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10 Best MBA Programs in the USA 28 November, 2020   

The MBA (Masterof Business Administration) is a sought-after and prestigious degree in management that is suitable for active, ambitious middle managers who plan to grow to the level of top managers, gaining a deeper knowledge of the business field.

The main teaching methodology for MBA is the already mentioned "case study", which helps students to study and analyze real business situations, discuss options with colleagues and apply them in their work in the future. In addition to practice, students are given a theoretical block: basic disciplines (usually accounting, finance, marketing, personnel management) and optional disciplines at the student's choice (logistics, crisis management, and others) are studied. The duration of an MBA in America depends on the school and specialization (on average 2-3 years).

The wide variety of MBA programs offered to students in the United States presents them with the challenge of making an adequate choice. And the important factors in this, of course, are the cost, location and the disciplines studied, but when making the final decision, the overall quality and rating of the program play a major role. Also, prospective business students should be aware that accreditation of educational institutions in the United States is carried out by nongovernmental associations and agencies approved by the US Department of Education or the regional accreditation bodies for local educational institutions. Therefore, we recommend prospective students planning to enroll in one of the American MBA programs to find out the accreditation status of the chosen school. There are also several formalities and nuances related to admission, so you should be prepared for the fact that you will pay significant funds for an MBA education only after you fulfill some conditions, which we will discuss below.

How to Apply for an MBA Program

  • Requirements for applicants may differ in different schools, but higher education (preferably specialized) and work experience in a managerial position (minimum 1 year for MBA, from 5 years for EMBA) are required everywhere.

  • You will need an IELTS language certificate with an average score of at least 6.5; many business schools ask to pass the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test).

  • Mandatory documents include a diploma of higher education (translation certified by a notary), resume (CV), and motivation letter (Statement of purpose). At this point, you can trust the experts that provide writing services for students. Therefore, you can focus on other more important things.

  • Recently, interviewing for admission to American business schools has become widespread. It helps to get to know the candidates better. The interview may be conducted by a school representative (staff, faculty, or alumni) or by a third party, possibly by telephone. These interviews are usually conducted in an informal setting and are, to a greater extent, an exchange of information, during which the interviewer will be able to assess your abilities and interests.

What you should pay attention to

Rating of the educational institution. All US business schools offering MBA degrees in America must be accredited by the appropriate international organizations.

If you see AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation, this is a good sign and the school can be trusted

  • Successful graduates

  • Cost and conditions of training

  • The location of the school.

Almost all US schools conduct personal interviews during admission (in-person / remotely): representatives of the American business school assess not only the knowledge of the English language but also the maturity of the applicant's thinking and logic.

10 Best MBA Programs in the USA

Below we give several promising MBA programs at US universities, but let's make a reservation right away: the selection of a university and a course is always individual, as it should meet your specific goals.

  • The University of South Carolina. Specializations include finance, international business, innovation, entrepreneurship, and marketing. The competition for admission is very large, so we recommend that you first go through the annual preparatory program - you will learn how to write and arrange academic papers correctly, improve your subject English and be able to establish yourself in front of teachers.

  • Adelphi University. University offers programs for experienced executives and recent graduates. A separate campus in Manhattan has been built here for MBA students. The Global MBA program provides an understanding of political and economic trends and the nuances of intercultural communication. Graduates will be able to work with products in the global market, manage financial risks, and develop entrepreneurial activities internationally.

  • The University of Dayton. Studying at the University of Dayton is based on solving cases: out of 11 required courses, two are devoted to analyzing the real problems of local companies. Electives include information security, finance, and marketing.

  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) is focused on the study of modern methods and technologies. Serious fundamental training, an emphasis on academic disciplines, and hours of practice made the school a serious educational institution, where it is not so easy to enter.

  • Northwestern University (Kellogg) is a business school with the motto "Think Bold." In this school, students receive not only a good knowledge base, but also the powerful inspiration for future achievements. Now the school's graduates are world-famous politicians and leading businessmen around the world.

  • University of California-Berkeley (Haas). The school is famous for its innovations and modern approach to teaching. Students who have their own opinion, even if it is not similar to others, are highly valued here. The main goal is to change the world, personal gain is not in the first place here.

  • Dartmouth College (Tuck) is the oldest business school in the world. Here the whole emphasis is on the quality of teaching and the development of professional qualities in students. All study takes place in groups, so students are able to work in a team and achieve great results.

  • Duke University (Fuqua) is an MBA program that produces new types of leaders. Students are ready not only to change their business strategy but also to influence the world. Here one gains the skills of analysis, openness in understanding different points of view, new ways of working in a team with completely different people are learned.

  • The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (Ross) is a leader in business education. Studying here takes place according to the action-learning technique, that is, learning by action. The school provides not only theoretical knowledge but also a lot of practice, which is very important for future businessmen.

  • New York University (Stern) is located in the center of New York; top officials of world-famous corporations are frequent speakers here.


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