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17 Brilliant Jack Ma Quotes On Leadership And Success 06 February, 2019   

Alibaba is not just a name from the mythical Arabian night's storybooks, but it is a company which has revolutionized eCommerce industry in the last few years. And the person behind its success is the Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma, who started on the company with only 18 people in his apartment. While currently, he is not the CEO of the company he founded, but he is still the face that appears whenever there is a mention of Alibaba.

Counted among the richest men in China, he is an extremely optimistic person who was able to make an impact on the economy and online marketplace of China, all by himself. Jack Ma did not have his wealth handed over to him in a silver platter, but he had to work hard towards it. He started as an English teacher in the Hangzhou Dianzi University with merely $12 per month as his salary.

From studies to entrepreneurship, Jack Ma has faced multiple failures before he became a successful businessman we see today.

The life of Jack Ma has not always been on a bed of roses. He had to go through a roller coaster ride to reach the place he is in today. His attitude to take things in its stride and never let anything faze him and working relentlessly towards the end goal has ensured his success today. His mantra has been to believe in oneself to attain the success you want, and this reflects in every quote from him.

18 Brilliant Jack Ma Quotes On Leadership and Success:

Airtract-Image"If we are a good team and know what we want to do, one of us can defeat ten of them."
Airtract-Image"If you have never tried, how will you ever know if there's any chance?"
Airtract-Image"We appreciate yesterday, but we're looking for a better tomorrow."
Airtract-Image"A peace talk is always difficult, always complicated."
Airtract-Image"Opportunity lies in the place where the complaints are."
Airtract-Image"I don't want to be liked. I want to be respected."
Airtract-Image"Never ever compete on prices, instead compete on services and innovation."
Airtract-Image"You need the right people with you, not the best people."
Airtract-Image"Stay hungry and follow your dreams."

Airtract-Image"If you don't give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure."    

Airtract-Image"A good boss is better than a good company."
Airtract-Image"Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine."
Airtract-Image"We are never in lack of money. We lack people with dreams, who can die for those dreams."
Airtract-Image"Once in your life, try something. Work hard at something. Try to change. Nothing bad can happen."
Airtract-Image"A leader should be visionary and have more foresight than the employee."
Airtract-Image"Life is so short, so beautiful. Don't be so serious about work. Enjoy the life."
Airtract-Image"You have got to keep trying, and if it doesn't work, you always can revert back to what you were doing before."

Jack Ma, one of the wealthiest people of the world is a real inspirer as how he has fought the odds. His quotes urge us to learn from the mistakes and never give up.

Jack Ma Jack Ma quotes Inspirational Jack Ma quotes

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