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12 Interesting facts about the Constitutions around the world 09 April, 2019   

Not all country has a constitution, but for one which has, the constitution seems to be the backbone. Without this, the Law and Jurisdiction will not hold up as they are meant to. The constitution is a body of fundamental regulations and principles according to which the state and the country are supposed to work.

The term "constitution" got its name because this is an accumulation of many things that make up the structure of the Law bodies in any country. All the principles and rules that are meant to be established are written down in one place, and a single crafted document is formed which is known as the Constitution.

The constitution has much verbal meaning, and all of them denote towards the sense of constructing or building up to something. One might wonder if this is how the document of principles got its name!

All the constitutions are unique in one way or the other but share the same goal which is to make sure that there remains stability in the country. Constitution comprises of various levels of aspects, from companies associations to sovereign states. It also works as a limiter of power and empowers the masses and governmental bodies to work in peace and harmony.

There are many interesting facts about the constitution out there. These facts are so eerie and weirdly interesting that one might crave amazement. But to get to the point of sharing these awesome facts that will give you goosebumps, let us know some more about the Constitution and its existence.

How does the Constitution work?

The constitution is something that set the limits and boundaries of the governments' interaction and powers. It works as a means by which the government in the rule knows as to what extent they can impose rules and regulations on the citizen of the country. Lets us see how the constitution works. One of the major problems for any country is the distribution of power which may cause civil uproars that lead to the economic and social downfall of the country. 

Power distribution: Thanks to the constitution, the power of the governmental bodies flow in a certain path. In the case of the Indian constitution, it distributes the power horizontally throughout the three major institutional bodies of the Indian Jurisdiction that is, The Parliament, The Executive, and The Judiciary. The Parliament acts as the supreme body where all the bills and amendments are passed with their consent.

Any law or bill is first to be presented in the Executive houses of the country as in India these are known as Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Once the bill gets the approval of 2/3 of the members of both the houses, it is passed to the parliament, and once it is passed by them too, it is sent to the president. 

Usually, the president signs the document after his verification. But in rare cases, the amendments are sent back for reframing. Once reframed, these are again sent for the approval of the president which is further verified and passed as a bill. The bill gets passed and becomes official after 15 days.

Apart from this official knowledge, the constitutions also have a lot of interesting facts. Let’s see some of them.

Interesting Facts about The constitution

Constitution and its elements are full of surprises. They are both bizarre and astonishing at the same time. So, here we present some great and interesting facts about the constitution.

1. The U.S. Constitution was written in the same place where the Declaration of Independence was signed, i.e., Pennsylvania State House which is the same place where the title ‘Commander of the Continental Army’ was given to George Washington. This place is now known as Independence Hall. This building still stands in Independence Mall in Philadelphia which is also directly across the National Constitution Center.

2. One bizarre fact about The U.S. Constitution is that it was prepared in secret. The whole thing was known to only a handful of peoples, and it was framed behind locked doors, which too was guarded by sentries.

3. The trend of "Thanks Giving Day" was started because of the U.S. Constitution. It was established on November 26, 1789, George Washington wanted to mark this day as a festival where people of the country can show their companion for the country as a way of "giving thanks" to the Constitution.

4. Another Fact about the U.S. Constitution is that among the field of written constitutions, it is known to be the shortest and oldest of them all. The constitution is just 4,543 words long which are merely four pages in total.

5. The world's longest constitution is a massive one, and India holds the title for the longest written constitution in the world. Their constitution is neither a typed nor printed one; it is a handwritten document. It consists of 46 articles, 12 schedules and 94 amendments which constructs a total of whopping 1, 45,000 words. A lot of writing!

6. Indian Constitution took a very long time to frame; it was completed after two years, 11 months and 17 days. Complementing the number of pages and works perfectly.

7. The original handwritten copies of the Indian constitution are kept in a helium-filled case to save it from getting destroyed. This case is kept safely in the library of parliament house with high security.

8. In September 2018, there was an incident in Brazil where the National Museum where the Brazilian constitution was kept, faced a massive event when the whole building was set on fire by unknown reasons. In this incident, the Brazilian constitution got destroyed.

9. One another bizarre constitution incident is from the UK, where the constitution is not even accumulated in a single document. UK's constitution is a half-written document which showcases several acts, but despite the power it has, the document is neither complete nor maintained.

10. Constitution of any country is treated as a national treasure, and high security is offered for it. Anyone who caught stealing or with and intent of stealing it will get barred without any trail or anything. The same goes for someone who is thinking of destroying or harming the document in any possible manner.

11. Indian constitution holds the title of being the most flexible constitution in the world as it can be moulded according to any circumstance where a situation of emergency is at stake.

12. Indian constitution is the only constitution with a nickname of itself, as the Indian constitution is known as ‘udhar ka thaila.' This name was given to it because the constitution of India is made up by joining and combining various astonishing and best parts of the various constitutions from all over the world.

So, these were some of the interesting facts about constitutions around the world. There are many more facts about the constitution, but some lack the entertainment part whereas, some are too nerdy to be on the list. 

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