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11 Interactive Sites for Education: Make Learning Fun 20 November, 2018   

 The education industry is taking  deep turns  to make the process of learning interesting. The innovations  in the industry has made learning fun and simple. Though learning seems to be a boring task for most of the children, the idea of learning through interactive sites has put an end to it. 

Interactive video lectures will not only gain the lost interests of students, but it  also promotes education.  A student can carry on with learning by sitting anywhere in the world. All they need is a good internet connection, and they are great to start.

Here is a list of 9 interactive sites for education to make your learning fun. Most of these let you access  for free while a few requires a premium membership. 


The free code camp was launched on October 2014, and is known to be one of the best interactive learning sites. This platform helps students to learn  from the beginning. They offer a lot of updated and relevant courses relates to coding. The live chat built in the platform is the best part of this website as there is no struggle to get all your doubts cleared right then. The only con that you find here is that you may find a few topics uncovered while moving from one lesson to other. And the only way to cover those is to google.


Founded in August 2011, Codecademy is also known to be one of the best interactive sites. It offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages.  This platform is great for the new programmers who have very less knowledge in programming. The courses here do not go give you a deep knowledge in coding, but will definitely let you learn to code more effectively. This platform is not as complicated as free code camp. 


This is one of the most prominent websites for all the budding learners. It has created interesting changes in the process of learning. It is also widely popular all around the globe. Khan Academy requires a free sign up. When you are done with the sign-up, you can access the free video tutorials and start learning. It has a set of interactive exercises that let you test your learning abilities. The lessons and tutorials are great for distance learning and classroom purposes. The best part about Khan Academy is that all of its videos have a conversational tone which makes it easy for people to adopt the knowledge. There are numerous courses for students from grade 1 to people who are willing to learn to code.


Byju’s is yet another learning website that is making the learning process interesting. This is a great option for people who are looking for a great teaching website for their children. You can download the app and access to education wherever you want to. The company has more than 20 Lakh students right now. One of the most interesting features of Byju's is that it lets you customize your curriculum. Tracking performance and taking up model tests helps in effective learning. Biju’s is a great option for students studying in grade 6 to students preparing for masters. Learning seems more like a lifetime experience with Biju’s.

5. edX

The major objective of edX was to bring education to almost everyone. It was  founded in the year 2012 by the scientists of Harvard University and MIT. The website has varied courses. The best part about edX is that it lets you learn from real professors from real universities and in real classes. Isn't it great? edX has more than 90 global universities in it. You can certainly go through the rigorous subjects. edX has both verified and non-verified course. Non-verified courses are generally free of cost, but you need to pay some amount of money for the verified courses. The process of enrolling is pretty simple. You need to choose your course and follow the instruction of the website.


Coursera is indeed one of the most interactive sites for education. Coursera gives you a great learning experience. It helps you in developing relevant knowledge. Also, just like every other learning portal, Coursera also lets you perform model tests and understand your capabilities. Apart from that, the website has an interesting set of courses. You can go through the course introduction and analyze whether the course suits you or not. The set of 20-30 mins video lecture covers most of the topic smoothly. You can even discuss your doubts in the Coursera Forum. All of the courses end with a final exam that tests your knowledge about whatever you have learned. You need to pick up the right course and dedicate yourself to learning.


Academic Earth is a website that opens up almost all sort of option for you. You can lock your opportunity of earning through Academic Earth. The courses and the videos are curated for you. They are extremely useful and easy to understand. However, Academic Earth is not free of cost. But, if you want to gain knowledge and affordably educate yourself, you may consider Academic Earth. The website is great if you are looking for an exchange program. You will come across the education style and patterns of an American society, which is great for your resume. Academic Earth has collaborated with various colleges and universities to provide you with the best quality education.


Udacity has a very different approach to learning. It is a new experience for most of us. Earlier it just focused on university-based education. But, it is also offering vocational education. While vocational courses are gaining huge popularity, Udacity is doing great as well. You can learn all sort of vocational courses. Learning is pretty fun through the animated video tutorials. The wide and varied range of courses is one of the best features of the best feature of the online learning website. Courses are divided into categories. So, it becomes easy to choose a course from the category of your interest. Tracking your performance can be done as well.


Well if you are very much interested in learning to code, then you must head to CODE. CODE is one of the best websites to learn coding and programming. The website has a very vibrant and compelling design. The best part of is that it is available in almost 20 languages. So, you can learn to code in your language. You must head to the website if you have very little knowledge about the computer science course. It interactive course will make understand all the basics of coding as well you can create your website any time soon. It also has some great inbuilt tools that will help you in shaping and sharpening your skills while learning.


This is yet another great way of learning a computer language. Solo learn an interesting website solely dedicated to a programming language. You can learn various languages like HTML, HTML 5, Java, PHP etc. Almost all of the languages are listed in this. Solo learn free. You need head to the website, register or create an account and you are ready for the learning journey. Also, the user interface of the website is very simple and easy to use by almost everyone. So, you can certainly do a side course of computer programming without spending any major money. Forums inside the website let you understand every topic very well. You can even challenge fellow learner in a quiz game. There is a programming window, and you can practice all of the codes you have learned.


Skill share is not majorly a course-oriented website. But, you can find education related content over the website. You can learn various skills like calligraphy, photography and many other practical skills from the website. It is great for people who are willing to learn some new skills. Professionals all around the world put up videos to help you gain a skill. Skill Share is free as well. You need to create an account, and you are good to explore a variety of skill based courses.

The list of interactive sites for education is a way too long. You can pursue university-based courses or vocational courses by just sitting at home from Apart from that, certain educational portals help you in sharpening your skills in your free time.

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