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‘’Disadvantages (Cons) of Wearing Headphones or Earphones’’ 23 July, 2020   

You may feel that it’s not my type of stuff but you should glance at this because it’s about your health your ability of hearing. I’ll be neglect  if I didn’t ask you to read this and share this meaningful news. 

In our daily lives, we use earphones to preoccupy ourselves from the outside world or from our surroundings. Some of us use it in our workout timing, studying or for listening to our favorite music, for calls or to watch shows at high volume so that nobody could distract us. Earphones help all of us to focus or release stress but it also has “disadvantages” which we avoided throughout our lives. 

''Awareness Of Wearing Headphones or Earphones''  

We should know all the problems earphones did with us before we became deaf. People who listen to music at the high volumes of 90dB(decibels) and wear earphones for a long period can suffer from temporary loss of hearing.  

DB is a measurement scale for volume, 85 dB is considered as safe for our ears. If you use earphones 8hours a day you should be careful because it’s slowly damaging your ears and cause tinnitus, ear infection and even problems in hearing. 

Legend Pete Townshend guitarist in the classic rock lost his hearing because of the continuous usage of earphones. 

Read this out and save yourself before unintentionally you harm yourself. 


 It may be a small thing for you but according to the study no less air cause us to suffer from aching and infection inside of our ear  

Numb Ear 

You felt your ear numb temporarily because of hours wearing earphones, it lead you for deafness. 

Pain in ears  

You started feeling pain in your ear, which is dangerous because slowly it turn into severe injury for your brain also. 

Check this out for more out information, turns//  


  • Stop using earphones for hours. 

  • Stop sharing earphones. 

  • Always clean your earphones before you wear them. 

  • Always keep your volume low.  

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