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10 Employee Appreciation Ideas They Will Love 22 January, 2021   

Being someone’s boss isn’t only about meeting the daily quota, but also about taking care of your employees. To reach the best results, you need to show them you value their skills and dedication to the company, regardless if they work remote or in-office. It’s a fine way to boost productivity, support collaboration, and build loyalty. To nurture this positive energy at the workplace, check out these 10 employee appreciation ideas.

Introduce the employee of the month

Choosing an employee of the month is a great way to say “thank you” to your workers for their dedication. It will let your employee know that their work didn’t go unnoticed. Ask management to nominate candidates for this recognition and other employees to vote.

Say a few words about each nominee so others can see what they accomplished and may be inspired to do the same. The winning employee should receive a reward, like a bonus to their salary, a picture in the hall of fame, or a gift. However, they will be the happiest with recognition alone, so their work should be mentioned in newsletters and team meetings, as well. 

Support their continuing education

There are a few ways to support the continuing education of your employees and help their career development. You can pay for their educational events, give them time off, or organize educational happenings. By increasing their qualifications, your employees will feel more appreciated and valued for their skillset. Remember that if an employee feels trapped in a dead-end job, it's most likely they will leave the company or be less productive. 

Ask for their opinion

Turn your employees into active participants in the company business by conducting a survey. Ask them for ideas, opinions, and desires that can improve the work environment. This will provide them with actual choices and a voice that will allow them to give more results. 

While sometimes this may not be possible because of the nature of assignments, you should take every opportunity you get to hear them out. Trying to resolve their concerns or implement their suggestions is a foundation for healthy working conditions founded on the appreciation. 

Talk to your employees in person

Telling your employees in person how valued they are is also a form of appreciation. Call them to your office and chat with them for a while about the good work they’re doing. Say “thank you” in words and by offering some benefits, like a better parking spot or a new chair. This will be a wonderful morale boost, leading to an increase in productivity, dedication, and ideas.

Care what they do outside of work

Your employees have an interest outside of work and showing them you know that is one more way to appreciate them. Recognize their achievements by telling their colleagues about them and pointing out their skills other than those required for the job they do for you. 

If you want to take this to the next level, see how you can help. When they participate in the volunteer work, offer to give them a hand or buy supplies. Give them time off if they have to travel for charity work or need time to prepare donations. By supporting them, you will create a positive image that can attract employees and customers because they know you will care about their wellbeing.   

Remember their birthdays

Remembering your employees’ birthdays is not that complicated and will mean a lot. See that HR keeps track of these dates, or you can do it yourself with an app. Make sure that every employee gets the same gift from the company, but personalize it so they know it’s unique to them. 

If you have remote workers anywhere in the world, send flowers overseas and have the whole office gather around a camera for a video message. This is a small gesture of appreciation that can make your distant employees feel like part of the team. 

Reward great results

When someone reaches a milestone or any other achievement important for the company, it's fitting to reward them. This can be one employee, several, or the whole team. Think about rewards in the line of taking them to lunch or giving them tickets to a show. This type of rewarding will encourage other employees to be more productive and collaborate with others.   

Surprise them from time to time

To increase dynamics at the workplace, surprise your employees with lunch or fresh coffee from the local brewery. You can give them discount vouchers, leave cookies on their desk, or get everyone a plant. Be creative and declare a surprise “Dress-Down Day”, or “Wear PJs to Work Day”. 

All work and no fun can make your employees too tired and affect their focus. So, try to make it interesting and come up with new ideas to surprise them once or a few times a month. 

Celebrate the time they’re with you

It’s a big deal to remember the anniversaries when you hired your employees. Give them a spotlight on that work anniversary day and show them how cherished they are as part of the company and your business. Invite everyone to the rec room and bring out the cake or interview that employee for the company's newsletter. This appreciation idea will show everyone you don't regret hiring your employees but celebrate that you did.  

Organize a daycare 

Some employees have small children, toddlers, or babies who need someone to take care of them when their parents are working. Organizing daycare for kids is an appreciation idea that will help them feel less tired and worried. 

The same goes for those who have dogs since both the pet and employee can experience separation anxiety. It’s enough to make your office pet-friendly and have their furry friend by their chair. Animals are known to reduce stress, and you will be helping everyone, not only one employee. 

The bottom line

You can show appreciation for your employees in many ways, even if you don't have much of a budget. Sometimes a note is enough to say you recognize their work and commitment to the company. Saying "thank you" is always the right approach, and from there, you can continue with more elaborate employee appreciation ideas. 

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