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18 Successful Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses 09 October, 2020   

Every entrepreneur starts with a small business and then work hard and hard to grow its business. You are fortunate enough to live in this era of technology wherein, on a single click, you get many ideas and marketing strategies for any business to implement and achieve success without having a load on your bank.

Before looking at the marketing strategies, you must do some basic research work on your market and customers. This is important as the marketing strategies' main aim is to target your potential customers and their loyalty towards your product and brand. 

Let us look at 20 successful marketing strategies for small businesses that might help you and your business. Read them carefully, and you need one good idea; if well implemented, you can reach greater heights in your business. 

1. Website:

If you have a physical store, you need to have a website for your business. About half the population is going online in today's world, and businesses without a website tend to lose those customers who deal or look for products online. Your website can sell products and share information about the products and brands. You can also upload testimonials from your renowned customers, expert comments, prices, etc. 

2. Online Forums:

You can share your expertise through online discussion forums or bulletin boards, but you need to purchase a membership to put forward your expertise and advertise the business. This can be done off-line, too, by attending seminars and teaching and sharing your experience with the audiences about your field. This can be considered as a promotional event for your business.

3. Online Marketing:

You need to pay to advertise wisely and have a positive impact on online marketing. You need to decide and spend some amount on display ads, paid search ads, or social ads. Through this, you will get more customers who visit your website, and the chances are high that people will contact you. This helps to grow your business-wide and better.

4. Google My Business Account:

Google My Business Account can help you grow your business. This can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies. You need to get your rank on Google My Business listing, which is beneficial if you target local customers. This account will help you take control of all the information about your business, including the number of hours of operation, phone number, address, and website. 

5. Facebook Advertisement:

Advertising on Facebook will allow you to target a specific audience depending on the location, interests, age, online behavior, and many other related factors. Facebook advertising is inexpensive, and also one of the effective marketing strategies for small businesses. Facebook ads are easy to create; all you need is a unique and solid headline, which is catchy and attractive, describing your product or brand, image, and link for your website. 

6. Google Adwords:

Use Google AdWords, an old and proven online marketing channel. It is an expensive deal, yet competitive and effective strategy for your small business development. Google AdWords works on your CTR (Click Through Rate) and the traffic on your landing page, which your ad gets in. Your ad will get a quality score assigned by Google. For maximum benefit, you can pair Google AdWords with other marketing strategies. 

7. Traditional Marketing Strategies 

Email marketing, also known as traditional marketing, has always proven to be the best marketing strategy. There are many email marketing platforms which are specialized in aiding you in the best engaging emails. There are about 3.8 billion email users globally, so if you plan your strategies well, this will definitely prove to increase your value to the business.

8. Flyers and Pamphlets:

The use of flyers or pamphlets for advertising is also a part of traditional marketing. These can be distributed in local newspapers to target local customers. The flyers should be brief and have limited points about your brand or product. You need to highlight the services you offer and provide contact details. For maximum response, you can offer free coupons or discounts on the flyer or pamphlets.

9. Posters and Billboard:

Displaying posters on the billboard is an efficient method for marketing and advertising. You can do this in any conference or proceedings or workshops by putting up your stall and displaying posters. You can also distribute flyers to reinforce your presence in the market.

10. Content Marketing:

Content writing is not an easy task; it requires perfection in many elements such as quality content, relevant topics, SEO optimization, optimization for readers, and consistent content should be created and promoted. Content is regarded as the king of online marketing. You can publish a blog that will help to increase awareness of your product or brand. Blogging will help to improve your website’s rank on the search engines, and your business will be easily available online when searched for. You only need to encourage readers to follow and engage with your blog by commenting on your article and asking questions. You can also do online map listings, which will be available when you link to Google My Business. A successful content market strategy is still proving to be the best for small businesses.

11. Guest Posting:

You could post videos, podcasts, other online courses and host some programs to provide information about your business and brand and promote your products. This can be done with good content writing. You can use YouTube, Blogs, etc. to display your ideas and products online.

12. Search engine optimization:

Proper keywords need to be done for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The marketers used a series of tactics to obtain higher positions or placements in the web pages searched by Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engines to increase the traffic on the website visited. There are keyword research tools that provide words and phrases your potential customers might use to search for any information or products that you are also providing through your business. 

13. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is one of the highest converting channels for developing leads. It involves highlighting your new products, any offers, discounts, and other business updates. The marketing results can be measured, and you can use them in your subsequent email campaigns to develop your business.

14. Pay Per Click:

One of the fastest ways to create your presence on the internet is pay per click. For this, you only need to set your budget and bid. Select keywords, and with a quick ad, you can start this.

15. Company Logo:

You can use your company logo everywhere, that is, both online and in print also, to create awareness about your business among your potential customers. All marketing materials, such as business cards, letterheads, email signature, websites, etc. should possess your business logo.

16. Social Channel:

You need to champion any one social channel. You can be present across different channels, but you will find most of your customers to help grow your business if you focus on one channel. You can be active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. where you will be connected to people from your network by joining chat groups, forums, or event invites. Sharing your knowledge through webinars, YouTube tutorials, or speaking in local conferences can also be one of the best marketing strategies for small businesses.

17. Feedback:

You should also look for feedback for constant improvement by asking your customer to comment on their experience with your service. The feedback will help you to inform about your service and highlight the areas where you need improvement. This can be sued as testimonials on your website too. 

18. Be unique:

Last but not least, the strategy is to be different. You need to stand out from the crowd so that you are recognized and identified by your customers. You should be original and have a unique way to represent your business through marketing strategies.

These marketing strategies for small business will help you to promote your business and services among your potential customers. You only need to devote some time and, of course, money to get benefits from these marketing strategies.

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