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10 Best adventure books to read to defeat boredom 24 December, 2018   

Books are the best friend of humans. They are full of knowledge, information, thrill and experiences. One of the best purposes of reading books is boredom. When you are bored, you want something that can make that tired feeling go away. There are so many things that one can do, like listening to a song or watching movies, but nothing is comparable to the pleasure of reading. So here we are, with the list of the ten best adventure books that you should read to get rid of your boredom.

Why should you go for a book?

There are amazing things about reading books. You do not need any kind of technology to read them unless you are reading an e-book. You can carry your book anywhere, read it anytime and they are the best way of entertainment while traveling. They take you to a different world and make your journey much better. Books are the best companion which you can take anywhere you go. If you are interested in adventure, then you should try reading these best adventure books. Adventure books have a lot of fun, thrill, suspense and spicy content that you would want to read. When you read adventure books, you can relate yourself, and even imagine yourself in the same scenario. You are always thrilled to know what would happen next. You can feel that excitement inside you. Like movies or songs, you cannot just fast forward reading, and that's what makes reading adventure books so pleasurable.

What is on our list?

We have enlisted the ten best adventure books of all the time. These books are stuffed with suspense and adventures. All of these books are not only thrilling, but these books are great to enhance your imagination power

1. Moby-Dick


This amazing book was written by Herman Melville, who has beautifully drawn the description of an adventure. The writer has picked the most amazing and attractive locations as well as features for this book. This one is amongst the most dazzling works of Herman. However, this exotic book didn't receive much success at the commercial level. But the efforts of the writer, are so flawless.Once you started reading it, you cannot just put it down unless you have finished reading it. This book also spotlights on the philosophical thinking of its readers.

2. King Solomon’s Mines


Another amazing book which we couldn't resist enlisting is the ultimate writing work by H. Rider Haggard. It is a wonderful but quite different book. It is more of an insulated, fascist fairy tale. This book is about three Englishmen, who went on an adventure in search of some ancient mines. They found a lost kingdom and also go through a civil war and ultimately found a treasure hidden inside a cave. This book is amazing, but at the same time, it is racist. However, the adventures in this book are way amazing than imagination.

4. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


The great writer Mark Twain bestowed this great piece of writing. Yes!, he was not only good at life lessons which we find in quotes nowadays. But he was also a great writer who has been giving adventure book goals to all of the readers and writers. This book is about safety and danger, where he has brilliantly drawn his opinions. It involves the location of Mississippi shores where slave traders reside. It is the story of Huck and Jim, and how they tackle living among con men and murderers. 

4. Odyssey


This piece of art was written by Homer, which holds the story of the time, that took place three thousand years ago. Since the writer had a great and unfailing command over the poetries, metaphors, literature as well as symbolism, this book is extremely famous. This adventurous book contains the journey of an ancient Greek God Poseidon. This book draws the different challenges he faced and his return home after twenty long years. It is one of the most loved compositions by Homer. 

5. Into the Wild


This book is non-fictional but full of adventures. Jon Krakauer wrote this amazing book. Undoubtedly, the fictional adventure books are fun and amazing, but there is something great about the non-fictional books. This is among those real adventure books, where every experience and incident is true and real. Additionally a very inspirational book, as it draws the challenges that were faced by a man. It is about a young man who left everything in his life and started living it in his way. He donated everything and started his voyage towards his final destination. It's about how he lived and passed away in his terms.

6. The Alchemist


This book is a wonderful piece of art by one of the greatest and most renowned writers in the world; Paulo Coelho. People throughout the world love the Alchemist, and it is considered to be among his best works. This book is not just about the adventure, but it is also about self-discovery. It is the best medicine for those, who have lost their faith in everything, including themselves. This book will introduce to the reality of life and help in giving hope, along with the entertainment.

7. The Call of the Wild


Jack London has left one of the greatest writing work in the form of this stunning book. The Call of the Wild is the book which is an ultimate adventure. This book is a unique tale where the wilderness of the west side of the world is explored beautifully. This book is not just about the adventures, but it is also about the values of the American people. Those who are seeking one of the best adventure books should try this one. Also, if you are an animal lover and go crazy for dogs, this one is definitely for you.

8. Heart of Darkness


The English-polish novelist and writer; Joseph Conrad wrote this book, which has been among the greatest hits in the literature world. The movie Apocalypse Now is inspired by this book, which was also a great hit. The book tells about the real incidents that took place in Africa when it was under the rule of the British. 

9. The Great Gatsby


This is yet another book on which a movie was produced, which was starred by some of the best actors. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote an outstanding book. This book works best to create curiosity in the mind of the readers. It has some twists and turns which increases the curiosity of the readers even more. The more you will read, the more twists will come up, and the book will give more surprises. It has a thrill, suspense, love, money, drama, everything.

10. The Swiss Family Robinson 


This is the last book in our list, written by David Wyss an adventurous story about the passengers who were bound to live in a deserted island as their ship was wrecked. They face a lot of problems including their existence and survival. A whole family called Robinsons faced this situation. They were trapped in an unknown island, totally stranded, without any shelter, fighting to live every day. This is an amazing story of adventure, which draws attention to their skills and efforts to survive each day. 

All the books we have enlisted are among the best adventure books, which are written by great authors. Try any of these books which match your mood and nature. 

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