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15 Decisions You Have to Make About New Residential Windows 25 August, 2020   

The Window Style

Not everyone is wild about the type of windows they have in their homes. If you happen to fall into that category, consider the replacement project your chance to go with something that’s more your style. There are a number of designs for windows that will work in different kinds of homes. All you have to do is identify the most likely choices and then select one of them.

If you’re not sure which one would be best, work with your contractor. A professional has likely installed windows in homes much like your own. Based on that experience, the contractor can point out window styles that look great with your home’s basic design. 

The Materials Used for the New Windows

There’s never been a better time to compare the options for window materials. You can still choose to go with casings, sashes, and frames that are made using wood. If you would prefer something that requires less upkeep over the years, look into the idea of vinyl or aluminum. A professional will point out the advantages that come with each option and also confirm that the material you have in mind can be used with your choice of window style. 

Who Will Do the Installation?

Who does the window replacement is just as important as what sort of windows you purchase. This is where deciding to go with a local company that offers only quality windows is a good idea. Unlike windows purchased from a retail chain, the local company is likely to provide a guarantee for the windows as well as the manufacturer’s warranty. Another plus is that the local company’s contractor and installation team focuses on windows and possibly doors only. That may not be true with the team sent out by the retail chain. 

The Color Used for the Windows

Once you have decided on the style and material of new residential windows. It’s important to decide the color of your new residential windows. Like if you have chosen vinyl material for your windows, then ponder over the color of the sashes and frames. The best thing about vinyl windows is that you don’t need to paint your windows. Choose a neutral color that will work well with the color of your home’s exterior. In the meantime, remember to select a color that looks chic and up-to-date.


Glazing is a good choice if you want to replace your home’s windows. However, make sure to go for quality glazing no matter whether its double-glazed or triple-glazed windows. Here it’s important to state that double-glazed or triple-glazed windows help decrease the energy bills as compared to the old, single-glazed windows. If you are considering thermal efficiency, make sure to look for low-emissivity glass as it will greatly decrease heat transmission by reverting inside heat back in the room. 

Nowadays, solar glass is also getting popular that keeps the heat outside during the summer season. Moreover, solar glass also reduces glare and ultraviolet light. Some residential windows use laminated glass that can decrease noise and have become the favorite option in metropolitan areas. Another popular choice is toughened glass that is 4-time stronger than normal glass. This type of glass also remains intact if broken, cracking into glass cubes rather than shattering into sharp, damaging pieces of glass. 


Windows play an important role when we talk about securing and protecting property. It’s because the majority of the intruders break into a home through windows. It is quite easy for burglars to break the glass of a window if it is made of low-quality material and doesn’t comply with the local building standards. Different countries have introduced some standards for the windows that must be followed by homeowners to protect their property against burglary or bad weather conditions. So, if you are deciding to install new residential windows, then you must make sure that your chosen windows meet the local building standards. 

How Much You Can Afford to Spend

At some point, you do have to think about your budget for those replacement windows in Winnipeg. This is true whether you’re paying cash or if you plan on financing the project. With the latter option, you want to make sure the installment payments will fit into your monthly budget without a problem. 

Don’t rely on price alone, but do try to get the highest quality for the most affordable price. You’ll find that a contractor can help you focus on options that do fit into your budget. In the best-case scenario, one of those options will be your top choice in terms of design and materials. 

Look for the R-value of Windows

If you are new to house repairs or construction, then you have probably never heard about the R-value of windows. The R-value refers to the energy-efficiency of the windows. The high the R-value of windows, the greater will be their insulating power. The R-value of a single pane window is 1, while that of a double-pane window can reach up to 4. The triple-pane window has a higher R-value, ranging between 5 and 7. So, if you are looking for energy-efficient windows, then prefer choosing double or triple pane windows for your home. 

Look for the U-factor of Windows

Same as the R-value, it’s another indicator that represents the performance of your windows with respect for conducting non-solar heat. Here in the case of a U-factor, a lower value means better energy efficiency. Whichever kind of windows you choose, remember that windows with low U-factors and high R-values can provide more benefits of tax credits. So, don’t forget to look for the U-factor when purchasing new windows. 


Sustainability is another vital factor when you are planning for new residential windows. The eco-friendly windows ensure minimum wastage and decreased carbon footage that helps add value to your home. Nowadays, Accoya® wood is getting popular because of its outstanding sustainability and compelling environmental benefits over slow-growing, sparse hardwoods as well as non-renewable carbon-intensive materials like steel, plastics, and concrete. 

Besides being a softwood, Accoya® is a Grade 1 timber that is durable enough to perform well and surpasses its competitors in terms of sustainability. Furthermore, Accoya® is incredibly stable and won’t warp, swell, shrink, or twist. Therefore, it can preserve its look for a longer time as compared to other woods and will need less maintenance, which is superb for homeowners. 

Landscaping and Outdoor Architecture

When selecting your new windows, always consider your home’s layout and landscaping. If your neighbor’s home is situated right in front of your bedroom’s view, then prefer opting for misted or tinted windows. Bay windows are a perfect option when you want to add beauty to your home’s exterior. But if there are big trees in front of your windows, then you wouldn’t want branches and leaves to constantly block your view. It’s also important to consider what furniture, rugs, or photos your windows may shine light onto. So, to protect your belongings, consider installing windows that have good UV protection. 


The positioning of your home’s windows can greatly change both exterior and interior aesthetics. Besides deciding the outlook of your new residential windows, it’s also advisable to consider their positioning and how they will influence the entry of light inside the home and whether that lighting is adequate for the room. Once you have decided on the positioning of windows, next you must pay attention to their design. For the optimum effect on a property where windows have uniform size, different features and styles can be applied like modifications to the glazing bars or finishing. 

Size of the windows

Size is another important factor that must be taken into consideration when choosing new residential windows. Before ordering new windows, make sure to measure the length and width of your existing windows. Otherwise, you will be in trouble if you have mistakenly ordered wrong size windows. 

Universal Design Features

Windows having universal design features make living in a house easy and more accessible for individuals with varying physical ability. These kinds of windows include crank-open double-hung windows and electrically-operated casement windows. Unlike traditional window latches, universal design windows have easy to use locks. 

Air Leakages

Air leakage is the measure of how much air enters a room through the windows. Don’t forget to look for the air leakage measure of your new residential windows and always opt for windows having a lower number, ranging between 0.1 and 0.3. 

Deciding that you want to replace the home’s windows is only the beginning. There are several other decisions that must be made. Taking the time to consider all of your options will make it easier to select the best Canadian Choice house windows for your home and be happy with them for a long time. 

Remember that when in doubt, an experienced contractor can always provide the information you need to make an informed decision. Call today and arrange for a professional to inspect the home. It won’t take long to determine what the window replacement will entail, the overall cost, and even what sort of windows would serve you best. 

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