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10 New business ideas in India - Emerging markets 25 June, 2019   

In 1976, two young men went to a local electronic store to inquire if they would be interested in buying their computers. They just had an idea and were on the path to make it happen. The owner of the store, curious about what this young man had to offer, listened keenly to the young local men. At last, their charm worked out, and they were able to convince the owner, that he rather ordered 50 Units of those same computers.

Eager to work things out, and keen not to waste that golden opportunity, the men were again faced with a big problem in front of them. They had no equipment to build those 50 units they had been lucky to deliver. They had to figure out yet another method, and on they want to another local electronic store. With their same passion and charm, they convinced the owner to lend them those devices in credit.

In a garage, they started working on the project. One of the young men was Steve Wozniak, an electronics hacker.  Wozniak was the one who'd come up with the whole idea of building that computer. Together with Steve Jobs, his longtime friend and companion they started to work tirelessly on the project. And, that's how Apple was born.

Out there are hundreds of such companies with a similar success story. They all started small, with a small idea, and are now a billion-dollar generating companies. We can all start the journey, though at the bottom, and may one day make it to a powerhouse. Everyone has the potential, no matter where you live, no matter the finances you have, no matter your age. That’s the reason we took the time to come up with new business ideas in India, which can make you part of a success story someday.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a broader name for online marketing efforts. Today, the majority of people spend most of their time online, more than they used before. Twice as much as they used to a decade ago. This implies that the organic method of advertising, the offline mode, is not as effective as it used to be long ago. 

Most companies have now made several strategies to market their products digitally to their product increase in demand and popularity. They now use Google Search, social media, emails and websites to meet their clients and prospective clients.

All this involves money, and you can be part of this online upcoming business ideas in India and make plenty of cash advertising through blog spots, social media, and B2B.

Hair Stylist and Massage Business

Most people are willing to invest more in a bid to better their looks or have a nice time, and you can earn much of this new business idea in India. Setting up a hair salon and massage business at the someplace will see you make good money as getting your done and getting massaged are two different things but closely related.

According to BTS, massage business has a brighter future than hairdressing. It is estimated to make an increase of 23 percent from the year 2012-2022. You may consider investing in one of this business but is advisable to have them both in one place. Massage is probably an upcoming business idea in India, and it has got a bright future.

Moving Service (Moving Company)

A moving service company provides services for people or companies to move from one home to the other, an apartment to the other and also, from one office to another. It's a new business idea in India and pays pretty well.

The services you'll offer if you follow the venture are; packing, moving, offloading, loading, unpacking, and arrangement. You may also add service like cleaning.

Surprise Event Management Business (For a birthday, Anniversaries, etc.)

Imagine on your birthday; you had a hectic time at the office. You can't wait to get and relax because you don't have any plans for your birthday. Then, as you get out of the office door, you’re met with a crew holding banners with happy birthday wishes accompanied by your loved one. 

You'll be so happy, won't you? And I am sure you will be willing to spend some cash to make that happen for your special someone. Why not be the one making it happen. In fact, it's so easy to start this business. All you will need is to have a good personality, phone, and a laptop. Also, you can buy a printer. As you get more clients while promoting events, your business will keep on expanding. With time, you can rent a space for an office and hire a couple of employees.

Solar Energy Business

You can be part of facilitating the rising demand for renewable solar energy. Since its environment is friendly, most people are now starting to realize the importance of this type of power. Also, it’s not prone to shortages and readily convenient.

You can choose and focus on any niche here, and start supplying, installing and providing products and services offered by solar energy. With time, set up an office, where you'll provide premium services to clients taking them through the whole procedure of installing these panels. This business has always been there, but it remains an upcoming business idea.

Online Course

Thanks to the rapid technological advancements today, we can learn from any part of the world online. It works for all levels of education from Certificate to Masters. You can also be part of this upcoming new business idea in India and start offering such courses.

This will work best if you have a skill that you are very specialized on, and wish to share it also with others. All you need is to create a friendly and responsive website, upload your teaching tutorials, advertise and start making money. It requires strategic planning, and ensure that you give out the best materials to learners.

Video Blogging(Vlogging)

Otherwise known as Vlogging, video blogging is gaining a lot of followers on the internet today, it's one of the new business ideas in India that you can make a lot of money from.

Vlogging is making videos with the purpose of getting back views and reactions. It's thus not limited to any field. To start a career as a video blogger, all you'll need is a Camcorder and a computer with editing software such as iMovie. You can then upload videos to your website or YouTube.

Smart Home and Office Products Business

Fancy good things in life? How good will a dim light that automatically switches off when you are watching a movie do you? And what of a small circular machine doing rounds at your home or office, taking pictures of intruders and cleaning the home /office when ordered far away from home or office make you feel?

Well, there are hundreds of such products that have been made and availed to the market. You can join this new business idea in India and start supplying and installing such products to homes and offices.

Pet Training

While pet training dates back to Roman times, it has evolved to modern times where pets are taught to be more compatible with domestic lives. It is mainly an upcoming business idea that is highly rewarding. Pets are trained to either adapt or leave a particular behavior so that they can live comfortably with people. Going into this business will guarantee a profit.

Organic Vegetables and Fruits Business

Anyone can start working as a vendor selling organic vegetables and start earning. Other than little capital to start, organic vegetables and fruit business do sell a lot naturally. You'll have to find a nice place where potential clients will access you easily.

All of the ideas we've presented above are the best strategies that can make you money with persistence, proper planning, or wise decision. Depending on the capital you have, choose an idea that will work best for you. Focus on the concept, be persistent, and make it happen. You see, all of the businesses you see around did not start as a powerhouse. They started somewhere. And you too can begin such a journey.

Also, maintain a friendly relationship with your employees. Treat them well, make them comfortable by not overburdening them, and they'll make your business thrive. Then we come to the most important people; your customers. They are the ones who make you do this, and can, therefore, build or destroy your business. Ensure your products are of high quality, and customers will keep coming back.

We wish you all the best in your endeavors.

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