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18 Key Business Development Manager Responsibilities 17 December, 2020   

In today’s scenario, businesses are expanding vastly and rapidly. Companies are more concerned with their expansion in the market. To have great expansion in sales and business development in various parts of the world, companies hire business development managers. So it comes to everyone’s mind that what are the business development manager responsibilities. There are a lot of skills needed by this business development manager. Good communication skills, better interpersonal skills, collaboration skills, ability to debate and convince, project management skills, and good research and implementation skills are some of the most needed efficiency for a business development manager. 

Business development manager should have decent business intelligence. These jobs are a continuous challenge and require many skills like good sense in business, finance, marketing, strategy development, and implementation. The business development manager is overall responsible for the development of the industry. It may be developing sales or increasing clients or planning to expand services provided by the company. Hence today, we will tell you what the key business development manager responsibilities are:-

01. Looking into new opportunities in business 

There are various business development manager responsibilities. This job mainly deals with following up with new business opportunities, expanding the profits, and increasing clients, value, and name in the international market. The business development department is one of the essential departments in all the companies with decent pay scale as their hard works makes the company rise in the market. 


02. Proper planning with visual presentations

 The life of a business development manager is full of planning. He is responsible for planning and preparing presentations as per the plans, which are delivered to the clients to impress them with the company’s policies and proposals. 


03. Communication of new product developments to potential clients

They are the one who communicates the newly launched products in the market to their existing clients and other partner businesses in the market. They also create various proposals to upgrade the services with the clients and have a new product. They explain how and why their product is better than other products in the market.


04. Think innovative ideas and ticks and strategy for business development

These are the professionals who mainly have master's degrees in business development, sales, and marketing are primarily responsible for planning new offers to clients and customers. They summarize the competitors' suggestions and plan their strategy, which will be best for the clients and customers, and they will happily choose their company rather than others.

05. Supervising  the marketing literature development

They are also responsible for the development of marketing strategies. Marketing is one of the critical business development manager responsibilities as development and marketing seem somewhat proportional. If the product has good quality and is not marketed well, it will never be a part of the company's business development. Still, if the product is marketed well, it will surely be an asset to the company.


06. Report writing

They are responsible for writing timely and effective project reports to study the market timing and explain to the higher authorities about its present status and compare it with records.

These reports are also most important among the various business development manager responsibilities. The stories are viewed from time to time to plan strategies and marketing deals with multiple market clients.


07. Providing management with feedback

The business development manager also provides timely feedback to the management to have needed changes and appreciate the administration's good work if required. He has the power to suggest and give feedback to other departments. He studies the value of the product in the market and hence is answerable to all and indicate his points. 


08. Writing proposals and specifications

Good proposals play the best role in business development as they offer clients by which clients judge the offer and decide to make deals. If a company provides the best proposals to the clients, they will always be ready to choose them, resulting in business expansions.


09. Crafting training programs

The business development manager is the one who prepares and plans the schedule and activities intended to do in the training programs of the company. He suggests the management to train the needed men power of the company as per the market needs.  Training programs are the programs organized by the business development department so that every professional in the company is well trained and can work as per the new demands of clients and develop the company. 


10. Hiring instructors

He also plays an essential role in instructing the hiring authorities of the company.

Describe the skills which, according to him, should be there in the new joiners in the company, so that after training they can prove themselves to be an asset in the company’s growth and development.  They seek candidates with project management skills to work on projects and handle difficulties accordingly efficiently.


11. Conducting workshops

Workshops are conducted from time to time in the company to make professionals familiar with the market's present market and procedures. Business development manager responsibilities also consist of conducting workshops by the well-known knowledgeable trainers in the company. 


12. Competitive analysis

For the growth of the company, it is essential to have a presence in this competitive market. As the business development manager is concerned with developing the business in the market, he needs to do a competitive analysis of his company with various other competitors. According to this analysis, he prepares different strategies and trains men's power in his company. 


13. Contract review with potential new clients

The business development manager is responsible for reviewing the potential new clients and making a list to target them and expand them. He always keeps an eye on various new clients, which should have more business with them.


14. Develop entry-level staff salesforce

Business development manager responsibilities mainly consist of developing the business and developing the newly hired professionals to be trained in how they will be a part of the valuable and highly successful sales force. He makes the list of qualities and skills a person should have to be beneficial for the company and contribute to the development of the company. The business development manager gives this list to the HR department, who generally do hiring in the companies.


15. Meetings with clients 

Mainly business development manager goes for meetings with the clients to expand the deals and offer them new products and take their essential feedback. They represent the company to the client. Hence they should have excellent communication skills and knowledge about the products.


16. Understand the client’s requirement and offer them solutions

On meetings with various clients, the business development manager is the one who takes their feedback, understands their new requirements, and provide them a way or a new product that fits the conditions.


17. Plans ways to improve business operations

The business development manager has the client’s feedback with which he consults the operations manager and gives him tips to improve the company's operations. Hence, the client remains happy, and the business also takes growth soon.


18. Collaborate with other companies

Sometimes as per the demands of the market, various companies collaborate to face big competitors together. It is the business development manager's responsibility to understand the collaboration deal, make a report, and provide it to the company's higher authority. He aims for rapid growth in the company once both companies come together and have a strong foundation.  


Apart from all the discussed business development manager responsibilities, they have a well-organized work culture and constant work pressure. To make better strategies, plan, implement, and finally grow your business beyond your expectation ultimately lies in your hand. 




Business Development Manager Responsibilities Skills

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