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16 Smart & Stylish Small Office Decor Ideas 23 November, 2018   

Things are getting changed with the passage of time. Population rate is getting high, and places are getting small. The need for an office is always there if you are carrying some business or other working activity.

The working environment always plays a key role in the productivity of a business. Sometimes, it happens that the resources of an entity are limited to establish a big office. In this scenario, there is a need for a small office that is equally good in the interior in comparison to the big one to draw the attention of people.

There are plenty of small office ideas that can work wonders for you. A little bit of effort and creativity are required to transform the small places into attractive offices, and this task can be performed easily. An eye-catching office leaves its first good impression on the visitors. Here are some small office ideas that will definitely help you to make your workspace super stylish and smart!

1. Try light color for walls:

Try to be experimental when you are going to turn your small place into an office. Small space does not mean that it will be presented like a newsprint page. Any color in a lighter tone that appeals you, you can use for your office. But try to avoid bright colors because they give a congested look to small places. Light colors like white, off-white give a spacious look to your place. Try to add some visual energy by the stroke of colors. It will help your small space office to look stylish. Use of LED lights give a smart look to the office walls and enhance the decor of your office.

2. Draw attention to your area of interest in the workplace:

If you have a desire that your office shall look attractive, then you have to be creative. There are plenty of small office ideas, but you have to select wisely. You need to focus on your area of interest while implementing some office décor idea and decide the architectural details while decorating your small office.

Walls can be textured. If there is a wall behind your desk, décor it in a way that draws the attention of others easily. A bare brick wall will enhance the look of the workplace too.

3.  Avoid to overload small offices with furniture:

There was a time when working offices were used to be overloaded with furniture and other working machinery.  Now the time has been changed. Computers have been replaced with laptops. An office that is already small, it will become narrower with huge pieces of furniture and machinery. So try to avoid overloading the small offices. Keep it simple and classy.

4. Use of pocket door:

Among small office ideas, use of the pocket door is good enough to draw your attention towards it. When you are running short of space and has a desire to establish a stylish and smart office, you must use a pocket door. It allows you to furnish your small office without being worried that the door will be opened. Always try to install a pocket door instead of a traditional one to utilize the space. You can paint this pocket door with some bright color to give it a stylish look.

5. Installation of L shaped desk:

The idea of an L-shaped desk is a good choice to set up in a small office as it facilitates you with two workspaces at the same time. You can not only use it for computer works but also for the meetings. It utilizes your space in the best possible way. Shelves can be installed too above the side that is against the wall. It will facilitate you for extra storage.

6. The concept of the fold-up desk:

Nowadays, when we talk about small office ideas, we cannot overlook the need of fold up desks. Many of us have certainly heard about these desks. You can utilize your space in the best possible way by using these desks. When your office is already small, you cannot afford the permanent sitting of a person at all. In this situation, you can install fold up desks. These desks can be folded against the walls when you are not in need to use them. When they are hanged on the wall, they look like a chalkboard.

7.  Use wall storage units:

Decorating a small office is difficult, but it is not impossible at all. When you turn a small place into an office, you have to take care of so many things. Files storage is a major task in this situation. This problem can be solved by making shelves on the wall. It does not only facilitate more space but also gives a stylish look to your office. In considering small office ideas, you must pay attention to this idea. Office supplies can be kept in these shelves. Favorite possessions can be displayed on these shelves too.

8. Think out of the box:

While creating some different look of a small office, you will have to think out of the box. You can be creative yet stylish in your ideas. There is no hard and fast rule that there will be a four-wall room for an office. If there is no specific room to dedicate for a small office, you can select any corner of your building for this purpose. The corner under the stairs can be used for this purpose. You can set this part by installing a desk in this corner. Rugs can be used to give it an inspiring look.

9. Utilization of space for multipurpose:

Sometimes, you are running a business while staying at home and there is a need for a small office at home to run your activities properly. But you do not need to bother this. You can utilize your guest room for this purpose. Utilization of space for multitasking is a good solution to all problems. A guest room can be maintained as an office by setting a corner with a table and chair. Shelves can be installed on the wall that is a smart idea to set a small office. A stylish Murphy can be installed to serve the occasional guests. Store this bed during the day to utilize a spacious workplace. Among other small office ideas, this is quite impressive.

10. Hang some artwork:

Small offices can look more stylish and advanced if they are decorated appropriately. There is no need for expensive wall hangings or anything, you can just do it by hanging some simple art pieces at your office. It can be hanged on a wall that is free. Artworks and paintings are easily available in the shops. Buy something that looks unique and different.

11. Try to de-clutter your office:

Space is a basic issue in small offices. When you find clutter in your office, it does not only slow down your physical activity but also mental activity. Measure the space of your office and try to keep it as simple as it can be. Generate new ideas to overcome the space issue. It will give a broader look to your office, and it will look simple but elegant too.

12. Utilization of lights:

Many people like big and shiny wall lights in the office. In the case of big offices, they can be used, but in the case of small offices, they will not look impressive. Try to avoid big floor lamps too because they need much space. Overhead LED lights can be used in the small offices. They do not only enlighten the office but also give it an impressive look.

13.  Try to think vertically:

In the case of small offices, it is always advisable to think vertically. When you use the space vertically, your office will give a spacious look. Apply those shelves that get attached to the studs of your office walls. You can also apply sturdy pockets to the walls to hold the frequently accessed files. If you are setting your office at some rental place, then the idea of shelving over the desk will be great. Because sometimes you are not allowed to apply drill machine on the walls to fix the shelves.

14. Try to maintain a central point of control:

In the case of small offices, there is a need to maintain the central point of control. Space is narrow, so if there will be a web of wires, it will look clumsy, and your office will not look stylish. Internet modem, telephone system, computer wires, etc all must be hooked up at a single place. Try to set cable behind the desk because they will not appear to the visiting persons and your office will look spacious.

15. The idea of bar cart storage:

The idea of bar cart storage is quite common in small offices these days. You can keep bar carts at your desk to store multiple cards and important papers that you need time and again on your desk to have a look. The best advantage of this bar cart is that you can move it to any place whenever you want. If you need it at some other place in your office, you can keep it there.

16. The idea of Nook office:

Nook office is an amazing idea for those who want to set their small office at home. When you do not find a proper place at home, utilization of corner of a kitchen is a mind-blowing idea. In many homes, there are small nooks that often remain unused so they can serve the purpose of a small office. The area of the nook is small, but it looks trendy.

So these are some small office ideas that can be utilized while setting up a small office. In many cases, there is an issue of space, and it becomes difficult to establish a big office. So people can set small offices easily by utilizing the space in the best possible ways. And these ideas can prove handy to them. Different life hacks can enhance these ideas too.


An office whether it is small or big, what really matters is the décor. If it is stylish, comfortable and eye-catching, it will affect the mood and productivity of the people. It’s a misconception that stylish offices cannot be established in small places, offices can be small yet trendy if space is consumed properly and that has well explained above. You can also decorate your office space with low maintenance plants like air plants, snake plants, Chinese money plants, etc.

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