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13 Emerging Technologies in Agriculture 25 September, 2020   

It is a well-known fact that advanced technology is modifying how people manage different aspects of farming operations. Farming technology helps people to increase productivity. When it comes to advanced machinery, it is used for both harvestings and planting the crops easily and quickly.

The need for agriculture technology is increasing more and more in agriculture. Most researchers prove that farmers are now interested in incorporating the new techniques and electronic inventions in agriculture.

Now, innovative and effective technology will effectively change the entire landscape of agriculture. For example, soil-moisture sensors let you know the experience of plant roots under the ground. It helps you to know the right time to withhold watering or to irrigate watering.

The good thing about these inventions is that they save water. By avoiding the water wastage, you will surely save money. Engineering, food, sensors, and automation are the primary technologies used in agriculture.

Sensors are technical inventions that aid you by enabling both real-time diagnosis and traceability of livestock, the farm machine, and crop states. 

The following passage shares you the list of 13 emerging technologies that can change the landscape of agriculture.

1.  Amazing uses of flying planes

The flying planes are convenient and time-saving instruments that help you to gather data over your land quickly. These kinds of airborne devices can measure the precise amount of crop cover. Also, you can easily distinguish between weeds and plans with the flying drones.

This agriculture technology is also known as multispectral analysis. By using this method, you can see the reflecting and absorbing the power of plants. It is an essential data that let you know which plants are flourishing and which are not flourishing.

2.  Use water and soil sensors

When it comes to water and soil sensors, these are the best kind of inventions possibly has a very rapid effect. They are not only affordable but also let you enjoy substantial and unobtrusive benefits. If you are a farmer, you can get sensors even with a limited budget. It is because of their affordability.

If you distribute the sensors through your agricultural land, you can get lots of advantages. The primary function of sensors is that they can detect both nitrogen and moisture levels. Using the information, you can farm and determine the right time to fertilizer and water instead of following any predetermined schedule.

Agriculture technology helps you to use the resources efficiently and lower the cost.  Additionally, you can also make your farming environmental-friendly and safe by limiting erosion, reducing fertilizer and conserving water.

3.  Opt for Satellite Imaging

It is one of the highly sophisticated technologies that offer real-time plant imagery. The result of this method is perfect images which have the resolutions of about five-meter pixels. The crop or plant imagery allows you to check the plants when they are not available on the farm.

You can review the images regularly because the regular review will save you more money and time.  It is always smart to add it to your water, soil, and crop sensors because it brings you notifications and satellite images on time.

4.  Weather Tracking

Systemized weather modeling brings sophisticated services. At present, you can find out lots of weather services online, which not only focuses on agriculture but also let farmers get these services.

You can acquire these kinds of services through mobile apps or dedicated onboard technology. The mobile apps are useful resources that will support all types of smartphone. Using this agriculture technology, you can receive notification s regarding hail, frost, and other hassles earlier. 

The useful service lets you take the necessary precautions for protecting your crops. It also helps you to avoid losses.

5.  Minichromosomal Technology

Are you seeking an exciting invention in advanced agriculture technology? Minichromosomes are the right choice for your needs. The good thing about this genetic material is that it holds more information.

With minichromosomes, geneticists in the agricultural industry can add more traits to the plant.   These kinds of qualities are complicated, including nitrogen use and drought tolerance. The most outstanding and impressive features of the minichromosomal technology are that the original chromosomes of plants are never modified.

6.  Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is a natural and excellent extension of urban agriculture. It helps to cultivate animal or plant life within the mixed-used or dedicated skyscrapers in urban settings. Like glass houses, vertical farms use natural light with energy-efficient lighting.

Farming technology provides lots of benefits, including protection from harmful weather, year-around yield production, minimal transport costs and support food autonomy. Vertical farming is an excellent technology that let you produce food resources in the vertically stacked places.

The main benefits of this agriculture technology are that it has some specialized features to grow effective within the urban atmosphere and hence helps you to get fresher resources quickly and at affordable rates. It is not only limited to the urban setting but also encourages farmers to use it properly.

7.  Pervasive Automation

If you want to reduce the workload of an operator, you can opt for extensive automation. These autonomous vehicles are controlled by the robotics or through hyper precision and terminals remotely like RTK navigation devices.

Most of the farming systems adopt ISOBS standards to utilize it properly and get the full benefits of pervasive automation.

8.  Synthetic biology

It is entirely about programming the biology by using some standardized parts because a single program computer is using the normalized libraries. When it comes to broad expansion and redefinition of biotechnology, it aims to design, create as well as remediate the engineered biological systems. 

The specially designed devices not only process information but also fabricate structures and materials, manipulate chemicals, provide food, improve your environment and human health and produce energy.

9.  Precision agriculture

The management of agriculture is based on the process of observing the intra-field variations. Using advanced sensors and satellite images, you can optimize your returns on your inputs when preserving the resources at larger scales.

If you understand the concept behind precise sensors, crop variability, and geolocated weather details, you can get the ability to create the best planting techniques. It is  used for the better-automated decision-making process.

10.  Agricultural robots

The robots are highly advanced inventions used for automating the different method.  When it comes to agrarian robots, they are ideal for automating various agricultural jobs. It includes fruit picking, soil maintenance, irrigation, planting, weeding, ploughing, and harvesting.

11.  Livestock biometrics

The collars with RFID, biometrics, and GPS can identify and relay important information automatically about livestock. The important thing about this Farming technology is that it offers results in real-time.

12.  Equipment telematics

It is another agriculture technology that let mechanical devices like tractors to warn the operators that any failure is possible to happen soon. Intra-tractor communication is used as the primary platform of a farm swarm.

13.  Infrastructural health-based sensors

These kinds of sensors are used to monitor both the material conditions and vibrations in factors, brides, farms, buildings, and more.  When they are coupled with a smart network; it will feed essential data back to robots or maintenance crews.


It is significant to know that smart farming is the future of agriculture. There are about 1 billion citizens that are underfed now and this count is expected to be increased in the future. It is the main reason for using the best and emerging technologies in agriculture.

The impressive thing about the emerging technologies are that it brings lots of promising and a convenient solution to various problems in the agricultural field.  In short, these technologies are not only transforming all aspects of farming but also increasing productivity level.




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