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16 Best Small Business Management Software 08 April, 2019   

In the modern business era, time is our currency. Efficient time management is essential with multiple tasks in hand; it does not matter if your business is small or big. Acting decisively and without delay to situations is the key to the growth of the business.  A proper small business management software is the key to success.

What is a small business management software?

A small business management software is an application designed to help your organization achieve optimum efficiency by automating certain tasks and fixing specific bugs that you do not have to worry about and can then shift your focus on other aspects. This is how a small business management software looks like.

Let us look at some of the business management tools: 

• Trello

Trello helps you achieve productivity by giving you a track of what is being done and the progress of your tasks. You can make a list of jobs, categorize them on a priority basis by various creating cards and even drag one over the other and can see their progress.

You can share what's on your board with your colleagues, and they too can edit the content. With Trello, most used apps are integrated into one place. 

• Bitrix24 

It is a very cool communication tool. There is an activity screen where you can monitor everything going on in your company. You can post messages in groups relevant to a particular project from the activity screen. Availability of Gantt charts makes it easy to evaluate the status of projects.

Schedule your meetings with the help of the calendar provided and synchronize it with your phone. You can search for any content present in Bitrix24 via the search bar.

• Zoho One

It is the software of software, that’s the best way to put it. It consists of various apps offering different functionalities. All the diverse applications are cleverly connected.

It provides you with a stable customer service platform where all the customer related data is on the dashboard while you are talking to them.

It lets you build sites and provides you with a website conversion rate optimization tool along with email marketing and social media posting platform.

You can maintain books and accounts here. You can also recruit employees via Zoho one.

At $30 per month per employee, you get to access all this app. is specially designed for small business firms. You can optimize CRM and manage your projects. One of its cool features is that you can create and manage billing reports simultaneously and efficiently here.

Its filtering process is quite brilliant to categorize your tasks, clients, etc. There is a simple start-stop timer provided to record the process which you can also assign manually.

There is an access control attribute which maintains the confidentiality of data and also tasks reminders and out-of-office messaging service to lets you coordinate everything on the go. 


As your business expands, achieving active business demands becomes tougher. Juggling your work between multiple departments like sales, support, marketing, etc. in one place is tough enough.

Imagine expanding your business with different branches and departments in various locations all across the globe. Now that’s a different ball game altogether.

Worketc is a single solution to all your business needs. It brings everyone together under a cloud platform for a growing organization. The workflow is smooth, and the collaboration of your team members seems effortless.

It is a handy tool to efficiently generate sales leads and detailed reports by customizing the software according to your taste.

• Proofhub

Proofhub gives you a centralized workspace to manage plans, organize, implement and successfully execute all your projects in time. It acts a vantage point where you can keep an eye on everything. 

What makes proofhub so cool is that you can analyze and examine every file and document and select whether or not to approve it. It gives every manager super authority to monitor what is happening via seamless chats and communication.

Everything is secure and backed-up, and you do not have to worry about installing anything as everything is on the cloud.


BlueCamroo provides us with an affordable and standard small business management software. Customer satisfaction should be of paramount importance to any business model, and that is what bluecamroo sets to achieve. Better customer service, in turn, gives more referrals. 

With automated invoice payments, computerized follow-ups and online payment reminders, it is a recipe for success for your organization. The way it helps you exploit sales opportunities via social media platforms is its USP. 

WSI identifies bluecamroo as the best business practicing tool. It has pre-built project templates included by WSI giving you a rough idea of how a project model should look like.

• StudioCloud

This is a 100% customizable software, from backdrops to your icons to your windows layouts; it is super user-friendly. Apart from a few add-ons, it is a free product. You can use it on any device of yours. No internet connectivity is required unless you want to sync it with the cloud. It pays great heed to CRM.

It has a unique feature of setting anything to be sent to your clients like birthday and anniversary postcards, to automatic mode via cloud alerts. Using this your employees will automatically receive alerts about appointments.

Under the "pipelines" option you can design your workflow based on the type of your business. You can also create specific steps to be taken automatically depending on certain triggering events.

• Sellsy

Sellsy is one of the best software to create your e-commerce websites and blogs perfectly integrated with automated sales campaigning tools. You can track your point of sale at any given time with connected cash registers to evaluate transactions.

You can also manage the products you have rented under "rental management." It helps you create a detailed report of your team's expenses and efficiently manage your stocks and supplies.


Wrike is a flexible and reliable project management tool to deliver timely projects. You can set the dashboard to handle multiple project requests, including store openings you receive daily. A client would fill the project request form created by you via write and submit it with all his requirements.

Under the “workload tab," you can see which of your co-worker is not assigned any work and then distribute it accordingly by just dragging and dropping. The employee then creates different tasks based on the type of project under the “table” view.

Nothing is overwhelming or complicated when it comes to how to write functions.

• Asana

Asana is a useful management tool with tremendous database capabilities. It supports the Kanban method wherein you can create workflows and manage it with the existing ones. It is quite similar to Trello with its visual approach.

Navigation is straightforward through your different boards. When you create a new project, you add new columns describing the different phases. When you create a task and further exploration into it, you can see a lot of features including the subtask feature which has all the characteristics of work.

This does a functional classification of the work in hand and avoids confusion. What’s cool is that asana is free for up to 15 users.

• 1CRM

An open source software, developers are fully supported by 1CRM. It is an all-powerful customer relationship and business management solution. It is intended for all companies of all sizes. The way it has amalgamated various business aspects with highly-customizable tools is impressive

The marketing tab shows the automation process by tracking the leads and accordingly sending follow-up emails automatically. You can also manage your human resources under the project management tab

1CRM also integrates with various products such as WordPress, magenta, Dropbox and many more.


The scoro provides a proper model to your organization. The dashboard works in a way that your most used items are always visible to you.

Maintaining reports could not get any more comfortable when you are using scoro. Instead of manually generating reports about various projects or your co-worker’s progress, scoro automatically creates a compiled report of every aspect.

The statistics shown with the pictorial depiction in scoro is very accurate, and you do not have to worry about mistakes.

You can easily add your KPI's to your dashboard which will help you to compare result over time and achieve the bar you have set for yourself.

• Basecamp

This is one project management tool which puts a significant emphasis on communication. There is a “campfire” section which is a casual chat place. Co-workers have a brainstorming session in there, discussing new ideas, and the conversations are pretty mundane. And then there is a message board where it is all about business.

There is a feedback section where every employee is asked to give his insights for future projects. It is a pretty cool way to get your employees to feel comfortable in the business environment.


JIRA software is the no.1 software development tool to create, monitor and deliver high-level software. It contains impressive features for every phase of your software development. It does not go for a particular approach like Kanban, scrum or a mixed methodology; instead, it focuses on raising the visibility of the work.

Delivering optimal scripts to users is of high priority. Monitoring the progress and status of the application’s lifecycle is equally important and is done seamlessly by JIRA.

JIRA is not for everyone because of the technicality involved, but if your business model is built around software development, this is the tool to go for.

• Taskworld

Taskworld is one of the safest tasks and excellent small business management software. It has compelling security features like data encryption where your data is protected, and only the intended recipient gets to decrypt it.

It also provides us with the SSL technology for a secure connection between your server and the browser. Its support feature helps you throughout the process. It has an impressive layout.

• Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is an online time clock and scheduling software that allows employees to punch in and out, and for the manager or business owner to collect and export their time. They remove all hurdles and make creating schedules for your team simple and efficient, thanks to a large range of scheduling features. Their app interface is intuitive and easy to use so users don’t have to worry about their employees not being tech-savvy enough to use it. Buddy Punch empowers your employees instead of forcing them to learn a new, complex workflow just to punch in/out of work.

If you are more worried about things like the headache of paperwork or assigning different tasks to your people more than the actual missions themselves, it will just create a mess and delay the project invariably.

You will lose your client's confidence, and that will earn your organization a bad reputation. This is where a small business management software comes in to play.

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