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What safety precautions should you take when working with bleach?

Following safety precautions should be taken when working with bleach :Wear rubber gloves to avoid skin exposure.Wear eye protection such as goggles or glasses to avoid gettin...Read More

124 views 1 Answers

What is the difference between leader and manager?

Manager and leader are two different types of people with different set of skills and characteristics. We have leaders who fail to lead, and we have managers who cannot manage...Read More

297 views 2 Answers

What is Private Security Agency License?

Under the Private Security Agencies Regulations Act, all the private security companies/guards have to obtain a PSARA License to start their security business in India. The is...Read More

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Is it better to invest in land or properties?

There has been great confusion since years between investing in land or investing in a property. Where some people believe that investing in land is a better way to invest; on...Read More

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Why is enterprise data management important?

Data management plays a vital role in the proper functioning of a company. As this is the era of internet and digital marketing, data management is effectively performed in an...Read More

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Why is market research important?

Market research is the process of gathering information about people or companies and then analyzing and interpreting that information to understand the target market. It is g...Read More

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What are the major criminal law defenses?

Let’s say you are charged with a crime. In such a situation, the very first question you may ask your attorney is what are the defenses available to you. This is important so ...Read More

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What are the best fantasy novels of all time?

Reading Novels are one of the best means to spend time, but something which is better than that is to read fantasy novels. Fantasy novels carry the real essence of reading a b...Read More

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