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11 Big Data Management Tools to Look Up 02 April, 2019   

Data is the most important IT-sphere now. Companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google have the biggest databases in the world. Today, our research is based on the 11 tools of this type of management.

For a clear view, let us split these tools into three categories, ETL (Data Preparation), Data Analysis (Actual crunching), and Data Visualization (transform to insights usable for managers). These three are the parts of one global process, called data management. Data management is an important area for a company with big data or databases for reading and researching. Database systems are important to business organizations as they deliver a high efficiency for handling different kinds of data. 

ETL Phase 

Tools of the ETL phase are for data preparation, and they are used only for the first step in data management. There is three software on my list for this phase, and they are PowerCenter by Informatica, SAS Data Management, and IBM’s Infosphere.

1. PowerCenter Informatica

This tool, created by Informatica, is their enterprise data integration platform. These days, this is very popular in the community of Data Analyst’s. Many companies use this tool for their ETL jobs with big data. Main features of this tool are:

·        Data Masking

·        Dynamic Partitioning

·        Metadata Management

·        Seamless Recovery

2. SAS Data Management

ETL tool from SAS comes with sophisticated security and helps to monitor, transform and secure the data. The platform gives us more than 300 SQL-based transformations. It is important that this software gives us completely new ideas for data infrastructure and the things we can do with huge data stuff. 

3. IBM Infosphere Information Server

IBM is a famous company in the IT industry. It has the pedigree of smart, business solutions in the IT world. Because of this, their software, Infosphere is here on our list today. It gives us a substantial scalable tool for any volume of data files. Its possibilities are incredible, and this is why companies all around the world use it for their business. 

Data Analytics Phase

In the second phase, data analytics, the software analyzes prepares data in many directions. This is the most important phase of data management. This phase gives us what we want to hear, the results of our research. There are, SkyTree and Pentaho Business on my list.

1.  SkyTree Server

SkyTree is the first tool on this list based on AI. Yes, you read it right, Artificial Intelligence. This program is machine learning, and developers want it to be the total replacement for SQL databases. Because this is faster than traditional tools, SkyTree has become very popular for data analysts. 

2.  Pentaho Business Analytics

Pentaho tool is different from any other software in this area. The advantage of this tool is that it is open-source software that can make a totally new part of big data tools. Some people do think that Pentaho is the future of big data analytical tools. 

Data Visualization Phase

1.  Tableau

This tool is used for data visualization, and is very useful for things, like graphs, graphical formats, etc. Everything can be done for only a few minutes. This uses a modernly designed dashboard that is user-friendly. Tableau has two products, Tableau Desktop, and Tableau Server. This uses embedded analytics and also has business intelligence as a part of it. Complete software based on data science for data analysts.

2. Highcharts

There is one very famous product on my list, and this is it, Highcharts. It is used by Facebook, Google, BBC, and many other relevant data analysts’ in the world. The main advantage of the tool is that it has full HTML5 compatibility. 

3. Microsoft Power BI

This product can do two things. ETL phase and Data analytics phase. It delivers stunning reports and has modern dashboards for easy use. It uses DAX, Merges transformation, Power Query and many new options from Microsoft. 

4.  D3.js

Yes, what you see is the JavaScript library. This is very useful for data visualizations in web browsers. D3 means Data-Driven Documents, operate with CSS and HTML5. D3 is used to solve many complex problems on the Internet. Also, it is used for significant databases to resolve and combine results from researchers. JavaScript is the most popular programming language these days, and because of that D3.js is entirely based on it. 

5. Qlik

They say only three things: Faster answers, more insights, better outcomes. Everything is clear on a sunny day. Fantastic tools used for data visualization covers around 40 000 customers from 100+ countries. Incredible software. The most important advantage of this product is that it can find what are the trends now of any phenomenon. Like others, QlikView uses business intelligence. 

6. Cloudera

Cloudera is a machine learning software for data visualization and data analyses. It has open-source and commercial versions. The open-source version is complicated to use, but many companies have developed good versions of this product.

It has three important parts: Komatsu, FireEye, and Thomson Reuters. Komatsu used data and analytics from connected equipment to double efficiency and improve safety. FireEye increased advanced persistent threat research productivity by 60 percent. Thomson Reuters separates fake from real news across millions of tweets in 40 milliseconds. These parts of the software are used for different types of analysis.

Big Data is the most popular sphere of the IT industry. The list above is only the surface of this world. You can grab it to find out what is under it. Admittedly, there is a whole new world of challenges, tools, ideas, and many, many more problem-solving moments in big data databases.

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