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15 Ways to Calm Your Kids Down (Infographic ) Published 14 May, 2019   Report Issue

15 Ways to Calm Your Kids Down (Infographic )

Having children is a blessing. A child brought into the world completes the family. But as beautiful as they are, the children too can be stressful. Every day we hear thousands of stories about how horrifying parenthood can be. But have you ever thought that the reason your child stresses you is because they are stressed themselves?

A study from The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that,

“7.4% of children aged 3-17 years have diagnosed behaviour problem.

7.1% of children aged 3-17 years have diagnosed anxiety.

3.2% of children aged 3-17 years have diagnosed depression.”

The rates of mental health problems have been increasing day to day, and almost everything could be blamed. A survey by WebMD suggested that “parents rate school and friends as the biggest sources of stress in their kids’ lives.” The article goes on to explain “72% of children have negative behaviours linked to stress.”

From peer-pressure to the over-burdening academic curriculum, somewhere along the line, the children are getting stressed. Being a parent, it’s hard to determine whether your child is suffering from stress or not. It is nearly impossible for young children to express their emotional states to their parents. Look out for physical signs such as aggression, sleep disorder or headaches and belly cramps. Moody behaviour or inability to relax can also be symptoms of stress. A stressed child is prone to developing new fears or might even deny going to school.

Though being a very serious and concerning issue, stress is something that can be combatted. And we are here to prepare you to de-stress your child whenever the need may arise. In the following infographic, we have compiled 15 ways to calm your kids down and spend some quality time with them. 


Parenting an anxious child can be really hectic. But as a parent, the most important thing you can do is to let them know you understand their emotions.  Not every child is the same. Every kid has a unique way of responding to different situations. Know your child’s interest and help them handle the situation with the above cool ways.

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