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About Saurav

I am a Senior Data Scientist, a Machine Learning Expert Advisor, an Author, an Instructor with over 20K learners enrolled, a Mentor, a Speaker, a Technical Writer.

Work Experience

Jan 2018 - Present



• Guiding team members in their application of machine learning and artificial intelligence. • Leading on identifying machine learning technologies and processes that are or might be relevant to solving client problems • Guiding on building robust clients Data Science capabilities that can be scalable across multiple business use cases • Advising clients on both AI & automation strategy

Oct 2017 - Sep 2019

Senior Data Scientist


• Develop code for econometric, statistical, machine learning, deep learning, and AI models • Develop algorithms and programming to efficiently go through large datasets and apply treatments, filters, and conditions to the data • Assist in research to develop prototypes and proof of concepts • Organize and manage large datasets to get actionable insights from them. This may include finding innovative ways to combine fields of data that don’t naturally mesh

Nov 2016 - Aug 2017

Consultant Data Scientist


• Develop and deploy new machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing models • Work with clients, to understand, design, and implement data science-driven solutions • Keep abreast of Data Science innovation ensuring the techniques and tools used are the most appropriate for the situation and knowledge point for queries regarding AI products • Work with other team members, and apply expertise in machine learning model to create innovative solutions

Nov 2008 - Oct 2016

Data Scientist Manager

Osram, A Siemens Company

• Deliver actionable data insights product to sales, product, marketing, logistics, supply chain, finance, and senior leadership using machine learning, deep learning, and statistical modeling, and natural language processing • Lead the full machine learning system implementation process through generating training data, model design, feature selection, system implementation, and evaluation

Aug 2003 - Jun 2007

Senior Data Analyst

Harvey Norman

• Develop metrics, KPIs, analytics, and dashboards to provide marketing measurement and drive marketing performance through deep business insight • Develop and implement data collection systems and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and data quality • Develop new statistical predictive models to forecast demand, including pricing models


Sep 2017 - Oct 2018


University of Westminster, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Volunteering Experience



• Interview Preparation • Career Advice • Leadership


Mentoring Club

• Assisting in CV and interview preparation • Coaching in a data science career and leadership advice • Aiding in the data science team management and team development • Guiding struggling data professionals to become high performing teams

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