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16 Innovative Office Storage Ideas for a Tidy Office 05 December, 2020   

Imagine waking up happy and motivated and then walking into your office and looking at all the mess. Not just the table but all your furniture is filled with your files and all your work stuff. You cannot deny that a clean environment keeps you motivated and boosts productivity in some ways.

According to studies, it is said that a messed up and untidy workplace can be a barrier in your thinking process and can make you less productive, along with losing focus. Reducing the amount of stuff or even a sofa can reduce stress in the workplace, which means more attention and deep concentration.  Well, here are a few office storage ideas, which I think is great.

I believe cleaning your office is not just about your mental and physical health but also crucial for your company. What if you have to hold small staff meetings in your office? Will you let them sit and discuss your company's future in a place that looks like it has no future? Now cleaning up your office mess does not mean selling everything on Craigslist, but it needs storage. The kind of office storage ideas that makes your office appear tidy and not congested, where you can be productive and focused. The reason that you should keep your workplace tidy is that:

  • It improves focus and understanding.

  • Cleaning up all your office mess will help you in being productive and feeling organized.

  • Walking into a clean office rather than a messier one is better in all the ways possible.

  • You will have more space to do things and for some new tasks coming in.

Here are some office storage ideas that you can use for your office to enhance your love for work and your focus on a happy working environment.    

Movable shelves-

This is the best option for people who don't want their office décor to remain the same for years. They are known as storage carts that make it easy for you to store your stuff plus are easy to move around. If you don't need to save much of your work things, you can go for this. They don't save much, and so they can be used for storing your small things, and they are easy on your pocket too.

Floating shelves-

If you want to make your office look tidy and fancy both at the same time, then you can go for this option. You can customize them according to the things you want to store and the weight of your storage. You can get as many as you require, but proper pre-planning is essential. You can have them in your office, and you are good to go.

Small sliding cabinets-

These are attached to the walls and get slides over the top. The slides make them smooth and safe for your storage; no one knows what's inside. You can also pile up your mess inside those cabinets and not worry about people judging you over it because they can't see. You can also make them colorful or just necessary gray according to your preference or your office environment.

Open shelves-

Open shelves are an easy office storage ideas and can store a lot of your stuff. These shelves can also be moved, which is a plus point if you want them to put them somewhere according to your office décor. These can be customized, and you can even attach a table to it to help you work near your work stuff. You can tailor them accordingly and will love it as it would never fail in accommodation. 

One big shelf-

You can get one big shelf with 3 or 4 compartments for all your things. The benefit of this will be that you won’t have to get small cabinets and shelves as all of your items will fit into this one. This can store even the biggest of your things and can keep them organized too. You don't have to get a different kind of shelves for storage when you can do all the work.

Attached table-

The various shelves you customize and order to be made can be different by connecting stand with it. You can join a table with your shelves to become easy and all in one place for your work. You can use these kinds of shelves when your workplace or office is small, and you don't want to make it look congested. These racks are compatible and convenient for everyday works and even make your office look classy and professional.

Convertible shelves-

If you have a small office and want to have everything in one, then convertible shelves are for you. They can be transformed into a table and a shelf accordingly anytime you want. You can have it even when you are on the go and use it, especially if you are out and about for an office trip. This can make all your work easy and keep your office mess on itself. 


Apart from shelving everything, why don't you keep all of it just by your side? Tables with large spacious drawers are the best option as they keep all your essential stuff besides you. These can be low on cost and can also be great for all the office work being organized neatly. You can get it to build or can buy one from any furniture market. This can keep your office tidy and comfortable to work in. 

Searching for the best office storage ideas can sometimes be tiring and burdensome on the pocket. I understand that, and that is why DIY is what I've been thinking a lot lately. All you need is materials and some creativity on your mind, or you can search up YouTube for that. Here are some creative DIY office storage ideas so that your office environment can be clean and professional.

Shoe boxes-

Yes, shoe boxes do not throw them away! Use your shoe boxes as literal boxes to store all your work stuff in it. You can customize it the way you want as it is your shoebox and a DIY. You can store all your work stuff plainly, or you can make small compartments using cardboard paper so that you can divide places for different things. To make them look pretty, you can cover them with any paper and use it.


You can use any jar you want; mason jars can look pretty. Use your small jars for the storage of your small clips or stationary, even your sticky notes. You can take four to five jars and stick them together to make them look like cubbies, or you can also use them separately. These would be an excellent option for your small vital bits and papers that lie around and then can't be found.

Cutlery set boxes- 

Remember all those cutlery set boxes that you used to have? Get them out of the store and use them. You can use those boxes or stands and cover them up and label them. You can label them to organize all the stuff you store in it and don’t get confused. They are big enough and can store a lot of things, including books or any other stuff. Besides that, it looks great and is very easy to set up.

Drawer dividers-

Divide your drawers using cardboard paper and some hard paper to make it sturdy. Putting in drawer dividers makes everything tidy and organized to touch and understand. You don’t have to go around hunting a thing when you know which compartment of the drawer is dedicated to it. They can make your items organized and is very easy to make.



Take out your picnic baskets and be ready for work. Yes, work, no picnic. You can use your different baskets such as the fruit basket or even the picnic basket and store your stuff in it. You can use them conveniently, and if you want them to look professionally fancy, you can decorate them accordingly. This is the easiest DIY and can make your office look tidy as it can store more than just the small things depending upon the basket's size. 

Old Magazine shelves-

You can reuse that old magazine or books shelve, especially the non-fixed ones, because they can store all your work things. You can use them again by renewing them like painting or other things to make it worth looking at. Re-use them and take them in use to store your workplace things as there can be a lot. They can add a class to your office as well.

Clothes for storage-

You can take any significant piece of old cloth you have or purchase one and make a wall handing out of it to make your storage system bigger. You can cut them out and stitch or stick them according to your requirements and the weight of the things to be stored. You can also label them to keep all your stuff organized so that you can find what you are looking for in minutes or even seconds.   


You can use your never used cups or some old ones to create space for all your teeny things in the office that make it look messy. You can decorate your mugs according to your taste and store all your stuff in that. You can also use the bowls in your kitchen and take them as containers for storing all your letters and small notes. You can keep it simple or customize their decoration accordingly.

Above were all the ways to keep your office mess stored somewhere else and make it tidy and organized. As you and I, both know cleanliness makes you feel competent and confident about yourself. A neat and tidy working environment will inspire us to be productive and make the most out of our working hours. It can make you feel productive and focused on your goals. Cleaning up involves keeping the mess you have and throwing away all the waste that you don't need and had zero office storage ideas that it existed. Your stressful working days can turn into peaceful ones when all your things are organized and can devise a significant influence on your mental health. Your office is like your second home, and keeping it tidy enough to look at it and feel comfortable is what your brain needs to focus and hustle all day.  

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