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17 Great Study Skills to Improve your Learning Outcomes (Infographic) 21 May, 2019   

If success in studying and learning didn't need a skilled strategy, we wouldn't need study skills.

Of course, we want to study well, when we’re spending so much time and effort in doing something that will determine if we will eventually increase our earning potential, or if we will get a job that we want.  

In other words, optimizing your study skills with the tips mentioned here will help to achieve success in learning outcomes. It’s not rocket science.

These are management basics applied to studying, and will help you throughout your life, especially for faster and better comprehension of documents and large files. Note taking is similarly a useful skill for meetings.

There are many other reasons why study skills are meant to be interactive. Traditionally, no one likes to study but they do because they have to (assuming they are naturally responsible and somewhat disciplined).

This is because traditionally people feel that sitting in front of a book and similar media, and waiting for knowledge to seep into their brains just doesn't work. They also try to commit everything they read to memory, which isn’t a very scientific way to feed the brain.

Study skills segment information into breakable, more manageable chunks. That’s the whole idea of making a study plan. Mnemonics and tricks for the brain to remember work as reminders.

Breaks are as important as well-scheduled study time to prevent monotony. Skim-reading shortens large chunks of text to what can be managed by the average human. Most importantly, take care of your health.

An unhealthy body cannot support an unhealthy mind.

Eat properly, sleep well, and exercise, to preserve your existing brain cells, and encourage the growth of new ones.

See if you can make the most out of these great study skills in the infographic below:










Infographic Study skills Skills to improve your earning outcomes Infographic on Study skills

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