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18 great ways to boost your mood quickly (Infographic) 14 May, 2019   

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” —Helen Keller

The human race thrives on its indomitable spirit. Every step that we take from the moment that we wake up till the moment we lay our weary heads down to sleep, we push through the day, enjoying our little victories, and fighting the little battles, and learning from each failure.

Until we become perfectly zen and are enlightened enough to rise above it all, most of us will find that the quality of our day is governed by our mood.

Why are we slaves to our moods, though? Is there any way we can change them?

Well, our mood seems to be a physical response to what happens around us. It can even be changed or triggered by a memory or a thought, so it’s pretty volatile.

Our individual personalities will determine how quickly our moods change.

For example, if we’re the sort of people who immerse themselves in another activity the moment we realize we are in a bad mood, we might recover faster.

There are also those of us who need to work through the mood, recognize its influence on us, and process it, till we’re done with it.

There is no right or wrong time to recover from a bad mood, we all recover at our own pace.

Given that we are all influenced by external (people, news, messages, remarks,etc.) or internal (memories, feelings, etc.) factors, it should be equally easy for us to boost our moods by exposing ourselves to positive things.

While it may not seem easy at first, there’s no harm in trying to bring about a good mood, or a more positive state of mind. Who doesn't like to feel good?

Why not take a look at the infographic below to discover 18 ways to boost your mood quickly?


Boost your mood Mood boosters Great ways to boost your mood Feel good Infographic

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