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16 Best Leadership Books You Should Read 14 November, 2018   

Leaders are Readers; yes, you read it right! I am sure if you didn’t have that aspiration to become a Great Leader, you would not have searched for motivation and ended up in the plan of reading leadership enhancement books. Guess what, you are in the right place!

The selected 16 best leadership books of all times that you should read are given here along with their reviews; read and achieve your ambition by working on it.

Good Luck :)

1. How To Win Friends And Influence People – Dale Carnegie (2009)

How To Win Friends And Influence People
is regarded as one of the best leadership books in history.  Most of the successful leaders have one thing in common, and that is, they have read this book atleast once in their lifetime. If you haven’t yet, this is the time to get one!

The book aims and achieves to get rid of people’s feeling of being manipulated and acquire a sense of value.

This book helps you to level up your confidence in starting a job and how to mingle with your coworkers which helped me a lot to build my career and character.

2. The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho (2006)

A book that you might be wondering if it has to be included in the list because it is fiction! The theme of the novel is about a shepherd boy and how he finds his destiny.

Paulo Coelho features a boy called Santiago, who meets many spiritual messengers in his journey to find his destiny. The boy learns many simple but powerful truths of life and apparently how to chase his dreams. And these factors makes nothing less than one of the best leadership books.

3. Turn The Ship Around- L. David Marquet (2013)

A new idea of leadership and a different perspective has made the book very interesting and upon the fact that it is based on the real-life story has made it challengingly interesting.

The author is a former commander of US Navy submarine and his story and experiences on how he explored the idea of leadership will be helpful to anyone who wants to lead his or her life beyond the limits.  

Reading this book will make you understand why teamwork is essential rather than the leader making all the choices.

4. You Can Win: A Step By Step Tool For Top Achievers- Shiv Khera (2014)

A book which is a  motivational booster and an anti-depressant (upon personal experience).

It is an easy read with its simple language and a point guide to achieving our goal efficiently and confidently. And for those who have not set goals, this book helps you to set one as well.

The book guarantees to create a positive thinking attitude which will lead you to achieve a lifetime success and makes it not less than one of the best leadership books to follow.

5. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari- Robin Sharma (1996)

The title of the book is itself crafted as such it would hook the readers up. The author is conveying his message of the real purpose of life and reaching your destiny through the character Julian Mantle who has achieved everything life could offer. But when he realizes his life is monotonous, he decides to turn his life in a  way.

This book will be a great help especially for the people who are under work pressure and lacks time management. By following the lessons of the book into their daily lives, they will get the best out of the book.

6. Developing the Leader Within You- Dr. John C Maxwell (2005)

Like the book title suggests, the author ensures to develop the leadership skills within you. The book assures to bring positive change in your life and those around you.

The principles and practices are available for every day to everyone. But to find them and apply to mold your leader-self is something this book promises. You will know the difference between leadership and management and also learn the traits of a true leader, and that makes it one of the best leadership books.

7. Habits of Highly Effective People-  Stephen R. Covey (1989)

The author details about the seven habits of highly effective and successful people and what else we want! The book since selected as an evergreen leadership book, it offers no less than success.

The author believes that we tend to see the world in our perceptions and that makes human beings not grow out of their shell. Through the book, he asks us to change ourselves first to change a situation to our favorable one. The book is undoubtedly a perfect choice to get motivated and to become a successful person.

8. Start With Why- Simon Sinek (2009)

The book Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action is a motivational book with a different way of communicating unlike others of the trait. The author conveys the idea that great leaders always put a Why before a What or How, and there lies the difference between the ordinary people and leaders in achieving success.

The famous quote of Simon Sinek “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it” conveys that only when we know Why are we doing a thing, we feel we belong to it and can offer full dedication.

Reading this book will be valued for sure.

9. Great at Work: How Top Performers Do Less, Work Better, and Achieve More- Morten T. Hansen (2018)

The book is based on 5-year research of 5000 employees and managers that resulted in some practices that if we start to practice we can be great at work with more productivity.

What is unique about this book is that the profiles he presents in this book have not only of typical successful CEOs but also the first South Pole explorer, a school principal who changed his high school from bad grades to a school with top academics, and much more.

This book was released this year and became a best seller within a few months; just that fact is enough for you to understand how the book quickly got into the best leadership books tab. The book will teach, remind and let you rethink of the time you manage. So why wait? Grab one!

10. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead- Sheryl Sandberg (2013)

The author itself is the ideal person to direct the readers to tell the women how to reach the top and how to tackle the obstacles from the workplace and also how to ace it to the top.

Sheryl Sandberg, being the current Chief Operating Officer at Facebook who handles public policy, sales, communications, business development, and marketing is too good in what she does and a great leader also.

The book is a must-read for the women who aspire to achieve success, and the book has an overall appeal which means it can be read across genders.

11.The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups- Daniel Coyle (2018)

The book guides the reader to improve the relationships while working with a team which will enhance the person to grow.

The good thing about the book is that it brings a more relaxed perspective to the topic that often took overcomplicated; about how people can handle and become active working with a team.

The book surely will be a gift for someone who works in tough group assignments or projects.

12. EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches- Dave Ramsey (2011)

The term Entreleadership is defined as the process of leading to cause a venture to grow and prosper. I said the definition to let you know that you needn’t panic seeing the jargon but understand this book will work for you if you wish to lead a business.

The author promises that your company will only grow strong as your leadership, which means if there is no growth for you then your company won’t grow either.

So are you ready to become an EntreLeader?

13. Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us- Daniel H. Pink (2011)

The book asserts the motivation in such a way it will create a desire to succeed and develop internal motivation.

An interesting thing we will find from this book is, we will understand that much what we knew about our concept of motivation gone wrong.

With the three elements of real motivation, the author puts forward an interestingly inspiring methodology that will work wonders if you follow. This book is a gem among the list of best leadership books.

14. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t- James C. Collins (2001)

This book which is considered as a modern classic of management theory is one best book on how to make good companies great.

The author who is established as one of the most influential management consultants has set a specific framework and methodology to aim the great. The author itself points that ‘Good is the enemy of the Great,’ and according to his research, the good to great transformation took place with consistent hard work.

To understand more about it, you shall read the book and explore!

15. High Output Management- Andrew Grove (1983)

The book that is considered as a bible that every entrepreneur and manager should look up to read and understand. The former Intel CEO has done a great job in making the book legendary that it’s often referred to as a crash course for middle managers.

The book starts with the idea that training yourself is the most important thing to improve the output of your organization. The author assures success when the person works in high output management methodology by completing the book efficiently.

If you are a person who wants your company to grow with high output and productivity, make sure you get one once you complete reading this article!

16. The Hard Thing About Hard Things- Ben Horowitz (2014)

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers
is a solution for the people who aspire to start a business.

The author puts forward the famous Marx quote “Life is a struggle” to “Embrace the struggle” for that’s what an entrepreneur must embrace first. The book covers the author’s own story of the founding and running his company and all the hard things he had passed over.

This book is a must read to all the entrepreneurs and aspirers as it has got the wisdom that no business schools would ever cover.

A good leader is the one who knows the way and shows the way, and it’s not an easy task. No leader is born with any experience and gaining experience through work or performance alone is not always possible. But, to be a good leader with the best experience, reading is the ultimate solution.

The best way to experience is by reading the best leadership books and gaining the most overwhelming success thereby.

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