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15 Simple Ways To Make Money From Home 23 March, 2019   

Whether you are a stay-at-home father or a college student, there is always the need to make money fast and with minimal cost. You should be thanking the internet for it brings you a whole lot of opportunities and avenues to make money from home.

There are often comments on how tough it is to make extra money from the confines of your home. But fortunately for you though, there are many ways which doesn’t demand too much attention or budget.  Yes, it does take some work from your side but it is not impossible or impractical.

Before we delve into some of the ways to make money fast from your home, remember that searching on the internet for work from home jobs may not always take you to your destination. So here we have 15 simple ways to make extra money from home.

There are many small yet profitable projects online that can help make money fast. And here we present 15 such easy ways to make money from home.

1. Virtual assistants

The job is of low risk and if you know how to manage your time and your daily work routine, then you can easily make extra money from any part of the globe.

There are quite a few websites like, Upwork, etc. that offers you the chance to search for these jobs. Search based on your profile, bid on the projects you want and get ready to become the virtual assistant. You would do well if you are good in business applications and exercise good communication in English.

2. Become a seller on Craigslist or eBay

Do you know how many sellers on eBay or Craigslist are actually owners of these items?

You can make a commission when you help sell others’ items on these platforms. Of course, you need to have good reviews as a seller to get a better response to your effort. You will need to be really good at marketing, especially online, to excel in it. And if you do, you will find this to be the easiest way to make money fast from home.

3. Tutors online

With the internet taking over every market, it is to be expected that the field of tutoring is also influenced. If you have not already heard there are websites like, Skooli, Tutor Me that offer online tutoring in a wide variety of subjects including maths, languages, music, and science. You can also try on online tutoring at Upwork, Freelancer, etc. as well.

If you have the required knowledge and teaching skills, you can try your hand at online tutoring. With no capital required to invest, you can easily make extra money with online tutoring.

4. Affiliate marketing

Earn money by selling the product using your networking online is what affiliate marketing is all about. There are many websites including Amazon, Flipkart, etc.  that offer you the chance to become their affiliate.

There is no capital involved. Most importantly, you earn when you sell and even when those who join under you sell.  For every sale, you can make an easy commission of 10-20% depending on the website.

5. Blogging

If you have a passion for writing and you are good at it, you can turn your hobby into an income channel. It is pretty easy to start a blog for anyone. To make extra money from blogging, you need to put in the effort to provide informative content.

Another important factor to remember is ensuring that your blog gets featured on top and you can start earning on advertisements as well. Later as your blog starts gaining momentum, you can even hire writers to do the writing while you enjoy life.

6. Creating courses online

The only thing that you need to invest in this option is your time. But do it once and you get paid again and again and again. Use the skill sets and teaching passion that you have and build a course upon it. You can check out the sites Teachable, Udemy, etc. for options.

This is one method where you can make money from home with just your time and your own skill sets.

7. Taking surveys online

Definitely no effort and no capital involved with this option. You can make money without actually working too much and there are plenty of sites to help you.  You may want to check if the website actually is eligible and legit in your country. There are some that work only in a particular domain.

Most of the times the payout might be in the form of gift cards but this is an easy way to make extra money.

8. eBooks

Are you a writer with a vivid imagination? Then you can put your skills to good use and for some extra bucks by simply selling eBooks.

There is no capital involved and you can sell them on Kindle or iTunes connect. But this will definitely take considerable time and until you get established as a writer, you may not make much. Patience is definitely a virtue with this option.

9. Managing social media

Manage the social media for other businesses and make some easy money on it. It will not require much funding but it will require quite a lot of effort and some time, depending on how good you are. Given that many businesses are struggling to increase their exposure to social media, you have a definitive advantage in making it favorable to you.

10. Webinars

Ever heard of Jason Fladlien? If you had, then you would be familiar with the potential of automated webinars. Create webinars, that helps people to sell their products and you can make money fast. You need to understand how the webinars work and you are good to go.

11. Trading options

This is only for those who can spare capital and have quite a few to invest. Once you get the hang of how this works, you will make money fast. It is better than direct stock trading and it will cost you considerably lesser than the other options. You can check out multiple trading option sites like Scottrade, E-Trade, etc.

12. Sales funnel

Every business uses sales funnels to be successful, but not all are aware. The sales funnels are helpful in building a successful trusting relationship with your consumers. Try to read about them and gain some insights and if you already have prowess in online marketing, you can make good on sales funnels alone.

13. E-commerce

Neither commerce has end nor eCommerce which is the booming market right now. The perception that it takes eons to get your eCommerce store up is a myth. Include book funnels and you would be making a fortune from your home.

14. Renting out

With the tourism market booming, you can easily rent out your apartment or condo or a flat to anyone willing for as long as you want. You can either take up a long-term paying guest or you can rent out from time to time depending on tourism in your area.

15. Crypto trading

With non-cash payments considerably increasing every day, the digital currencies have certainly turned around the way the financial sector works. You can trade through multiple platforms to make the most out of this market boom. It requires some capital, but it is more than paying right now.

   While some of these methods can help you make money fast, some might be slower in comparison. Some will require you to invest some capital and there might be risks in some. Do not limit yourself and capitalize on your skills. Work on those ways that will help you make money from home with minimal risk to start with and build your business slowly.

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