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11 Small scale business ideas with low investment 25 June, 2019   

Today's world has become dynamic with globalization breaking geographical barriers amongst continents and people. In the forefront of the globalization, there are various businesses. When we hear the word businesses, we think of big companies or ventures, but you cannot ignore the power of small-scale enterprises which get conceived by the small business ideas.

Everyone one of us cannot start a business with massive investment. Each one of us has a different amount of capital to start something new in our life. This blog would be focusing on how small-scale business Ideas would help anyone to start a little venture with low investment. Below are some examples of eleven small scale business ideas with low investment:

1. Fruit Juice kiosk

Probably one of the easiest to set up and it requires very minimal skills to operate the machines in use. Fruit juice kiosks are best suited for cities and towns where people don't have time for making healthy food and drinks. People in cities and towns look for quick and easy options to get the Fruit juices and snacks with minimal time to consume. Below are several essential expert tips on starting a juice bar or kiosk.

Firstly, keep it simple. Determine your menu and don’t overfill it. Choose from the variety of fruits that you can maintain their supply from fruits store. Choose from juice extractors and easy to use blending machines you can afford.

Secondly, invest in staff. You ought to have a person working in your kiosk. We all know that machines don’t just work alone. An entrepreneur may decide to choose an employer or do the work themselves for a start depending upon your budget. 

Thirdly, give different names to your juices to accommodate the tastes and desire of different clients.

As one of the small scale business ideas, we ought to outline some of the essential steps to undertake the launch of Juice Kiosk. These include:

a. Evaluating the competition in the area of business by preparing a report about the prices of existing vendors and the variety of juices they offer.

b. Establish a local wholesale supplier for your fruits, vegetables and or ice.

c. Select a strategic kiosk location for your juice kiosk. You can pick a high traffic area where people will frequently stop or come to have juices.

d. Inquire on local government permits you will need to start your venture.

As a small investment business, a juice kiosk will only require you to draw a little financial plan with enough equipment needed such as juicer machines, cooling boxes, drinking cups or tumblers and may be straws. You can print fliers to issue out to your customers to stick on their rear car screens or even windshields to advertise about your venture.

2. Pet daycare

However strange it sounds, this is one of the excellent business ideas with low investment to start. What you need is just some experience in handling dogs or pets, for which you can hire a single dog handler if you don’t have one. Pet daycare is convenient for your home environment with the backyard space that is idle. You can erect some barriers to keep the dogs in one place.

All you need is little savings to start your Pet daycare and one helping hand to check on the dogs. You need some small amount of money for a license fee to operate. You can always start a low-cost pet daycare center by just talking to your neighbors to bring their cats, dogs when going to work or on vacation.

You don’t have a limiting factor for starting pet number. You can start with two dogs and later on expand your backyard space to accommodate more pets. The pet daycare translates to little or low start-up capital. So, grab your opportunity.

3. Tiffin service

There are a lot of professionals in various towns and cities who love homemade food and don't have time to cook or don't know how to prepare the food. The tiffin service is a business with one of the most flexible small scale business ideas. You can start such opportunities at the lowest cost.

All you need is to create a network of clients you wish to deal with and choose a place where are lots of companies or colleges. You can make food samples and talk to management to allow some of their employees to taste the sample. You will get clients out of your free sessions that will eventually grow over time. 

A little capital requires here. Just create a sweet and simple menu that you can give your clients. Obtain some airtight food lunch boxes, and you can always provide an option to drop food to your clients. As you grow, you may opt for permanent monthly rider service for your clients.

4. Wedding and Event organizing

Many people want a fancy wedding or other special events such as product launch events for them. These are potential clients looking for someone professional who can handle their work for the events and are willing to pay you a handsome amount for the same.

The business will require you to have experience in at least some event planning and executions. You may as well consider hiring a professional helper to start if your budget is small. Do not shy away from an event since all these costs of hiring and organizing would repay you after you receive the payment.

Remember, prominent event organizers, conceived the idea as a small scale business idea before realizing their breakthrough. All you need is some working hands to erect structures and organize the place as per your theme. With little bucks in the bank, maybe for labor and purchasing decorations, you need for your event to look beautiful and creative.

5. Photography 

Photography is one of the small-scale business ideas you can start with as little as fifty dollars. You need not worry about getting a camera since there are cameras you can get on hire. All you need is to locate an event where people want photos. You can also hire an instant film scanner and pay later.

The trends in photography - The world is changing fast, and the field of photography is minimal adopting new dimensions due to advancing technology in general. Make your photography climb the ladder from a small investment business to a bigger one by embracing a social media platform. These platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and many more will advertise your venture to greater heights and bring in customers for you.

6. Mobile food courts

The Mobile food court is not a unique thing for any person staying in an urban place. Mobile food vendors have been trending and popular venture for many years. As a small scale business idea, you need a cart and can launch your business for ready-made food such as ice creams, hot dogs, and salads, fish crisp and many more.

All you need is to find a place where you can gather people easily. You can also choose a place where public events occur regularly such as sports events, evening parties. Most established mobile food businesses use trucks for vending.

7. Yoga and Meditation Training.

You may want to get trustworthy and a polished yoga trainer and eventually you can open a yoga studio. The most important thing is to first work with an established yoga institution to get the necessary skills and understanding of the business.

Secondly, you can get just a relatively big room or an open space which you can afford and start your yoga studio. To acquire more people, you can offer free sessions at regular intervals and organize workshops for your clients. Be patient and sharpen your skills as a trainer to expand your territory.

8. Custom made cakes and chocolates

Cakes and chocolates are one of the most popular and in demand snacks. People out there, especially of any age enjoy cakes and chocolate in every occasion. You can turn your passion and love into a relatively excellent business proposal with low investment. The question one may ask is, how would it be possible? Well, simple. Just try making sample cakes from home and take to a birthday party as a sample.

There are customers those who will request for more cupcakes. Start the chocolates with family and friends. One good thing with custom-made cakes and chocolates is that you can do them at your home then deliver to your client. They require little money to start and maintain.

9. Game store

You will need just a small front store room, enough to set up about three to five desktops. You can purchase the games from wholesalers and retail them. The cost may just be incurred a little bit in acquiring desktops and a room. But that cost qualifies it as a small investment business.

What you ought to know before venturing

You can choose to start the business as a franchise or as alone by getting your location and room and stocking the favorite games. As for franchising, you will need the permission (licensing relationship) from the existing giant game store retailer you have to work under their name and logo.

Another critical thing to note is that a lot more game stores are going online. As a result, you can consider providing online gaming services as you grow your niche from a small investment business to a bigger one. 

10. Online bakery

Here, you don’t need a storefront; you need a nicely furnished website that is attractive enough and user-friendly. The potential customers can contact you immediately to make an order. You would ideally run it at home and make deliveries on time. Requires tiny amount to start and operate and as you grow, you can opt for a storefront. 

A quick look at the Online bakery business

Have a sound business plan with a good finance source? In the project also identify your target audience and accurate ways to reach them. You may be more credible to your clients’ in health and hygiene by getting health certification from your local government. Choose your specific line of baking. Chose at least one like cakes or bread and didn't indulge in varieties until you master them. Choose people who will get you top web hosting to get your website famous and advertised. Then be authentic. 

11. Financial Planning Consultancy 

Here, you will have to define your niche of financial expertise and partner with your like-minded friends in the same field. To find people who have an interest in your proposal is something you can do with the help of networking. All you need is to create a consultancy room with your other experts.

This venture may need some time to pick up, and skills are essential as well. It may be looking ridiculously tedious and expensive, but I can assure you that this is one of the business plans with low investment because dispensing ideas only require networking and sources for whom you can start the work. 

Small-scale business ideas are the right course for all of us in today's world where unemployment keeps on increasing. Not just small-scale ideas but the business ideas with low investments that are tenable for most youths who have very minimal or no capital to start something for their living.

Going forward with such small investment businesses can be an opportunity to bring financial sustainability to the economy of the countries around the globe.

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