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In the era of technology, the electronic equipment and devices are becoming wireless and the concern of security keeps on increasing as the compensation with security always results in the harm and loss, sometimes the data recovery becomes impossible and the data theft is the most harmful which eventually results in the harm both financially and mentally and the infringement of intellectual property rights which is a breach of law. is a class C type private IP address. It is also known as the default IP address and also popular as the default gateway. It is significantly noticeable during the process of password and network updates. It is a private IP address that is only accessible by the authorized device and authorized user, which provides impeccable security to the user as they are inaccessible via a public network. IANA (Internet assigned number authority) has already classified all the IP addresses as the private IP address. Always type the right IP address to access, wrong input of IP address results in access to nowhere.

The most basic and popular application of IP address is to gain access to the admin page. The importance of the admin page is well known, it is capable as it configures the crucial and perfect working of the router. The admin page assists in many functions, modifying network name, network password, blocking devices, accessing the network are one of them. To access the admin page of the router one need a default username and password and they can be easily found at the backside of the router side tot the IP address. Manufacturers make sure that pairs of usernames and passwords are available which will provide them access to the admin page. The importance of network modification can be understood by its ability to keep the network up-to-date. 


How to Login into IP Address

To login to the admin page, you should have a username and password which are mentioned behind the router side-by-side to the IP address, after getting username and password follow these steps successfully to gain access.

Step 1) Open a web browser in your system and make sure it is an updated one. Otherwise, the access can be barriers.

Step2) After opening the admin page successfully in your web browser login with the credentials which are none other than username and password and press the ENTER key.

Step 3) After successfully entering the credentials and pressing ENTER key wait for sometimes until the router admin page loads successfully.

Step 4) After the successful login you will notice the settings such as internet setup, wireless, etc on the screen of your system.


Make sure when you are following the above-prescribed steps when the router is in default state otherwise the above steps will not work and login will be failed.

The default state consists of a state in which the login credentials (username and password) are not up-to-date as per one’s convenience.


 What to do if you forget the router’s username and password?

Seldomly, one is not able to recall the router’s username and password. It is recommended to choose username and password wisely and not use the random password other than any random username and password which you may not recall in some cases but also compromises with the security of the router.

To again gain successful access to the router and to again ensure its proper functioning there is the only sole way to achieve it, the reset is to be done to retrieve its original state. The original state is referred to as the state of the router when it’s manufactured and no amendment is done with the settings of the router.

After resetting the router successfully, the former username and password are of no longer use and new credentials must be entered.

To reset the router successfully, follow the below-prescribed steps and follow every step carefully.

Step 1) Arrange tool which must have a pointed end and is sharp. A needle/compass would be really useful.

Step 2) Insert the tool on the hole, in the hole, there is a switch which is needed to be pressed for some seconds, 5-10 seconds are preferable and enough to carry the function.

Step 3) After the successful press all the lights of the routers will be turned into off state and then again into on state automatically.

Step 4) After the successful completion of the above steps, the router will regain its original state which is the default state.

Step 4) The above steps will again bring you to the admin page where the credentials must be entered.

Step 5) Enter the credentials which are mentioned in the back of the router and recover the access of your router successfully.


Always ensure the steps must be followed carefully otherwise the reset will be unsuccessful.


List of routers using

The use of an IP Address is mostly done by the brands which manufacture 3G mobile routers, travel routers, lot board, etc.

How to troubleshoot router errors

To troubleshoot the router successfully one need to follow prescribed steps below

Step 1) Check the settings of the router and make sure the router is on.

Step 2) Check the cables of LAN, make sure they must be in good condition and not broken.

Step 3) Change the wireless channel if there are a lot of routers near the router.

Step 4) Factory reset can be also helpful in some cases.


Completion of the above steps will sure eradicate the problems of the router.


The discussion anticipates that this IP Address is somehow common to other IP Addresses but more secure than the others. It is mostly used for the admin page and there is no specific reason behind it. To log in to this encrypted IP as this IP address is a private one and not public address, credentials are needed to gain successful access. The admin page can successfully access and modify the settings which are crucial for the proper functioning of the router. To regain access to routers in case of loss of credentials reset is to be done. Major brands use this IP Address to maintain privacy and security.



IPadress Router Secureserver

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