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10 Alternative Mobile App Stores for Android 31 May, 2019   

So, you are looking for mobile app stores for Android devices which can serve as alternatives to the Google Play you already know? The Android OS has come to be accepted by the world market so much that no other OS commands as much popularity as it does. Android is gaining a big ground not just in the mobile market but also in the world of laptops and desktop computers and as such, many have argued that it may soon surpass the likes of Microsoft and MacOS.

You probably would know that Google Play Store is the official mobile store for all Android apps. It prides itself on over two million apps, music, and games. And, of course, you can almost get any app you need on the mobile store, but even at that, you need alternatives.You know why? The mobile store is not available for all users; if you have the Amazon Kindle, you should have noticed that. It appears that Google understands this and has, therefore, allowed several alternative mobile app stores for its OS.

Apart from that, if you are a software developer and are looking for a platform to sell your newly-developed Android app, you may not want to do on a platform that is already full of software and games since your application may become pretty hard to find.

But on any of the alternative mobile app stores for Android, you have several opportunities to get noticed by many users since the mobile store is not yet crowded. Be that as it may, here are 10 alternative mobile app stores for your use.

1. Amazon Appstore

Many have reputed Amazon to be a great rival to Google. In a certain respect, this may be true. Amazon surely has its own set of mobile devices such as Kindle Fire, but many of its applications work pretty well on Android devices too. The mobile store allows you to publish your Web Apps and HTML. Currently, the mobile store has over 230,000 applications, and there are indications that more are on the way.


2. F-Droid

This mobile app store only works applications that are free. On top of that, it compiles the code for all apps itself, making it more secure than almost any store where developers write the code themselves. Since F-Droid is non-profit, you can enjoy all their apps ads-free. There is also an option to download older versions of apps- in case you don’t like the new update. What more could anyone want?


3. GetJar

This is another excellent mobile store for developers. It allows you to submit apps through a submission section on their forum, and even offer tools to developers to grow and sell their apps. It also has a customer loyalty program where you are rewarded for your loyalty to the store. With the virtual loyalty currency, you can buy premium versions of apps in many other mobile stores as well.

4. Mobango

The Mobango App Store has a growing base of eight million users and over one billion downloads. It also hosts a variety of cross-platform apps that work on Java, Andriod, and Blackberry app stores.


5. Samsung Galaxy Apps

Pre-installed on all Samsung phone, this mobile store features free and paid apps. In addition, it has some apps that are exclusive only to the Samsung Galaxy Appstore. It has a simple user interface and has the advantage of reaching an audience in over 160 countries where Samsung phones are sold.

6. Uptodown

Launched in 2002 to catalog Spanish apps, Uptodown is now available in a wide range of languages including Korean, Russian and Arabic. Its apps also work on Andriod, Windows, and Mac platforms. Also, Uptodown editors review and publish screenshots of all their apps, so there’s a pretty low chance of you getting stuck with a buggy app.


7. Mobogenie

Mobogenie allows you to transfer apps and games between your smartphone and PC easily. It also provides you with management tools which you can use to, and you can use to manage your contacts, music and other folders. Additionally, you can also download free apps onto your phone which can then be run by Andriod.


8. 1Mobile Android

Designed to be an alternative Android store, 1Mobile offers only free apps which you can download directly from its website. One of its biggest selling points is its fast downloading and user-friendly interface. While not much is known about its anti-malware and privacy security, this app store has had over 1.6 million apps downloaded.


9. APKMirror

If you’re looking for a particular APK, then APKMirror is the place for you! This mobile store has features like push notifications which help you keep an eye on when an APK will be available. It is very fast in getting new releases on the platform, and you can even try the beta version of some unreleased apps.

It requires no user accounts so that everyone can download for free. APKMirror also strictly checks apps that are also found in the Android store to make sure that there is no difference between the two. All apps go through vetting and approval before added to the platform.


10.  Blackmart Alpha

This is a very privacy conscious app store for Android. It has a custom search filter for you to narrow down your search. It is also available in multiple languages. All apps on Blackmart Alpha are completely free, and there are no in-app purchases. Also, like APKMirror, you do not need to create an account to download apps from it.


These app stores for Andriod provide good opportunities for software developers to expand their apps. As a user, you also get the chance to enjoy intuitive user interface and free apps which are not always available on the Andriod store. Most of these app stores have smaller quantities of apps so their creators can keep a stricter check on any viruses and malware. Privacy and quality control is also a priority for these app stores too. You should definitely take advantage of all they have to offer!

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