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15 tips to generate new business for your advertising & marketing agency. 23 April, 2020   

 To produce new clients and leads to the business and acquiring them for a long time asks for more than a perfect plan. We toil hard with our brains to produce one thing, and that is “leads”.

Producing leads isn’t a piece of cake. In this vast market, an agency needs to keep itself updated and work hard on their plans and structure to stand among other competitors.


These 15 tips will surely assist in generating leads if executed in a planned way.

 Content Marketing

Content is the pillar of the advertisement, good content results in a good explanation of plans and goals. Reach through potential targets by publishing the content on social media.

Recent reports mention that social media marketing assists three times as compared to other traditional ways of acquiring potential targets in 62% less expenditure.

Identify potential Clients

The more you know about your clients the higher are the stakes that you will acquire them. Know about their background, interests and what they are up to.

Contacting your old clients will surely be a spectacular move as they know about you and your service.

Don’t let your hesitations get in the way and reach them for the service.

 Generate a lead generation platform

Owning a plethora of information surely requires exposure and lead generating sites is all you need!

 The website must be well organized with certain tools and features for better client experience. Tools like ‘click-post link pages’, ‘page-post click’ will surely enhance the client experience and will grasp the attention of clients in no time.

Be Socially Active 

Recent statistics say 97% of adults of age group 16-64 are on at least one social media platform

By being “socially active” you won’t be avoiding the loss of potential clients. The platform is free of cost and reach is easy. By connecting with them and knowing their expectations you will acquire new clients and will be able to serve them best.


Agency must be forum


Answer the questions of your clients and discuss your plans with them, this step will not only make you trustworthy but will also represent you as an industry leader.

To develop a trustful relation and reaching new clients, this idea must be put into action as the results are worth it.

SEO: Update to elevate

 SEO is a content marketing strategy and involves use of various tools and keywords.

By managing your SEO you can get maximum search traffic and higher client attention. Rank high in SERPs as persuading people to click is the ultimate goal.

 Business Partnership

Not everyone in your field is your competitor, some of the agencies can result in a good ally. It is possible that both of you want to achieve the same goal.


Integrate with them and discuss the plans as this trait must be in an agency to survive in the market.


Testimonials Showcase


Testimonials always attract potential clients and showcases the services offered by an agency.

Show your potential targets your old and satisfied customers and also ask for a testimonial in return as this move will surely develop mutual trust and will motivate them to allow you to serve.


Benefits overpower features

                                                                           Features explain but benefits sell"

Highlighting the benefits will give the clients a reason to trust and work with you, as benefits will surely answer this question “ Why You? ”

Pitch your features to the client but emphasize the benefits as it will make them choose you.

Participate in Events

Events are one of an opportunity to develop personal relations with the clients and other business professionals.

The majority of the customers believe inexperience and not only on the ads. 89% of the customers choose the services they have chosen before or the agency they know better.

Develop personal relations and give them personal insight into your services and their benefits.


 Keep an eye on Competition

 Always keep an eye on the strategies and plans of your competitors. As this will surely assist you in capitalizing the opportunities and clients.

 Keep an eye on their website and monitor their traffic, web-design, back links, social-media, products and services. As the clients will choose the services offered with more benefits.


 Network : Online and Offline

Build connections with your potential targets not only in the real world but also in virtual world.

Some of the potential contacts may not be available on the real world, but are surely available in different virtual platforms.



Encourage your existing clientele by offering them some benefits or service. This move is highly productive as it is a win-win situation for both agency and clientele.

 Create A Course

 To develop a good profile among the clients and students, course creation has always been the best Idea.

A course not only showcases your knowledge but also convinces students in professional ways. Clients also get an insight of your knowledge and experience and develop a positive profile for you.

 Always Advice and Help

 A long run strategy to develop new potential relations with clients and retaining connections with old clients. Offer them your ideas, feedback, thoughts and never hesitate to help.

This strategy takes time to develop relations but gives assured benefits!


These tips will surely benefit you in your services and put a positive impact on your profile.


                                                                                                             Good Luck!




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