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11 Online business ideas that can change your life. 07 December, 2018   

We all yearn for a Bill Gates kind of life. A big mansion, a private jet, a lot of money, traveling to any part of the planet, buying anything anytime anywhere and many more. For most, that’s all they got, the dream itself. They keep on dreaming, but for some few, you included, start chasing the dream right away.

Anyone can be rich; anyone can be at the top of Forbes. And I am glad you are taking such steps, now it's a series of decisions that will determine whether you're surely going to take your place there at the top, or you'll slide somewhere in the middle and be a middle-class person, or worse, be just poor.

The decision of becoming an entrepreneur is probably the simplest, coming up with a business idea is just hard, but becoming an entrepreneur is the hardest part. You have to come up with the hardest decisions; you have to grab any opportunity that comes along firmly with both hands, you have to choose an excellent team. It's just hard, seeing your finance swing like a pendulum, and much more. But the good part is that you'll be independent, you’ll live your dream life, you won't be complaining about sitting down from 9am-5pm, you will employ as you wish.

Now for the best part; anyone can become rich! Inspiration is everywhere, all you need is persistence, wise decisions, and a good business idea.

That's why we've taken time to compile 11 excellent online business ideas that will enable you to make money online: 

1. Do affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly the best online business idea. Thousands of people all over the world make money online here up to $500,000 annually. It works out in that you will get employed as a third party promoting a particular property so that you can earn some amount of commission out of it. In most cases, Amazon dominates affiliate marketing, but businesspeople make a tiny amount of commission out of it. Therefore, you can watch out for other websites as some offer up to 75% worth of commission.

How to start

To start working on this best online business idea, you’ll need to have a website with traffic. Then, you’ll have to find products that suit well with your site and choose the one with the best affiliate program. You'll then come to an agreement with the seller of the product on the terms. You'll then later promote the product on your site.

Cost estimations: There's no cost in affiliate marketing.

Requirements: Blog with traffic



Blogging is another online business idea that you use to make so much out of it. For example, the owner of Smart Blogger confessed to earning more than $100,000 a month out of his small blog. That can be you, just go for it!

How to start

First, find a topic you will love to write about based on your internet business idea. You'll then hire someone to build the website, and then find a site that will host your domain name.

Cost estimation: $100 to build a simple website, and getting a site host the domain name.

Requirements: You should be passionate and a skilled writer about the topic you write.

3. Start drop shipping



Drop shopping and affiliate marketing apply almost the same context, but in drop shipping, you’ll not handle the product leave alone seeing it. You will have to import a product from a specific website, put it on your site then look for its market at your own price. Once you have it bought from your site, you will have to pay the real seller and have it delivered to your buyer. A brilliant idea to make money online, isn’t it?

How to start

First, find a website suitable for you that that will allow you to drop ship their products. Then build a website, dropship the products and market those products to your potential clients.

Cost estimation: $700 for building a website and marketing.

Requirements: Trustworthy site to dropship.

4. Get paid to blog


With thousands of websites all over the internet today, most websites are in dire need of content for their sites. Thus, you can pose as an online content writer and make money online. This online business idea is pretty simple; you'll be hired to produce content. Its prices vary a lot depending on your experience in the field, workload, and complexity of the content.

How to start

Apply for blog writing jobs in online job boards like Upwork, Freelancer or People Per Hour.

Cost estimation: No cost will be incurred here as to apply for a job is free.

Requirements: Excellent writing skills, patience, and hard work.

5. Online Business Ideas for Web Designer


Most companies today are looking for ways to make money online. So, their first steps are to create a website so as it can reach to their audience who are available online. It will, therefore, be an excellent online business idea to come up as a web designer and make money just by designing websites for them.

How to start

Apply for jobs on online job boards such as Freelancer.

Cost estimation: There's no cost to be incurred, but you might need to pay for certificates

Requirement: Skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap among other languages used to build websites.

6. Become a translator


There are thousands of translators on the internet today, more than 300,000. They are really in high demand. In a world where most companies are outsourcing to reach out to a larger audience, the language barrier must be experienced. Therefore, you can use this online business idea to make money online.

How to start

Look for clients in translation site jobs.

Cost estimation: No cost.

Requirement: You must be fluent in more than one language. 

7. Get paid to review websites.



With over 500,000 websites on the internet today, most companies will want to stand out. Thus, to come up with a quality website and make money online, they will pay people to visit and review their websites. All through, the way the reviewer maneuvers through the site will be recorded, in some sites also, the facial expression and voice of the reviewer will be recorded. You can be part of the review team and earn up to $10 per review. Each review takes up to 20 to 30 minutes.

How to start

Apply for website review task in job boards like User Testing

Cost estimation: No cost

Requirement: You must have a computer, internet connection, and accessories.

8. Video Blogging (Vlogging)


This is a new type of online business idea that is getting paid nowadays.  It’s just the same as blogging, but here content does not work, videos do. With more than one billion people surfing through, millions of videos are watched. You can be part of the team, and make serious money, through advertising or the amount you earn depends on the level of your audience.

How to start

Choose a niche that you are very comfortable working on it. Look for a camera, take videos and upload them to your site and YouTube to your audience.

Cost estimation: $300 to build a website, upload videos and to buy video editing software.

Requirement: Creativity and passion in your niche.

9. Filling out questionnaires



In a bid to study and structure consumer needs, many companies have made it their online business idea to collect data from consumers. To get more of the consumers produce the data, they offer rewards regarding payable money. They, in turn, earn through selling those data to companies who will use it in their marketing strategies.

How to start

Apply to poll sites like Paidviewpoint and start tasks.

Cost estimation: No cost

Requirement: Honesty and patience.

10.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


As the internet gets larger, so does the competition to appear organically on top of the search engines like Google is harder. You can make money online therefore if you'll specialize in SEO writing and help content of companies appear there at the top. SEO is a flexible field that keeps on changing from time to time since the competition keeps on increasing. The good thing is, as the competition increase so does the amount you earn through freelancing.

How to start

Apply in online job boards like Upwork or start cold pitching.

Cost estimations: None.

Requirements: Good writing skills and flexibility.

11. Open an e-commerce store


It may seem tedious, a time-consuming venture that may probably eat all of your savings, but opening an e-commerce store is one of the best business ideas. You see, the world is now moving to a digital trend. Why not embrace it? In an e-commerce store, it’s just the same as a traditional online store that we usually shop. The only difference is that it will be done online

How to start

Build a website and upload the products you have on the site plus their prices. Market them, and have it delivered to your clients.

Cost estimation: $700 for only building the online store and marketing.

Requirements: Good manager, persistence, and hard work.

Whoever said that the computer would one day run over the world did not lie. In fact, I am sure he did not expect the computers to run the world in such a way, it supersedes his expectations. We should, therefore, utilize the computers and make money online. Trust me, the online business ideas we shared above are the best. It will enable you to make so much money online in a blink of an eye, as long as you employ wise strategies.

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