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20 Most Popular SEO Tools You Should Try 24 April, 2019   

If you want to master the skill of SEO optimization then making use of the best SEO tools can really help you in a big way. Here we have compiled a list of the most popular SEO tools that are powerful, effective, slick and intuitive and can help you optimize your website. Read ahead to find out!

1. Ahrefs: SEO keyword tool

Ahrefs is the largest website crawler after Google and is one of the most used online SEO tools. The site audit feature of Ahrefs is considered as the most high-grade SEO analysis tool that can figure out which parts of your website need improvement.

Many companies prefer Ahrefs to increase their ranking on search engines. It is a multitasking tool that can help you with everything including viral content research, SEO audit, competitor research, rank tracking, keyword research, etc.

2. Serpstat: Content marketing, PPC and SEO

Serpstat is a comprehensive tool for digital marketing that aims to optimize your content marketing, PPC, and SEO campaigns. Its’ amazing SEO features include collecting keywords, determining their value, getting long-tail keywords, discovering international data, checking the relevance your web pages, analyzing keywords trends, and much more. 

3. Google Page Speed Insights: Web performance

This wonder SEO tool helps you to check the usability and speed of your site on various devices. All you need to do is just enter your site URL, and this tool will test your performance and loading time both for mobile and desktop and also identify opportunities for improvement.

4. Google Keyword Planner: Free keyword tool

Google, the biggest and most popular search engine offers the Google Keyword Planner for free. It is the best and most powerful tool for SEO. You can simply type in a keyword, and Google will conduct a search, and give you results for average searches of that particular keyword. It will give you details such as competition, bids on Adwords and more.

5. Google Webmaster Tools: Search and optimization

This SEO tool is used by SEO experts, and it focuses on search and optimization. It helps you to check your website for any potential issues, know the preferences of your audience and make optimizations so that Google can understand your site in a better way, and represent it well.

6. SEMRush: SEO tool for marketing

The SEO community simply loves SEMRush which is an excellent tool for marketing. It helps you to assess your search engine rankings and changes in them while also helping you identify new opportunities for rankings.  The Domain Vs. Domain feature of SEMRush allows you to make comparisons between your website, and that of your competitor’s. 

7. Seobility: SEO audit

Seobility is a great tool to test the overall SEO optimization of your website. It also gives you tips for optimizing your website to the fullest plus tells you how well are optimized for the target keywords that you have selected.  It can also check the ranking of your page for a particular keyword.

8. Keyword ideas

This tool can give you more than 700 keyword ideas by a single keyword. You can just enter a keyword, and the tool will offer you a huge volume of long-tail keyword suggestions arranged in alphabetical order. 

9. Google Search Console: Website auditing

This is a free tool offered by Google, and it can be a great help to you when it comes to crawling reports, keyword ranking, page speed insights, and website auditing. Most companies opt for this software owing to its tremendous work in optimizing search performance, resolve spam and malware issues, etc.

10. MozBar: Advanced metrics and SEO works

MozBar helps you to generate quick reports on the websites you visit. You can get a lot of information at a glance, such as page attributes, page elements, link data, etc. Load time and other optimization features can also be figured out with the help of this amazing SEO tool. 

11. KWFinder- Keyword tool

This tool enables you to find long tail keywords that have a low rate of competition. SEO experts favor this tool as it helps them to find the most suitable keywords as well as conduct analysis reports on SERP and backlinks. The tool has a tool for rank tracking that allows you to know your ranking and track the rate of your improvement by a key metric.

12. Pitchbox: Outreach

This tool is a respite for those SEO enthusiasts who are engaged in a lot of link building activities. Pitchbox is meant for simplifying your outreach efforts. With their awesome feature for email sequencing, you can automatically set-up your follow-up emails. If you have written a blog then with the help of this tool you can get to know of the best sites that you can connect to. 

13. QuickSprout Website Analyzer: Website analysis

If you want a quick analysis of your website, then this is the best tool in this regard. It helps you to get a detailed look at almost everything including links, keywords, tags, speed, SEO optimization, competitor comparisons, etc. 

14. Google Analytics: Website activity analysis

If you have just come up with a new website, then this is a must-have SEO tool for you. It helps you to track the visitors to your website, how are the visitors getting to your site, and the most popular pages of your website. This powerful tool helps you to track your marketing efforts in the best possible way.

15. WooRank: Website analysis

To get handy insights into your website and for knowing even the not-so-obvious details, WooRank is the ultimate SEO tool for you. It helps you to analyze any site and generate a report within seconds. You can also get information on social shareability, for instance, the number of Facebook likes and shares, Twitter backlinks, Delicious Bookmarks, etc.

16. Answer the Public: Content Creation

This free tool for SEO lets you find topics to write on for your e-commerce based blogs. It is a great tool for creating content that revolves around certain keywords for getting a higher rank in search engines. If you are starting a blog on interior décor, then this tool will help you find keywords related to décor, and you can go ahead with creating content on the same.

17. SEOquake: Competitor research

SEOquake is a browser extension that you can get for free. It is similar to MozBar and can pull up the maximum of the data from a page. Some of the metrics that it shows are the total number of links, SEM Rush rank, the age of the domain, Google index, etc.

18. Schema Creator: Search result customization

This tool helps you to customize your search results the way you want to see them. All you need to do is create a schema code and all your events, reviews, organizations, people, etc. are displayed according to your preference.

19.  Majestic: Marketing SEO tools

Recommended by experts, Majestic is the best SEO tool for marketing. They have the Site Explorer feature that gives you a general overview of your online store along with the total number of backlinks you have got. You can also find the best keywords to secure a high rank at search engines. It can audit a competitor’s backlinks as well.

20. LinkMiner: Link building

This helps you to find the backlinks of the competitors and replicate them with ease. You can also ascertain the strength of your competitor’s backlinks, manage backlinks, etc. It can pull up useful data such as DA and PA, Facebook likes, etc. 

With SEO becoming a big part of every online business, SEO tools have found many takers in the present times. If you want to make a mark in the competitive field of online marketing then availing the best tools will really take you a long way towards success. 

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