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10 top-growing careers that'll put you on the fast track! 07 December, 2018   

Choosing a career is really a difficult task. With thousands of options; you have to choose the one which is interesting for you and at the same time it should give you success in life. You have to choose one with enough thought and with the best guidance. The future of careers is somewhat predictable.

The technologies are improving and this improvement has brought in a lot of unique career opportunities. Unlike the older generations, doctors and engineers are not only the ones who put you on the fast track. Below I have come up with some of the top growing careers which will definitely give you great success.

1.Health & Personal Life Consultant


If you love taking care of the disabled or adult people, this career option can be a boon to you. Yes, by choosing this job, you can assist disabled people, adults and help them live an easeful life.

But before you become a health and personal life consultant, you will need to get a certification. However, in some states, you will need to undergo formal training to start working as one.

2.Software Developer


Well, in today’s world, almost all of us know one software developer in our family who is earning handsomely, Right?

By being a software developer, you can help in creating different software’s, increase the overall productivity and in return, move ahead in the fast-track mode.

This career option is on the increasing scale. Hence, if you can do one, you can generate some hefty amount of money in quick time.

3.Solar Power Photovoltaic Installer


In case if you have any interest in the installation process, becoming a solar power photovoltaic installer can be a good choice.

Here, you will be in charge of installing and maintaining every kind of solar panel systems. Among which, the systems need to be installed on rooftops after which it can store sunlight and use it for electricity purposes.

It is just the beginning of solar-driven electricity. This is a growing sector where we may get more opportunity to develop our skills.

Now, to become a Solar power PV Installer, you will need a high school diploma.

Further, you can move ahead and search for colleges and institutions that have courses on such installations. This is definitely one of the top growing careers you can look upon.

4.Data Analyst


All thanks to the high-speed computing nature of computers, the post of data analyst seems to be on the rise. Every day, billions of data are being processed and for that, the world will definitely need a data analyst.

Being a data analyst, you will have the job to analyze each data, maintain reports and keep track of each of them. Further, you will even need to identify patterns, examine past, current trends and predict future possibilities. If you have an interest in being a data analyst, lots of institutions offer the same.

5.Digital Marketing Specialist


Slowly, those days are on the verge of extinction when we need large newspaper ads for marketing purpose. In modern day world of hi-tech technology and the Internet, marketing has taken an online route to promote products.

By being a digital marketing specialist, you can generate hefty sales for any brand and in return, get solid salaries.

Today, there is a high demand for digital marketing specialist who can market any brand’s product and generate leads. 

Finally, you don’t really need to do office work as you can even opt for this career on a freelance basis.

6.Blockchain Developer


You must have heard of the term ‘Bitcoins’ as well as ‘Cryptocurrency,’ Right? Well, all these things run on the blockchain technology.

Learning blockchain technology and being its developer can be one of the nicest things you can do.

At first, it may be hard to understand, but with constant learning, you can be an excellent blockchain developer.

Finally, the world is changing rapidly, and if you have the knowledge to understand and develop products, services, you can be in high demand for the future.

7.Augmented Reality (AR) Developer


Credits: Dogtownmedia

Does the modern day world seem boring to you? If your answer is Yes, then you certainly need a touch of augmented reality in your lives.

Well, the work is ongoing to introduce more and more augmented reality stuff to make a more creative and aesthetic looking world.

By being an AR developer, you can build AR Glasses, Bionic Lenses, AR Apps and much more. With that, you can make this world a better and a fun-loving place to live in.

With the rise of AI and automation, the field of AI will definitely flourish. Thus, if you can go for this job, goodness can come to you in quick time.



Though carpentry may seem a small job for you, it’s much more than that. In a place where everyone just wants to be in the IT field, the demand for carpentry is slowly on the verge of expansion.

We all are in need to buy new homes and in that routine, we defiantly need furniture’s to make our homes look pleasing good.

Also, carpenters can even help to do remodeling works and make a living much more comfortable.

If you have a slight interest in creativity and building furniture’s, Carpenter is one of the top growing careers you must opt for.

9.Physician Assistant


If you can’t really be a doctor, what about being a physician assistant? Well, being a physician assistant, you can conduct physical tests, treat illnesses and even do a diagnosis of patients.

Yes, almost every doctor needs an assistant and if you can fulfill that criterion, nothing can be better than this.

Hence, you can simply choose a master’s program, do the certification and become ready to serve patients at the earliest.

10.Bicycle Repairer


Yet another low-profile rated job in your mind, right? Well, every day more and more commuters are opting to travel by bicycle which is the reason; this job has got high potential.

Day by day, the world is in need of bicycle repairers. And for this job, you don’t really need any degree while all that is needed is your mechanical skills.

You just have to work under a professional, learn the basics. After which, you can start your very own bicycle repairing shop with least money. This is definitely one of the top growing careers you can look into if you feel learning as a boring task.

Well, I know choosing the best career for you is a steep task and it requires a sheer sense of dedication.

So, in case if you are hunting for the top growing careers, you can do one good thing. Take a step forward, research a bit more on the above-given career and choose the one, based on your preferences.

Finally, if you have got the potential to move ahead in life, you can put in your efforts, work with dedication. And eventually, you will achieve success, sooner or later. 

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