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"A journey from the city of darkness to the city of lights" 27 April, 2020   

In the city of darkness, the minds of people are rooted by a monster inside their bodies.

They are the people we named "Bad People", But it's not their fault.

Because they are living in the city of darkness. Where there is inconvience, hatred, disloyalty, disrespect and no affection at all, only I and mine.

The humans who lived in the city of darkness deserve a chance to live in the city of lights.

"Bad People" They will get to see people, sharing happiness, joys and they will see people taking care of everyone in the city of lights. They deserve a chance. Yes they do! 

Fate isn't what you think is! 

You can change it on your own and it's not something happens unintentionally. 


It's something that happens deliberately.

It's not what you expect would happen in the end and would bring you joys. 

It's based on what you did and what you're doing, It depends either you lived in the city of lights or in the city of darkness.

The vehicle of the city of lights is everywhere but it barely gives two chances to take somebody there to the city of lights.

Your mind needs a good driver to take you there.

And once you enter the city of lights, you'll regret the things you'd done in the city of darkness.

The Almighty Allah forgives when you truely repent.

In the city of lights once you repented, you never turn into monster.

The city of lights doubles your joys, happiness and it makes people kill off the city of darkness.

It never gave birth to the monsters, who slaughtered, rapped and kidnapped children.

Migrate to the city of lights and leave the city of darkness you're living in.

As you are now here in the city of lights, Look around, there are people laughing, sharing happiness, loving each other, care for one another.

Ohh! look there is peace, respect, responsibility and loyalty.

One thing that I must tell you is "This is what everybody wanted to stay in so that each and everyday the can see their children playing, laughing, and studying well in schools" 

Sadly, Most of them are living in the city of darkness and "You are the one who's first glance maddened him/her." 


The 21st century that overwhelmed everybody in odd things, that brought misery and selfishness and no respect for the parents. All they cared about was Penny! 

That's what indulged everyone of us in negativity.

Dear Son,

                There is still a passage to the city of lights. Your mind needs a good driver to take you to the city of lights and that driver is your Father! I'm your driver. There are many passengers who made the city of lights bright and I want you to make it brighter. 

Welcome to the city of lights.

By Zaheer Abbas


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