baroque cathedral.

Palombaggia beach:

It is a unique beach not to be missed. Not only is the sand white and luxurious, and the sea water is at a comfortably reasonable wading length. It is not yet spoiled by tourists.

Cavu river:

Corsica is really one of those places that have it all. The gentle Cavu river has small waterfalls for kids to paddle in. There are black pines providing a surreal, scenic backdrop to the valley. If you want to explore, there are bikes for hire, as well as a cafe and a visitor center as a point of reference.

13. Guyana

Guyana is a relatively unexplored paradise that combines Carribean charm with the natural beauty of the Amazon. With a history and active economy of crop cultivation, The resultant biodiversity of flora and fauna makes visiting Guyana a treat for the eyes.

Kaieteur Falls:

You can picture yourself in the middle of an Indiana Jones movie on a trip to the Kaieteur Falls shooting over a 250m cliff in a beautiful jungle. On the way, you might encounter beautiful scarlet birds and tiny golden frogs.

Stabroek Market:

Stabroek market is a colorful, cultural landmark, that was built around the 1700s.

It’s a beautiful, red cast-iron building, with a clock tower. You can

go shopping there too.

Hibiscus Craft  Plaza:

This street market is great for handicrafts and souvenirs. Bargaining is advised.

St. George’s Cathedral:

This is one of the world’s tallest wooden buildings. It’s a gorgeous, Gothic-style cathedral, and is one of those monuments you should visit before you die.

14. Bhutan

What could be more mystifying than a journey to the land of the Thunder Dragon, bordered by the Himalayas? This mountain monarchy has monasteries, is great for birdwatching, natural wonders, and adventure sports.

Taktsang Palphug Monastery (Paro):

If you can imagine heaven on Earth, one look at this Monastery will convince you that it exists. It’s nestled in the mountains, and the only way you can reach it is through challenging paths.

Punakha Dzong (Punakha):

The Punakha Dzong was built in 1637. It is the second-largest palace (Dzong) that. was also the nerve center of the Government of Bhutan before relocating to Thimpu. Historically its fortress-like structure has favorably fought off many attacks.

It has a main temple, a treasury, and is full of beautiful murals, woodwork and colorful paintings. It’s best visited in May.

Dochula Pass (Thimphu):

Dochula Pass in Thimphu is perched more than ten thousand feet over sea level.

Apart from the view from the top where you can see the clouds, what makes this place a must-visit is the ornate and Druk Wangyal Lhakhang temple. You can also visit the Dochu La Wangyal Festival for the colorful mask dance.


Archery has been a traditional sport in Bhutan for centuries. Archery competitions and festivals are common to each village. At the conclusion of the sporting events, there is much colorful and vibrant dancing.

15. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a gorgeous city. As the capital of Hungary, Budapest is as quirky as it is beautiful.

Buda castle:

At the top of Castle Hill, Buda castle is a regal landmark containing the National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum.

Szechenyi baths:

Getting into the bath is relaxing. Getting into the famous Szechenyi baths is an absolutely otherworldly experience. They are pretty and medicinal and are known to be very therapeutic. Saturday is a good day to go.

Danube river cruise:

Budapest represents two cities: ‘Buda’ and ‘Pest’, which are divided by the Danube river. Not only is a cruise an attractive idea, but you can sail down the Danube to countries like Germany. The Christmas market cruise lands you in Germany and is a great idea.

Budapest ruin bar parties:

If you haven’t been to a ruin bar party yet, Budapest is a great place to attend one.

It represents the capital’s fantastic nightlife. The decor in these establishments is a mixture of old furniture and new equipment, wide open spaces, art, and great music. Some great ruin bars include:

  • Szimpla Kert

  • Instant

  • Filter Klub

  • Grandio

  • Mazel Tov

  • Fogas Haz

  • Corvin Club

  • Kertem

  • Szechenyi Bath Party

16. Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca is quite a discovery, especially for most people who think they’ve seen it all in Mexico. It’s a cultural and culinary hub, with museums, beautiful vistas, and a lot of things to see.

Mercado 20 de Noviembre:

This is quite a scenic hangout, bursting at the seams with local fare. Lots of opportunities for photos, observing people, doing a little shopping, and eating some great food.

Templo de Santo Domingo:

The Templo de Santo Domingo is a Cathedral built as part of the Dominican Order, sporting the finest artistry from Puebla. The exterior Baroque facade and interior 3D interior relief designs make this a gorgeous church to visit.

Museo de las Culturas:

After enjoying the Templo de Santo Domingo, you can walk over to the Museo de las Culturas (Museum of  Oaxacan). It has relics that date back as far as the 14th century. There is also a decadent mix of jewels, as part of one of the largest Mixtec treasure hauls at the museum.


From art featured in a museum, onto street art, which reminds us of how short-lived life and art can be. Featuring photo-quality realism, and creative statements on current topics, the streets, and murals of Lapiztola are a must-see.

17. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv is an exciting location in Bulgaria that combines  Roman, Thracian, Byzantine, and ancient Greek influences.

Cultural Centra Trakart:

The Trakart Cultural Centre houses many elegant floor mosaics. There are many artifacts dating as far back as the Neolithic age. The ceramic and glass relics  are proof of Thracian and Roman influences, as well as Plovdiv artistry.

Main Street: Knyaz Alexander I:

The Main Street in Plovdiv is a great opportunity to take in the sites and sounds of the city. At the same time, one can take in the charm of the cafes, shops, and nature, while taking a stroll down the beautiful pathways.  

Starosel Thracian Temple Complex:

These contain underground tombs where elite Thracians were buried. These hills were protected by concentric rows of stone blocks. The interiors are well-decorated, sometimes brightly-colored, with ceilings that look like beehives.

18. Obanjan, Croatia

Obanjan is an idyllic vacation destination getaway 6km off the coast of Northern Dalmatia in Croatia. It’s quite exclusive with a maximum limit of 450 guests allowed on the island at any point in time. You might want to leave the kids at home for this one.

Festivals and parties:

There is always a DJ on this island, and a lot of festivals and parties going on.

Dance the night away, with a select crowd in an exclusive locale!

Water sports:

For a quiet island, there sure are quite a few boisterous sports to choose from.

SUP (Stand Up Paddling), Kayaking, Jetskiing, adventurous rides on a paddle boat or donut boat, snorkeling, and island tours- take your pick.

Spa and massage:

If you’re going on holiday to relax and regroup, there are a lot of therapeutic treatments available including:

  • Balinese massage

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Yoga

  • Art of living workshops

  • Aromatherapy

It helps that you’re experiencing this therapy in the most relaxing surroundings, replete with waterfalls, forests, and breathtaking views of the sea.

Krka National Park:

This Park is a mini-paradise of greenery and seven waterfalls. You will also find souvenir shops, boat trips, restaurants, and museums.

Forest lodges:

Forest lodges aren't as rustic as they sound. They redefine glamping: all the comforts of home in the middle of nature. Some of them even have airconditioning and fridges, so you can truly relax in the assurance that you’ll have access to fresh and clean linen and toiletries, in the middle of nature.

19. Pantelleria, Italy

Pantelleria is a volcanic island in Italy that lies between Sicily and Tunisia.

While most people wanting to tour Italy go to Florence, Rome or one of the other towns, Pantelleria is still relatively unexplored by the global tourist community.

Wine tourism:

The Zibibbo grape is a varietal that grows in this area. You can take a trip through the vineyards, and often taste the wine made from these grapes, by the locals.

The Castle of Pantelleria:

The Castello Barbacane is a castle remarkable for surviving the bombings of World War II. It has an irregular, quadrangular courtyard, and a clocktower. It has well-preserved relics and is worth a visit if historical artifacts appeal to you.

Sataria cave:

With waters that reach up to 40 degrees Celsius, the Sataria cave makes an ideal sauna. According to legend, it is the mythological locale for romantic trysts between Ulysses and Calypso.

The dammuso:

Dummusos are traditional, local (Pantescan) homes, where you can hark back to older times and get a taste of rustic life. They are naturally suited to the weather and can be found surrounded by fig trees, orchards, vineyards, and local crops.


If fishing is your idea of fun, you should visit Pantelleria in the month of July.

You can also go diving. There is a wide variety of marine life coming in, so whatever your preference, there are shoals of yellow snapper, starfish, sea urchins, cod and posidonias, among others. The volcanic soil and beautiful coral reef, support a lot of biodiversity in these waters.


From January to March you will find that Pantelleria is in the process of a big carnival. It’s a tradition that dates back a century. Young and old alike don masks, and dance all night (at least till 11 pm). The clubs with the most beautiful masks are awarded prizes, at the end of festivities.

20. Maldives

Nestled like a jewel in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Maldives is a beach lover’s tropic paradise. It’s been on many tourist bucket lists for a long time, and not just because it’s pristine and very romantic. Read on to find out why it’s so popular.


The Maldives is one of the best places on Earth to go Scuba Diving. Even if you’re not certified to go diving, you’ll be able to take a discovery dive with one of the many certified instructors available. The water is gorgeous and clear- ideal for exploring.

Shark watching:

Don’t be alarmed, this is not going to be a bad remake of Jaws. We’re actually talking about whale shark watching. The water’s warm, and it’s a great experience swimming next to these massive, majestic creatures.

Dolphin spotting:

Who doesn't love those friendly little bottle-nosed greeters of the ocean? The secret is to take a boat out, sometime near sunset, and wait a while till you hear a lot of delightful “eek” “eek”s while they do playful summersaults in the water.

Island Hopping:

There are lots of populated little islands around the mainland of Maldives that you can visit to take in the culture. Just be mindful of the conservative dress code, prepare accordingly, and enjoy!


Among most of the water sports you can engage in, in the Maldives, standing-up paddleboarding is fun, especially as an alternative to surfing. It’s also a great way to get a close view of fish swimming through the clear waters, as you engage in a sport at the same time.

Scenic flights:

Not only can you explore the Maldives by land and water, but also by air.

The beautiful landscape will give you a fresh appreciation for the shallow waters, pristine sands, sturdy atolls, and lovely landscape when you see them by air.

We all know that the world is a beautiful place, but most of us hardly find the time to go out and explore it? If this list of gorgeous destinations has piqued your interest, it’s time to go forth and dip your toes in international waters! A universe of beautiful memories is waiting for you.
























































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