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11 Effective Sales Closing Techniques 19 March, 2019   

As a sales executive, you have to toil day and night serving your customer and offer solutions to them. However, if you are unable to close your sales effectively, you are at a loss in your career. Sales closing is a skill that comes naturally to most of the people; however, some salespersons need to hone their sales closing skills by learning certain techniques that can help them excel in sales. Here we have a few sales closing techniques on our radar that can take you to the peak of your career as a professional sales-executive. Read ahead to find out!

1. Highlight the feasibility of your product with your customer’s preference

This is a tried and tested method where you need to create a rosy picture starring your customer and present it to him in a way so that he is convinced that your product or service can positively benefit his life. For this, you need to gather a good deal of information about your customers such as their habits and preferences and align them with various aspects of your product or service and convince your customer that the implementation of your product or service can help them meet their needs properly.

2. The Columbo sales closing technique

Columbo was a character in one of the famous television programme. He was also a professional sales trainer. There is this famous one-liner of him that has lead to a great number of sales in world history. What he used to do was when his suspects used to think that he has finished his talking with them he would take a turn and walk away. Just the moment when the suspects would breathe a sigh of relief, he would turn again to them and exclaim, “Just one more thing!”

So once you are done with your sales pitch and the customer is ready to walk away, you can use the famous Columbo line along with the most captivating part of your sales pitch.

3. Count your customer’s opinion

If you happen to add the phrase, “In your opinion...” for a question posed by the customer in case he has an objection, then such a thing is sure to soften his reply. If you ask, “In your opinion can this product help you in solving your problem?” Even if the customer replies, “No,” then that is just his opinion and not a fact. Then you can proceed to address his problem. This method helps you to avoid unwanted surprises at the time of closing the sales process.

4. Creating a sense of urgency

Many times it is seen that even if your product or service seems to be the perfect fit for your customer’s needs it doesn’t mean that your sales process is likely to close. It is human nature due to which people tend to leave things to be taken off on some other day. Thus, to avoid these sorts of problems, it is suggested to create a sense of urgency. For this, you need to ensure that your terms and prices are created as per time sensitivity so that they can function in alignment with your sales. For instance, a special discount can be valid for the first 10 customers or bonuses, and discounts can be offered to only those customers who purchase on the same day.

5. The trial closing technique

This is one of the most common sales closing techniques followed by sales professionals. You can ask questions like as the below:

“Would you like to sign the contract if we can solve this issue by today evening?”

“Does all that we have talked about seem feasible enough to solve your problems?”

Sentences like these can be used to check the fact that whether you can solve the buyer’s problems or not. If the buyer does not have any objections, then it is a green signal to take the sales forward.

6. The direct closing technique

This refers to a straightforward appeal to your customer asking him to make the purchase. This method should be followed only when you are sure enough that your prospect is all ready to buy your product or service. You can also go for this method when you already have a cordial relationship with your prospect. However, it is advised that when you are directly appealing in such a way to your customer, you need to be extra cautious as the prospect may misunderstand your confidence, and you can be seen as a forceful sales executive.

7. Instill confidence in your customer

As an expert salesperson, you should be able to make your customer feel confident. If you are selling outfits, then you can tell your prospect, “Believe me, you will certainly get a lot of compliments wearing this dress. Do put up your pictures on our Facebook page.” This honest and simple approach will make your customers feel confident and convince them to buy your product.

8. Offer them a trial

As a sales professional, if you offer a free trial to your customers then there stand greater chances of them buying your product or service. Such sales closing techniques have a high rate of closure. Sales professionals, who opt for offering their prospects a trial of their products, tend to have higher chances of converting their leads into customers. For instance, offering a test drive to customers who are looking forward to purchasing a car makes them get a hands-on experience of using the car and they look forward to owning it. Similarly, a newly opened salon can offer a free facial to customers, or a food joint can offer a free burger to every customer on its first day of opening. These acts help in increasing the popularity of your products and services.

9. Sharp angle close

This method for sales closure requires you to have a good presence of mind. In case your prospect asks you for a concession, be it in price, charges for delivery or some additional features then you can give a quick response by posing the question, “If I abide by your request then can you sign the purchase order today itself?” This question is important because if you close the sales without agreeing to your customer’s demands, then there are chances that he or she will continue asking for such concessions in the future.

10. Daily cost closing method

You can opt for this technique of sales closure if you are involved in the sale of an expensive product. To minimize the effect of the price tag on your prospect, you can aim for presenting the product in the form of a daily cost. For instance, you can say, “The contract comes at $1 a day so that it provides you full peace of mind,” or “You can opt for a weekly down payment of $5 in case you want to refrain from paying the entire amount at one time.” So by giving such a buyer-friendly spin to your product, your prospects are certainly going to be at peace when it comes to paying the price of an expensive product. This increases the chances of increasing sales of your product and services.

11. Avoid yes or no decisions

It is suggested to avoid asking those questions to your customers to which they can reply either in a “yes” or “no”. Instead, you can ask them something such as, “It seems that both these products are best suited to your needs. Which one would you like to go for?” Such a question will indirectly pester your potential client to make a decision between the two alternatives instead of totally backing off.

The above 11 excellent sales closing techniques are sure to help you in any situation while conducting a sales process. With the correct application of these methods, you can significantly increase your sales and have a higher conversion rate.

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