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17 Best and cheap Sports Cars that you can buy now 12 November, 2018   

We all love the roar of a muscular engine or a car which sprints like a beast. When we plan to upgrade to a sports car, multiple manufacturers produce some outstanding automobiles. Choosing a car out of them is no walk in the park! And a hefty investment is also included.

But every car won't offer the best combination of value and quality, spending too much on a costly car won't necessarily be a good option. The best option is to look for a cheap sports car that delivers premium quality and is best in the segment.

1.Mazda MX-5 Miata


Mazda has been manufacturing MX-5s for roughly three years, and the latest model still delivers that confident feel to the drivers. Latest MX-5 also has a variant known as RF which stands for Retractable Fastback.

On the road, it’s a pleasure to drive, The suspension absorbs bumps quietly, and the raised roof enhances the skeletal integrity, which improves cornering precision.

The 6-speed transmission and with 155 hp, 2.0L DOHC valve 4-cylinder with VVT makes this a sweet ride.

The car goes from 0-60 mph in a staggering 6.1 seconds and reaches a top speed of about 133 mph. Now that is superior to many other cars that cost more than this beauty here.

Base price is about $25,295, one of the best and cheap sports car you can own.

Head on to this pdf for more information, also this video.

2.Nissan 370ZAirtract-Image

Nissan 370Z is the sixth generation in the Z car line that Nissan produces. The rear wheel driven 370Z has an engine that craves to reach high speed. Having 332-350 hp, it has a huge amount of power under the hood, and belongs to the best cheap sports cars category and has great quality for the price segment.

The coupe and convertible model come with a V6 engine, and there is a choice between both manual and automatic transmissions.

No need to say it's blistering fast and reaches an estimated 155mph top speed and base variant cost about $ 29,990. 

3.Ford MustangAirtract-Image

When you hear muscle car, Mustang is a brand name that might come to your mind; Mustang has a long 50 years of history behind it. It has multiple engine and variant options.

Mustang is full of adrenaline and power; it also has a beautiful cabin and athletic handling.

Mustang also has that appearance that matches its power and strength to reach unbelievable top speed. It sounds terrific and has the adequate onboard safety equipment.

Mustang(video) has a six-speed manual and ten-speed automatic W/Selectshift transmission with 310-hp, 2.3 L eco-boost four-cylinder engine. It can reach from 0 to 60 mph in under 5.7 seconds and costs around $26,680, now that is what you call sporty and best while being cheap.

4.Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86Airtract-Image

Toyota and Subaru combined, and co-developed these two twin models, they are basically the same, but changes are made according to where they are sold and satisfying certain regulations. It has the best handling in this segment; it has fabulous steering with great rear wheel drive combined with an elegant suspension.

For the money you spent, they are keen, sharp, has a peppy engine and a great cabin. But like any other, it also has its disadvantages; practicality is an issue because it only has two doors, the boot volume is very low and has an awkward opening.

Both have a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, Subaru has 205 compared to 197 hp of Toyota.

Also, Subaru is estimated to reach 0-60mph in 6.2 seconds, while Toyota needs near 7 seconds. Base cost is around $25,595 and might change according to variant and location.

We have a pdf and a video if you want to know the details.

5.Fiat 124 SpiderAirtract-Image

Fiat 124 Spider is one of the best cheap sports car, cheaper even for this segment. It brings very high value for money and has a lower cost of maintenance. It is a refined two-seater with modest power and has the best class fuel economy too. Some may feel cramped inside it, and there aren’t many variants for you to choose from.

Although Fiat 124 Spider has a lower 160hp power, it’s a thrill to ride and have a capable handling and smooth transmission. Also, it suffers from minimal cargo space.

It can reach 0-60 mph in about 6.6-6.8 seconds and also have a twin ‘Abarth 124 Spider’ with slight changes. You can check that also and both starts at a price of $24,995.

Check out this for more information.

6.Dodge ChallengerAirtract-Image

Dodge Challenger is a pure muscle car that offers multiple build options for the customer.

What makes Dodge stand out is the spacious interior, mainly the roomy second row. The boot space is great compared to rivals, but the car is less agile.

3.6L  V6 engine with enormous 305 hp is powerful and can reach 0-60mph in near 6.2 seconds.

Price starts at around $27,295, and this may be the best cheap sports car that offers space for up to 5 passengers.

Here is the all the information from Dodge itself.

7.Subaru WRXAirtract-Image

Subaru WRX offers great value for money; it is all in one package with a great engine under the hood, which gives us the confidence to take the car to top speeds and has a good safety onboard.

The latest model also comes with a large and bright touchscreen which makes the interior designing a step ahead.

There isn’t a hatchback variant now, and fuel economy is average. The 2018 WRX is powered by a 2.0 L turbo four with 268hp and have the ability to reach 60 mph from the start in 5.9 seconds. For a cheap sports car, Subaru WRX offers a great value and cost around $27,195. This will help you to make sure how good this car is.

8.Chevrolet CamaroAirtract-Image

The Camaro was totally redesigned back in 2016 and has been evolving since then. It has a beating heart of a powerful car. To match the power, it also has good handling and response. The car remains smooth while shifting and interior also have good quality materials

 It's short on legroom but has a better fuel economy. There are multiple engine options, starting from a 2.0L turbo 4 with 275 hp to a supercharged 6.2 in the ZL1 that makes 650 hp which obviously costs more.

The base variant of Camaro can reach 60mph in a blistering 5.4 seconds and cost about $26250.

9.Volkswagen GTIAirtract-Image

Don’t let the styling on this car fool you; it is one the hottest hatchback which is sporty and one of the best cheap sports car on the market.  The GTI has 2.0L turbocharger 4-cylinder engine with 220hp, that is enough power to reach top speeds.

It also has larger wheels, sports suspension which balances between daily use and race needs. GTI combines a perfect mix of handling and dynamics.

It can do 0-60mph in 6 seconds which is something you wouldn’t imagine when you see the car from outside. Cost starts around $24,995. Take a look at this for additional info.

10.Honda Civic SIAirtract-Image

The blissful combination of functionality, fun, and power. Offers two different styles to choose from, a sedan and a coupe.

Powered by a 205hp turbo inline-four engine which makes civic to reach 60mph in near 6.7 seconds, using a six-speed manual transmission.

The sporty steering, adaptive dampers, and better brakes make the civic fun to drive, don’t get me wrong, this beauty can be aggressive too!

Civic SI base model costs around $24,400.

11.Ford Fiesta STAirtract-Image

Ford Fiesta ST offers only one engine variant and no automatic gearbox. The potent turbocharged engine with sport-tuned suspension gives a great driving experience.       

The 1.6 L inline-four makes 197 hp and has a six-speed manual transmission.ST is very agile in corners and urges the driver to reach top speeds.

Infotainment that comes with the car is appreciable, and the cabin features are good. A peppy engine matched to a proper manual transmission and a great durable chassis.

It may not look fast but it does a 0-60mph in under 6.7 seconds, and this sporty car is cheap too, costs near $21,250. Here is a video of the latest 2019 version.

12.Audi TTAirtract-Image

Audi is a brand which promises the best, Audi TT is a proof for that. It is a sporty coupe or convertible that is honest and perfect.

It has a 227hp 2.0L TFSI and another 394hp TT-RS version.

There are multiple driving modes and the ability to tweak even the minute driving mechanics is a wonderful option.

The interior focuses on simplicity and high-end technologies. The TT has a 6-speed dual clutch transmission which together with suspension offers better traction and handling.

The TT feels nimble, better control and hardly any body lean. It can reach 60mph in 5.3 seconds.

Not at the very cheap side, but for the technology, dynamics, and functions it offers, it is the best cheap sports car out there. It costs around $43,950. 

13.Alpine A110Airtract-Image

Alpine A110 is a great drive and a treat, it has efficiently engineered mechanics, the bodywork is promising and has a lightweight aluminum chassis and super precise double-wishbone suspension.

A 1.8L turbocharged engine, with 249 hp is extremely good for a price segment like this. Look at this video to find how beautiful she is.

Alpine claims the car can reach 60mph from the start within 4.7 seconds, that number is amazing. The Getrag 7-speed wet-clutch DCT gearbox provides optimum performance at all times. This pdf will guide you.

14.Ford Focus RS MountuneAirtract-Image

Focus RS Mountune is one of the fastest cheap sports cars. Combined with many other features this may even outclass many giants.

The 2.3L four-cylinder turbo EcoBoost engine with 370 hp takes the car from a standstill to 60mph in 4.7 seconds, for your comparison, Porsche 911 takes 4.5 seconds. That is the kind of power and authority you get from behind the steering of this car.

The progressive brakes, bold gearshifts improve the handling on this car. And yet the price is only near $41,225.

15.Peugeot 308 GTi 270Airtract-Image

This car attempts to take on VW GTI straight upfront at its own game. 308GTi feels solid and is fun to drive due to exceptional engineering is done to this car.

Despite the 1.6L inter-cooled DOHC 16-Valve 4-cylinder engine, this car provides a 266hp which is more than its competitors

The interior has a smaller steering wheel with high-set of instruments. The car has a top speed of estimated 155 mph and reaches 0-60 mph in just 5.9 seconds.

The Peugeot is priced aggressively and provides great features. It’s priced at $37,565.

16.SEAT Leon ST Cupra 300Airtract-Image

This isn't your ordinary estate car; this car is worthy to be titled a sports car because of almost everything. It uses a 296 hp 2.0-litre TSI engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

It is a practical car with great joy to ride on the roads with curve and bumps. The Brembo brakes are awesome, and the 4-wheel drive system shuffles between whichever wheels that provides more traction.

The car can get up to a maximum of 153 mph and reaches 0-60 mph in an unbelievable 4.9 seconds, priced higher compared to other cars in this list, but it is surely worth every penny. This video reviews the car very well.

Price is nearly $39,995.

17.Scion FR-SAirtract-Image

Scion FR-S extends a great sporting experience on a budget, an excellent dynamics at a cheap cost is what you get. Only one engine is available, a 200 hp 2.0 Litre-Flat-Four with both manual and automatic transmissions.

The interior is cramped, but it makes up for the agility and handling it offers.

Cost is about $26,100.

        When there are sports cars at such a cheap price tag, it is a no-brainer that you should buy one of these. The balance between value for money and pure thrill is what we must seek.

         The engine sound that pumps pure adrenaline to your blood, the quickness that you desire and top notch quality is what you get for the money, no doubt that the cars above are the best cheap sports cars that would fulfill your checklist.

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