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10 business ideas with low investment 06 April, 2019   

Most creative people these days think of starting their own business. Its because most businesses are repetitive and do not involve the thrill. Besides, there is a high amount of pressure and lots of answers to give. Hence, if you are willing to take the plunge, you should start your own business. You need to have a small investment plan before you start your business. Without a proper plan, you may end up making mistakes that can affect the growth of your business. You should make an investment in the range of 50 to 100 thousand dollars for business ideas with low investment.

You can begin with small business right from home. However, it is always advisable to start a small business in a little area with affordable rent. There are multiple ideas which can be used for starting a business, but if you are looking at a business with low investment and high profit, you need to consider the following:

1) Online Book Service store

This business is a low investment business. You need to begin with this business by renting a small shop and connecting with the publishers from whom you will keep & maintain your stocks. Initially, you can keep 300 to 350 books as stock and keep adding them as and how the business grows. If you want a faster growth; you should keep at least 1000 books from multiple publishers. There are multiple online sellers available, and some of the prominent ones include,,

You have to purchase a domain name before you begin the business with a good name that can easy to remember. You need to focus on sourcing and getting the business licenses once the online setup is done. And need to have to partner with a logistics service provider like FedEx or UPS, who will help with shipping. 

2) Custom Made and personalized gifting shop

If you have a creative bent of mind, this low investment business is for you. However, before you start your business, you need to visit other shops and understand the products they have. You should identify the right location and the right name for your shop. Custom made gifts are a high margin product and hence, even if you make lesser sales when you begin with, you will get higher profitability.

To advertise the products, you can use flyers, social media, and referrals. You can also use an omnichannel approach and offer the products via a website. Some of the popular websites you can take a look at,,

3) Selling crafts and art online

There are many craft items that can be sold online and this includes pottery and handicraft items, paintings and sketches, embroideries and designers and many more. When you have some skill, or if you can source it from someone and market it well, this business can become one of the business ideas with low investment.

The cost of the business is comparatively minimal. You need to spend money on purchasing a domain name, creating a website and either sourcing or making the craft items. Once the website is ready, you need to market your website on social media, by selecting the right target audience.

You can also purchase a small shop to sell the products. However, adding a shop to the scheme would increase the profit. You can also customize this business and make it into a marketplace, where you are not the only seller, but you can use the freelancers to visit your platform and sell their wares, and in return, you earn a small commission fee on each sale they make. One of the websites which happen to be in the same space goes by the name

4) Offering Interior Designing service

Interior designing business is a high potential, high profitability business, thus falling into the category of business ideas with low investment and high profit. Here, it may not be necessary that you would be good at interior designing. However, you can partner with someone good at it and work along with them, where they do the designing, and you market them. You would also require a team of carpenters, painters, plumbers along with the designer. You can look up to realtors and builders for referrals.

With this idea, you can get a large clientele who might belong to not only the home category but even the office! Here the amount of investment is next to nil. All you would need to spend on is marketing. If required, you can have a small office to meet potential clients. 

5) Shakes and fresh fruit juices business

This low investment business requires investment for buying fruits, monthly shop rent, mixer, electricity, salt and sugar, and labor. This business is something that is quite profitable if the product quality is high. Here the fruits can be bought directly from the farms at a very low cost.

This business can give you margins, upwards of 100 percent and hence it is one of the business ideas with low investment and high profit. You need to make sure that you get the shop located right to make this business successful. Also, you need to ensure healthy competition in the business. Without competition, this business would cease to exist.

6) Web Designing

Web designing is a hot commodity in technology companies. Hence, being a web designer (freelance) is one such fantastic low investment business idea. In web designing, the creator must master the art of developing a value-driven, beautiful experience for people using the application or a website.

To begin with, you need to learn foundational languages like CSS and HTML. You can undertake lessons for advanced courses in designing once the foundation is correct. Some of the recommended courses for web designing include those taught by Udemy or Creativelive.

7) Producing Honey as a business

This business is something, where the initial cost of setup cannot be done away. Here, if you wish to start this business, you need to buy the bee pollen powder and wooden beehive frames. The post honey production costs include those of advertising and packaging. You can install the frame once you select a convenient location for setting up the honey production center. This selected location can even be your backyard.

Once you finalize the place and do the initial setup, you need to purchase bees from a local beekeeper. You need to make a minimum purchase of 3 pounds of bee package. This package typically contains queen bees, drone bees, and worker bees. Once this is done, they can be put up in the frame, and you can start making money without any further investment. 

8) Instagram Marketing

When we talk about business ideas with the low investment we simply cannot miss Instagram marketing. This business practically requires zero investment. To begin with, you need to build up your fan following using some creative content. Once you do that, you would be approached by multiple brands that offer services/ products similar to the content shared.

With the right amount of marketing and bargaining, you can start charging your customers, anywhere between say 500 $ to 5000 $ per post and even more. This content can be anything from information to fashion to knowledge to travel!

9) Starting a blog

Blogging is one of the other business ideas with low investment (rather zero investment) which pays back well. If you wish to get into blogging, you need to create content that touches topics like home cooking, scrapbooking, travel, lifestyle, film, etc.

However, you need to improve your writing ability before you begin blogging. And not just the written language, you also need to understand the customer sentiment which focuses on the wants of the customers. Once you do that, you will drive traffic based on the quality of the content. And once you get a good readership for every post, you will get the marketers, following you, trying to advertise their product on your blog, or in it. 

10) Remote Tutoring

Teaching online and tutoring is a great business idea with extremely low investment. You can teach anything online, right from language courses to music. You can create courses and set a syllabus to add depth to your teaching skills. The investment cost of teaching is practically zero. However, if you wish to teach, say music, you need to buy a musical instrument in the first place. This remote teaching offers a great amount of convenience, mobility, and flexibility to the one wanting to learn.

So far, we have seen about ten business ideas with a low investment that I personally feel are easy for anyone to start up with.  But this is not the comprehensive list. There are more options like writing resumes, opening a beauty parlor, babysitting, etc. that you can check for your investment startup.

What you need first to know is though the possible capital that can expend and how much time can invest in the business. Once you have that handy, you are good to go with any business you choose.

Every business will need some time to get established. Be patient and work hard and you will be pleasantly surprised by the reward. Good luck to you on for the startup!

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